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1986 Committee of Inquiry into the Conduct of Local Authority Business and 1947 Local Government Boundary Commission

ADAMS, Samuel Vyvyan Trerice, 1900-1951, MP

ADAMS, Sir Walter, 1906-1975, Knight, economist

ADAM, Virginia, b 1938, anthropologist

Advisory Committee on the Development of the Economic Resources of Southern Rhodesia with reference to the role of African Agriculture

AEGIS (Aid to the Elderly in Government Institutions)

ALBU, Austen Harry, 1903-1994, Labour MP

Alicia Patterson Fund

Allied Airborne Leaflets

ALLSOP, Thomas, 1795-1880, radical reformer

AMHERST, Margaret Susan, Tyssen-, 1835-1919, Baroness Amherst and the Primrose League

Anarchist letters and pamphlets

Andrew Shonfield Association

ANDREWS, Professor Philip Walter Sawford, 1914-1971, Professor of Economics; BRUNNER, Professor Elizabeth, 1920-1983, Professor of Economics

ASHDOWN, Rt Hon Jeremy John Durham (Paddy), b 1941, leader of the Liberal Democrat Party

ASHMORE, Lt-Cmdr Brian, fl 1945-1997, Liberal candidate

Association of Social Anthropologists

BAMBERGER, Ludwig (1823-1899): German economist and politician

BARCLAY, Sir Colville Adrian de Rune, 1869-1929, Diplomat

BARKER, Theodore Cardwell, 1923 - 2001, Professor of Economic History

BARRY, Sir Gerald Reid, 1898-1968, Kt, Journalist and Public Servant

BARTON, John, 1789-1852, economist

BASSETT, Reginald, 1901-1962, Professor of Political Science

BEAVER, Sir Hugh Eyre Campbell 1890-1967 Knight engineer and industrialist

Bedford Constituency/Divisional Labour Party (BLP)

Bedford Household Accounts

Bell Brothers South Brancepeth Colliery and Clarence Iron Works

BENNETT, Nicholas Jerome, b 1949, Conservative MP

BERNAL, Frederick, 1828-1903, diplomat

BERNAL, John Desmond, 1901-1971, physicist

Bethnal Green Labour Party

BEVERIDGE, William Henry (1879-1963) Baron Beveridge, economist and BURN, Elspeth (fl 1943-1963)

BEVERIDGE, William Henry, 1879-1963, 1st Baron Beveridge of Tuggal, economist: Capital and Labour Committee Papers

BEVERIDGE, William Henry, 1879-1963, 1st Baron Beveridge of Tuggal, economist: Coal Commission papers

BEVERIDGE, William Henry, 1879-1963, 1st Baron Beveridge of Tuggal, economist: Coal Crisis Papers

BEVERIDGE, William Henry, 1879-1963, 1st Baron Beveridge of Tuggal, economist: Family Allowance Papers

BEVERIDGE, William Henry, 1879-1963, 1st Baron Beveridge of Tuggal, economist: Food Control Papers

BEVERIDGE, William Henry, 1879-1963, 1st Baron Beveridge of Tuggal, economist: Ministry of Reconstruction papers

BEVERIDGE, William Henry, 1879-1963, 1st Baron Beveridge of Tuggal, economist: Munitions Labour Papers

BEVERIDGE, William Henry, 1879-1963, 1st Baron Beveridge of Tuggal, economist: Personal and Business papers

BEVERIDGE, William Henry, 1879-1963, 1st Baron Beveridge of Tuggal, economist: Price history papers

BEVERIDGE, William Henry, 1879-1963, 1st Baron Beveridge of Tuggal, economist: Unemployment Insurance Committee Papers

BEVERIDGE, William Henry, 1879-1963, 1st Baron Beveridge of Tuggal, economist: Unemployment Papers

Birth Control ephemera, Collis Collection

BLAKEY, Robert, 1795-1878, Professor of Logic and Metaphysics

BOHM, Anne (1910-2006): Dean and Registrar of the Graduate School, London School of Economics

BOOTH, Charles, 1840-1916, shipowner and social commentator

BOTTOMLEY, Arthur George, 1907-1995, Baron Bottomley MP

BOTTOMORE, Professor Thomas Burton, 1920-1992, sociologist

BOURNE, Professor Kenneth, 1930-1993, historian

BRAITHWAITE, William John, 1876-1938, civil servant

BRAY, John Francis, 1809-1897, economist

Bridges, Roads and Canals in Scotland

Bristol and Exeter Railway

British and American Ada Leigh Homes and Hostels in Paris

British Association for Adoption and Fostering

British Association for Early Childhood Education

British Association for Labour Legislation

British Association for the Advancement of Science: Committee on Scientific Research on Human Institutions

British Association for the Advancement of Science: Committee on the Economic Effect of Legislation regulating Women's Labour

British Association for the Advancement of Science Section F (Economics)

British Hospitals Contributory Schemes Association

British International Studies Association (BISA)

British National Party ephemera

British Oral Archive of Political and Administrative History (BOAPAH)

British Socialist Party

British Sociological Association

BRITTAIN, Sir Harry Ernest, 1873-1974, Knight, MP and journalist

Brixton Conservative Association

BROADHURST, Rt Hon Henry, 1840-1911, MP

BROWN, Sir Ernest Henry Phelps-, 1906-1994, Knight, economist

BURN, Duncan Lyell, 1902-1988, journalist and economist

BUXTON, Charles Roden, 1875-1942, politician

CAINE, Sir Sydney, 1902-1991, Director of the LSE

Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND)

CANNAN, Edwin, 1861-1935, economist

CARLTON, Ann, fl 1965-2004, Labour party activist

CARR-SAUNDERS, Sir Alexander Morris. 1886-1966, Knight economist and educationist

CECIL, William, 1st Baron Burghley (1520-1598)

Central Small Holdings Society

Centre for Policy Studies

Centre for Reform

Charity Organisation Society: Special Committee on Unskilled Labour

CHE Cambridge group (Campaign for Homosexual Equality )

Cheltenham and Oxford Railway Company

CHEVINS, Hugh, 1898-1975, journalist

Child Labour Committee

CHILVER, Elizabeth Millicent (Sally), b 1914, political scientist and anthropologist

CHORLEY, Robert Samuel Theodore, 1895 - 1978, 1st Baron Chorley, Lawyer and Conservationist

CHUBB, Percival Ashley, 1860-1960, Fabian

CITRINE, Walter Mclennan, 1887-1983, 1st Baron Citrine, trade unionist

Clapham Conservative Association

CLARKE, Edith, 1896-1979, Jamaican anthropologist

Clayton, Morris & Co, scriveners, merchant bankers and estate agents

COBDEN, Richard, 1804- 1865, statesman and businessman

COCKETT, Dr Richard, b 1961, historian

Coefficients, The

COHEN, Reuben Kelf-, 1895-1981, economist

Coleherne Patrons Committee

Colonial Economic Research Committee, Colonial Research Committee, Colonial Social Science Research Council and Related Organisations

Commission on the Future of the Voluntary Sector (CFVS)

Committee of Inquiry into Statutory Smallholdings

Committee of merchants appointed to take into consideration the states of the legal quays

Committee on children and young persons

Committee on One Parent Families (Finer Committee)

Committee on woman power

Committee to Review the Functioning of Financial Institutions (Wilson Committee)

Constitutional Reform Centre

COOKE, Arthur Ebenezer, fl 1862-1935, trade unionist

COOPER, Davina (fl 1993-1994); Professor of Law and Social Theory: 'The Power of Law in Municipal Politics'.

CORBETT, Martin (1944-1994): gay activist

COURTNEY, Leonard Henry, 1832-1918, 1st Baron Courtney of Penwit, and COURTNEY, Catherine,1847-1929, Baroness Courtney

CROSLAND, Charles Anthony Raven,1918-1977, politician

CROZIER, Dorothy (1918-2001), historian and archivist

Cummins, Mark, fl 1960-2004, Liberal activist

DALTON, Edward Hugh John Neale, 1887-1962, Baron Dalton

DAVIES, Ernest Albert John, 1902-1991, journalist and politician

DEACON, David N (fl 1997-2000): Quangos in the British News Media

DELAY, David, fl 1960-1994

DELL, Robert Edward, 1865-1940, journalist

DEVONS, Ely, 1913-1967, economist

DICKINSON, Goldsworthy Lowes (1862-1932); humanist, historian, philosopher

Distributist Party

DOUGLAS, Francis Campbell Ross, 1889-1980, Baron Douglas of Barloch, journalist, solicitor and MP

DRYSDALE, Charles Vickery, 1874-1961, President of the Malthusian League

DURBIN, Rt Hon Evan Frank Mottram, 1906-1948, economist

Economic History Society

EDEY, Professor Harold Cecil, 1913-2007, Professor of Accounting

EDWARDS, Sir Ronald Stanley (1910-1976); Knight, Professor of Commerce and industrialist

ELLIOT, Robin, fl 1765-1785, farmer

Emigrants' Letters from the USA, Canada and Australia

Employer's Parliamentary Association

EPSTEIN, Stephan (1960-2007), economic historian

European Nuclear Disarmament

Fabian Society Archives

Fabian Society: biographies of early members

Fabian Society: Committee on Hours of Labour

Fabian Society: local Fabian Societies

Fabian Society: Parish Councils and education tracts

Fabian Society: Parliamentary Register

Fabian Society: South Place Institute Conference, 1886

Fabian Society: speakers

FARRER, Thomas Henry, 1819-1899, Baron Farrer, civil servant

FARR, William, 1807-1883, Statistician

FAULDS, Andrew Matthew William, 1923-2000, MP and actor

Federal Union and Federal Trust for Education and Research

Fellowship of Reconciliation, England

Finsberg; Geoffrey (1926 1996); Baron Finsberg; politician

FIRTH, Sir Raymond William, 1901-2002, Kt, anthropologist

FISHMAN, Dr Nina, fl 1987-1995

FLETCHER, Eric George Molyneux, 1903-1990, Baron Fletcher, politician and historian

FOOT, Sir Dingle Mackintosh, 1905-1978, Knight lawyer and politician

FREEDMAN, Maurice, 1920-1975, anthropologist

FREUND, Sir Otto Kahn-, 1900-1979, Professor of Legal Science

'Friedensmoeglichkeiten, Sommer und Herbst 1917'

GARDINER, Alfred George, 1865-1946, author and journalist

Gay Monitoring and Archive project

GELLNER, Professor Ernest André, 1925-1995, philosopher and social anthropologist

General Election 1992

General Election 1997

General Election 2001

General Election 2005 Ephemera

Germany: Revolution of 1848

GIBBS, Professor Norman Henry, 1910-1990, historian

GIFFEN, Sir Robert, 1837-1910, Kt, economist and statistician

GINSBERG, Morris, 1889-1970, sociologist

Government Committee on the Prevention and Relief of Distress

GRAHAM, Alan Crosland, 1896-1964, Captain MP

HADFIELD, Ellis Charles Raymond, 1909-1996, Publisher and Historian of Canals


        Albany Trust

        BEACH, Rupert, fl 1970-1972, gay activist

        Body Positive

        Campaign for Homosexual Equality (CHE)

        CHESTERMAN, John, d 1996, gay activist

        CHRISTIE, Adam, fl 1981-2000, HIV/AIDS educator

        Conservative Group for Homosexual Equality (later Tory Campaign for Homosexual Equality)

        CROSSMAN; Robert (1947-1996); politician and gay activist

        DYSON, Anthony Edward, fl 1958-1998, lecturer and gay activist

        Ephemera collected by the Hall-Carpenter Archives


        Gay Activists Alliance

        Gay Christian Movement (later the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement)

        Gay Community Organisation

        Gay Liberation Front

        GLC Gay Rights Working Party

        GREY, Antony, b 1927, gay activist

        Hall-Carpenter Archives: administrative papers

        Joint Council for Gay Teenagers

        Journals collected by the Hall-Carpenter Archives

        London Gay Campaign Group

        MELLORS, Robert, 1950-1996, gay rights campaigner

        MURRAY, Christine, fl 1972-1980, gay activist

        National Colleges of Education Gay Rights Committee

        National Council for Civil Liberties

        PALMER, Robert, fl 1970-1983, gay activist

        Scottish Minorities Group (later the Scottish Homosexual Rights Group)

        TATCHELL, Peter, b 1952, gay and HIV/AIDS activist, social worker, journalist and author

        WATNEY, Simon, fl 1970-2000, gay and HIV/AIDS activist

        WOODS, Christopher, b 1966, journalist and gay activist

HAMMOND, George, 1763-1853, diplomat

HARAN, Thomas Bewley D (d 2000); bank official

HARGRAVE, John (1894-1982); commercial artist, writer and youth movement leader

HARREL, Sir David, 1841-1939, Knight, Irish public servant

HARRISON, Frederic, 1831-1923, Author and Positivist

HART, Alan (fl 1970s), gay activist, and MCLEAN, David (fl 1970s), gay activist

HARVEY, Audrey, 1912-1997, charity worker

HAYTER, Dianne, fl 1977-1998, Fabian Society activist

HELLMAN, Michael, fl 1938-2004

HENDERSON, Jean, 1900-1997, barrister and Liberal candidate

HETHERINGTON, Hector Alastair, 1919 - 1999, Journalist

Hipperholme with Brighouse Township meetings

HOBSON, Charles Rider (1904-1966): Baron Hobson, politician

HORNER, Francis, 1778-1817, Politician

HUNT, Charles J (fl 1920-1982), writer and social credit advocate

Executive Intelligence Review

Journal of Public Economics

Modern Law Review (1937-)

Munich 1938 television documentary

Independent Labour Party

Independent Labour Party: Central Finsbury Branch

Independent Labour Party: East Ham Branch

Independent Labour Party: Fifth Division

Independent Labour Party: Herbert Bryan papers

Independent Labour Party: members papers

Independent Labour Party: New Leader

Independent Labour Party: Southwark Branch

Independent Labour Party: Welsh Divisional Council

Inflation Accounting Steering Group

Inland Waterways Association

Institute for Contemporary British History

International African Institute

International Marxist Group

International Tin Council

Ionian Bank Archives

Playing the China Card: Nixon and Mao

Irish Poor Law records

Second Russian Revolution

Street Life in London

The Last Europeans

The Washington Version

Woolly Al Walks the Kitty Back

Work, Employment and Society

JACOBSSON, Per, 1894-1963, Chairman IMF

JAMES, Michael, b 1941, gay activist

JEBB, Sir Joshua, 1793-1863, Knight Surveyor General of Convict Prisons

Jeger, Lena May (1915-2007), Baroness Jeger, journalist and politician

JENKINS, Hugh Gater, b 1908, Baron Jenkins of Putney, politician

Jewish Chronicle Ltd

JOHNSON, Dr Donald McIntosh, 1903-1978, doctor and MP

Joint Board of the Parliamentary Committee of the TUC, General Federation of Trade Unions and the Labour Party

Jones Lloyd and Company

JOSEPHY, Frances L, 1900-1984, Liberal activist

JOYCE, Paul (b 1952): Professor of Strategic Management

KABERRY, Phyllis Mary, 1910-1977, anthropologist

KEEN, Frank Noel, 1869-1957, barrister and legal writer

KELLEY, Joanna Elizabeth, b 1910, prison administrator

Keninghale Court Leet Roll

Kennington Conservative Association

Kenric (lesbian group)

KENT, Nicholas, fl 1970-1999, Vice-Chairman of the Tory Reform Group

Kindred of the Kibbo Kift

Knight, Sir Arthur William (1917-2003), businessman

KNOWLES, Lilian Charlotte Anne, 1870-1926, economic historian

Kreisau Circle programmes

Labour Campaign for Criminal Justice

Labour Newspapers Ltd

Labour Party Advisory Committee on Local Government: Sub-Committee on Town Planning

Labour Party posters

Labour Representation Committee

Labour Representation League

LAKATOS, Imre, 1922-1974, Professor of Logic, London School of Economics

Land Club League

LANSBURY, George, 1859-1940, Labour politician

League of Nations Union

LEAKE, Percy Dewe, d 1949, accountant

LEE, John Michael, b 1932: Fulton Report papers

LEE, John Michael, b 1932: Treasury diary

Letter Collection

LEVENBERG, Dr Schneier, fl 1930-1991, Zionist

Lewisham Friend

LEWIS, Peter, fl 1964-2000, Development Director of the Radio Studies Network

Liberal Democratic Party

Liberal Movement

Liberal Party

Liberal Party, 1989-

LIPSEY, David Lawrence (b 1948), Baron Lipsey

LLOYD, Edward Mayow Hastings (1889-1968), civil servant, and LLOYD Margaret Frances (fl 1900-1978)

LOADER, Dr Ian, fl 1997-1999, criminologist

London Ambulance Service Strike

London and Cambridge Economic Service

London and Greater London Council for the Prevention of War

London and North Eastern Railway: General Strike

London and North Western Railway: Inspection of foreign railways

London Blues (gay club)

London Positivist Society / English Positivist Committee

London School of Economics and Political Science Archives

        Central Filing Registry

        LSE History Collection

        LSE Oral History

        Minutes of School Committees

        Organisation for Comparative Social Research

        Small LSE Deposits

        Unregistered School Archive Files

London School of Economics and Political Science: materials for the history of the School

LONGDEN, Sir Gilbert James Morley, 1902-1997, Knight, MP

LOVETT, William, 1800-1877, chartist

LOW, Sir David Alexander Cecil, 1891-1963, Knight, cartoonist and caricaturist

LYNES, Anthony Alfred (b 1929), social policy adviser and researcher

MACCOLL, James Eugene, 1908-1971, Labour MP

MACDONALD, Margaret Ethel, 1870-1911, socialist, feminist and social reformer, and MACDONALD, James Ramsay, 1866-1937, statesman

MACKAY, Ronald William Gordon, 1902-1960, politician

MADGE, Sidney Joseph, 1874-1961, antiquary and topographer

MALINOWSKI, Bronislaw Kasper, 1884-1942, anthropologist

Management Research Group

MARKHAM, Violet Rosa, 1872-1959, liberal activist and public servant

MARSHALL, Thomas Humphrey, 1893-1981, Professor of Sociology

MARX, Karl, 1818-1883, communist, economist and philosopher

Matteotti Documents

MAUD, John Primatt Redcliffe Redcliffe-, 1906-1982, Baron Redcliffe-Maud of Bristol, civil servant and diplomat

MAYO, George Elton (1880-1949): sociologist

MCFADYEAN, Sir Andrew, 1887-1974, Knight, civil servant

MCINTOSH, Mary, b 1936, sociologist

McKenzie Memorial Election Archive (1992 General Election)

MEADE, James Edward, 1907-1995, economist

MEADOWCROFT, Michael James, b 1942, Liberal politician

Mediation UK

MEL'GUNOV, Sergei Petrovich, 1879-1956, Russian historian and émigré

MENGER, Carl, 1840-1921, Austrian economist

Merton and Morden Labour Party

MEYER, Ernst, 1887-1930, Chairman of the German Communist Party

MILL, James, 1773-1836; MILL, John Stuart, 1806-1873; MILL, Harriet Taylor nee Hardy, 1808-1858; TAYLOR, Helen, 1831-1907

Ministry of Information

MITRANY, David, 1888-1975, Professor of Political Economy

MOREL, Edmund Dene, 1873-1924, MP

MORRIS, Alfred, b 1928, Baron Morris of Manchester, Labour politician

MORRISON, Herbert Stanley, 1888-1965, 1st Baron Morrison of Lambeth, statesman

MORRIS, William, 1834-1896, designer, craftsman, poet and socialist

Movement for Colonial Freedom

NADEL, Siegfried Frederick, 1903-1956, anthropologist

National Committee for the Prevention of Destitution

National Council of Labour Colleges

National Family Mediation

National Institute of Industrial Psychology

Nationalised Industries Chairmen's Group

National Joint Council for Local Authorities' Services

National Network for Teaching and Learning Anthropology

National Peace Council

National Union of Clerks: London Central Branch

National Union of Tailors and Garment Workers

New Survey of London

NICHOLSON, John Leonard, 1916-1990, statistician

NICHOLSON, Reginald Popham (1874-1950), colonial administrator, formerly Lobb, POPHAM, Reginald (1874-1950), colonial administrator

NIGHTINGALE, Florence, 1820 - 1910, reformer of hospital nursing

Norris Oakley Bros, Stockbrokers

North Lambeth Labour Party

Northumberland and Durham elections

Northumberland Election, 1826

Notes on English Financial Policy, 1826-1829

OAKESHOTT, Michael Joseph (1901-1990): political scientist

Omnibus Strike 1937

ORAM, Albert Edward, 1913-1999, Baron Oram, politician

Orme, Stanley (1923-2005), Lord Orme of Salford, politician

Outer London Inquiry

Overseas Student Trust

Oxford Student Pugwash

PAISH, Frank Walter, 1898-1988, economist

PALMER, Eileen, fl 1913-1952, feminist and birth control advocate

PARKER, Herbert John Harvey (1906-1987), politician and President of the Fabian Society

PARNELL, Sir John, 1744-1801, 2nd Baronet, Chancellor of the Irish Exchequer

PEASE, Edward Reynolds, 1857-1955, founder of the Fabian Society

People's League of Health

PIERCY, William Stuckey, 1886-1966, 1st Baron Piercy, financier

PITMAN, Sir Isaac James, 1901-1985, Knight, politician

PLANT, Sir Arnold, 1898-1978, Knight, Professor, economist

Policemen and Society

Political and Economic Planning and Policy Studies Institute Archives

Political Economy Club

Political Studies Association

POPPER, Sir Karl Raimund, 1902-1994, Knight, philosopher

Population Panel

Postgate, Raymond William (1896-1971), socialist, historian and journalist

POTTER, Richard, 1778-1833, politician

POULTER; Stephen Jeffrey- (1957-); writer and television producer

POWER, Lisa (1954-): gay activist

PRENTICE, Reginald Ernest (1923-2001), Baron Prentice; politician

PREST, Alan Richmond, 1919-1984, economist

PRICE, Crawfurd, fl 1920-1922, journalist

PRITT, Denis Nowell, 1887-1972, MP, lawyer and author

PROGRESS Campaign for Research into Human Reproduction

Progressive League

Rastrick Parish Meetings, Yorkshire

READER, Dr William Joseph, 1920-1990, historian

READ, Margaret, 1889-1991, social anthropologist

REES JEFFREYS, William, 1871-1954, writer and publicist

REES, Merlyn Merlyn- (1920-2006), Baron Merlyn-Rees, politician

REEVES, William Pember, 1857-1932, journalist and politician

Reform League

Regional Studies Association

Resisters Inside The Army (RITA)

Returned Volunteers Association

Review Committee of the Greater London Citizens Advice Bureau Service Limited

RICARDO, David, 1772-1823, economist

Richard Fort and Company

RICHARDS, Audrey Isabel, 1899-1984, anthropologist

RIDING, John Robert, 1902-1983, local government Clerk and solicitor

River Gambia Trading Company Ltd, merchants of London

ROBBINS, Lionel Charles, 1898-1984, Baron Robbins of Clare Market, Professor, economist

Robert Newman and Company and related companies

ROBSON, William Alexander, 1895-1980: misc working papers and reports, 1952

ROBSON, William Alexander, 1895-1980, Professor of Public Administration

ROLPH, Cecil Hewitt, 1901-1994, journalist and criminologist: AEGIS (Aid for the Elderly in Government Institutions) papers

ROLPH, Cecil Hewitt, 1901-1994, journalist and criminologist: death penalty/obscene publications papers

Romney Street Group

ROSE, Professor Michael, b 1937, industrial sociologist

Royal Commission on Criminal Procedures

Royal Economic Society

RUSSELL, Alys, 1867-1951, and RUSSELL, Bertrand Arthur William, 1872-1970, 3rd Earl Russell, philosopher

Russian Child Care posters

Russian Refugees Relief Association

SADLER, Michael Thomas, 1780-1835, radical politician and philanthropic businessman

SANDELSON; Neville Devonshire (1923-2002): politician

SAVONAROLA, Girolama, 1452-1498, Dominican friar, preacher and governor of Florence

SCHAPERA, Isaac, b 1905, social anthropologist

SCOTT, Russell, 1873-1961, teacher and federalist

SEEAR, Beatrice Nancy, 1913-1997, Baroness Seear of Paddington, social scientist and politician

Selection Trust Archives

SELIGMAN, Brenda Zara, d 1960, and SELIGMAN, Charles Gabriel, 1873-1940, anthropologists

Seminars on problems in industrial administration

SENIOR, Derek, 1912-1988, journalist

SEROTA, Beatrice (1919-2002), Baroness Serota, politician

Seventies (TV documentary programme)

SHAW, George Bernard, 1856-1950: Business Papers

SHAW, George Bernard, 1856-1950: Diaries

SHAW, George Bernard, 1856-1950: Photographs

SHELDON; Robert Edward (1923-): politician

Shepherd's account book

SHINWELL, Emanuel, 1884-1986, Baron Shinwell, politician

SHONFIELD, Sir Andrew Akiba, 1917-1981, Knight, economist

SHORE, Peter David, 1924-2001, Baron Shore of Stepney, politician

SIMON, Claude Henri de Rouvroy Saint-, 1760-1825, socialist, businessman and writer

Smalley and Co. Accounts

Smart's Charity accounts, Ipswich

SMITH, Charles William, fl 1893-1912, writer on economics

SMITH, Professor Brian Abel-, 1926-1996, Professor of Social Administration

Social Democratic Federation

Society for Endeavouring to Obtain the Abolition of the Legacy Duty on Bequests to Hospitals and other Charitable Institutions

Society of Labour Lawyers

SOLLY, Henry, 1813-1903, clergyman, Founder of Working Mens Club and Institute Union

SOLOVEYTCHIK, George, 1902-1982, journalist and broadcaster

South Paddington Divisional Labour Party

South Sea Company: Notebook of Subscribers

South Sea Company: Parliamentary Reports

South Wales Miners Federation

Spanish Civil War

Speaker's Commission on Citizenship

SPENCER, Herbert, 1820-1903, philosopher

STAPLETON, Thomas, 1788-1839, landowner of Carlton

State Children Aid Association

Steel Company of Wales

STEEL, David Martin Scott, b 1938, Baron Steel of Aikwood, politician

STERN, Walter Marcel, fl 1946-1979, Dr, economic historian

Stoatley Rough School Archives

STREATFEILD, Lucy Anne Evelyn, d 1950, neé Deane, public servant

Survival Programmes: Exit Photography Group (Nicholas Battye/Chris Steele-Perkins/Paul Trevor)

TACEY, Charles A (fl 1920-1982)

Tariff Commission

TAWNEY, Richard Henry, 1880-1962, historian: academic papers

TAWNEY, Richard Henry, 1880-1962, historian: coal industry papers

Thatcher Factor Television Documentary

THORNELY, Thomas, 1781 - 1862, politician

TITMUSS, Richard Morris, 1907-1973, Professor of Social Administration

Tory Reform Group

TOWNSON, Ian (fl 1970s), gay activist

Unicorn Bookshop

United Nations Association

United Nations Association of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Vasmer, David (fl 1971-2001), Liberal activist

VAUGHAN-MORGAN, John Kenyon (1905-1995) Baron Reigate, MP

VILLIERS, Charles Pelham, 1802-1898, Politician

WAINWRIGHT; David (1929-1998); business historian

WAINWRIGHT, Richard Scurrah (1918-2003)

WALLAS, Graham, 1858-1932, political psychologist

War Emergency Workers National Committee

WATKINS, John William Nevill (1924-1999), philosopher

WATSON, Graham Robert, b 1956, politician

WATT; Donald Cameron (1928-): Professor of International History

WEBB, Beatrice, 1858-1943: Aldgate papers

WEBB, Beatrice, 1858-1943, and WEBB, Sidney, 1859-1947, social reformers and historians

WEBB, Beatrice, 1858-1943: Board of Trade papers

WEBB: First World War Poverty Relief papers

Webb: Leningrad Shops

Webb: Local Government

Webb/MacKenzie papers

WEBB, Sidney James, 1857-1947: East Africa papers

Webb: Trade Union papers

WEBSTER, Sir Charles Kingsley, 1886-1961, Knight, historian and diplomat

WELBY, Reginald Earle, 1832-1915, 1st Baron Welby, civil servant

Wider Share Ownership Council

WIGG, George Edward Cecil (1900-1983), Baron Wigg, politician

WIGHT, (Robert James) Martin, 1913-1972, Professor, historian

William Brandt's Sons and Co, Ltd, merchant bank

WILLIAMS, Juliet Evangeline Rhys, 1898-1964, Baroness Rhys Williams, public servant

WILLIAMS, Sir Brandon Meredith Rhys-, 1927-1988, 2nd Baronet, politician

WILLIAMS, Sir John Fischer, 1870-1947, international lawyer

WISE, Sir Fredric, 1871-1928, politician and economist

Wolfenden Committee on Voluntary Services

Women's Cooperative Guild

Women's Cooperative Guild: annual reports

Women's Industrial Council

Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, British Section

Woodcraft Folk

WOOLEY, Mrs Martha, fl 1920-1990, biographer

WYNNE, Margaret, fl 1673: Receipt Book

YOUNGHUSBAND, Dame Eileen Louise, 1902-1981, social work pioneer

Young Liberals