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Morgan, John Minter: letter, 24 Jun 1845Letter from John Minter Morgan of 8 Pembroke Street, Cambridge to Rev Professor Adam Sedgwick, 24 Jun 1845. Covering letter (on mourning paper) to a c...Senate House Library, University of London2009-08-24
O'Neill, John (1837-1895)Commonplace book, 1883-1894, containing etymological entries, including many of medical, scientific and anthropological interest. Compiler's holograph...Wellcome Library2009-04-19
Papin, Denis and Leibniz, Gottfried: correspondence Transcription by E Gerland of the original correspondence between Denis Papin and Gottfried Leibniz correspondence held at Cassel State Library, Han...Royal Society2009-11-09
Pepys, William Hasledine (1775-1856)Papers of William Hasledine Pepys include correspondence to and from various recipients, relating to various issues such as surgical instruments, club...Royal Institution of Great Britain2002-04-16
Philosophia Universalis Pertineis a Gabrielem Colleno Logicum Philosophia Universalis Pertineis a Gabrielem Colleno Logicum, 1694. ...Royal Society2009-11-09
Plaut, Paul: CorrespondenceResponses to a questionnaire by Paul Plaut, designed as research for Die Psychologie der produktiven Persönlichkeit, from prominent scientists and art...Wiener Library2008-08-07
PLAYFAIR, Lyon, 1st Baron Playfair of St Andrews (1818-1898)Papers of Lyon Playfair, 1st Baron Playfair of St Andrews, 1795-1910, comprising general correspondence, 1795, 1840-1910, covering a range of subjects...Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine2008-01-21
Referees ReportsReports on scientific papers submitted for publication to the Royal Society from 1832 to date (Peer Review). The referees were appointed to advise the...Royal Society2003-01-24
RONALDS, Sir Francis (1788-1873)Material created by Ronalds' during his time abroad, and as Honorary Director of the British Association's Observatory at Kew, with various notes on e...Institution of Engineering and Technology2009-02-13
Royal College of ScienceRecords of the Royal College of Science, 1881-1971, comprising lists of Royal Exhibitioners, National Scholars and Free students, teachers in training...Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine2001-08-07

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