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Achilles Heel

Action on Youth Rights and Opportunities

Advice Services Alliance

Advisory Service for Squatters

Album of press cuttings of Leon Freedman, prospective Labour candidate for Dudley

Alternative Vote Referendum, 2011: ephemera and campaign materials

Amalgamated Society of Engineers, Machinists, Millwrights, Smiths and Pattern Makers: Quarterly Reports

Animal Liberation Ephemera Collection

Anti-EDL protest : Ephemera

Anti-Racist Alliance

Associated Society of Locomotive Steam Enginemen and Firemen (ASLEF), King's Cross Branch

BARKER, Ambrose (1859-1953)

BARLTROP, Robert (b 1922)

BARNES, Michael Cecil John (b 1932)

BEDFORD, James (1845-1904)

Bishopsgate Institute Archives

Bishopsgate Ward Club

Bishopsgate Ward Ratepayer's Association

'Bishopsgate Wards Within and Without'

BRADLAUGH, Charles (1833-1891)

BRANSON, Noreen (1910-2003)

BRIERLEY, Anthony (Tony) (b [1935])

British Humanist Association

Brookfield Manor Girls' Club

BUTLER, George (1815-1884)

Cambridge and Bethnal Green Boys' Club

Campaign Against Museum Admission Charges

Campaigning material collected by Sarah Wise

CAMPBELL, Colin Barnsley (b 1940)

CHALLINOR, Raymond (1929-2011)

Chartism & Reform

Chelmsford Star Industrial Co-operative Society

Cheltenham Conservative and Unionist Association minute book

Child Poverty Action Group: Council Meeting on Unemployment and reports to the Executive Committee

Child Poverty Action Group: Press Releases

City Music Society

Committee for Freedom in Mozambique, Angola and Guine

COOTE, Anna (fl 1998-2012)

Daily Worker scrapbook

Dave Clark: Miscellaneous campaign ephemera

Depositor's book for North West London Bank for Savings

DERRICK, Paul (1916-1996)

DORE, John (1930-2006)

Eton Manor Boys' Club

European Elections 2009

Evening Standard Outside Chapel

Fathers 4 Justice: Graham Manson Papers

FISHMAN, William J (b 1921)

Four Per Cent Industrial Dwellings Company: Stepney Green Court/Mocatto House rent books

Freedom Press Archive

FYRTH, Hubert James ('Jim') (1918-2010)

GANLEY, Caroline Selina (1879-1966)

GASTER, Jacob (Jack) (1907-2007)

Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association

General Election 2010: Election Ephemera

General Federation of Trade Unions (GFTU)

General Strike, 1926 : Newspapers

GLOVER, Reg (1900-1977)

GOSS, Charles William Frederick (1864-1946)

GRANT, Bernie (1944-2000)

Great National Standard Theatre, Shoreditch: Playbills and Posters

HALL, Libby (fl 1966-2006)

HALL, Tony (1936-2008)

HEMMING, (Clifford) James (1909-2007)

History Workshop Journal

HOLYOAKE, George Jacob (1817-1906)

Hope Not Hate: Ephemera and publications

Howell Ephemera Collection

HOWELL, George (1833-1910)

HUNOT, Peter (1914-1989)

'Huxtable's Residence in London'

International Union of Socialist Youth Camp Photographs

JACKSON, Mark (fl 1990-1991)

James Ince and Sons, umbrella manufacturers

Joseph William Corfield (c1810-1888)

J30 strike: Ephemera

KEAN, Hilda (fl 1982-2010)

Labour Movement and Immigrant Workers Papers

Labour Party Black Section

Labour Party Deputy Leadership Election ephemera

Labour Party Leadership Campaign Pack

Labour Party Study Course Papers

LAGNA (Lesbian and Gay Newsmedia Archive)

LEIGHTON, Ronald (fl 1981-1993)

LEONARD, Diana Mary (1941-2010)

LESTER, Muriel (1883-1968)

Liverpool Street Station Campaign

'London Coffee Houses, Taverns and Inns'

London Co-operative Society

London History Workshop Centre

London Provident Institution

Manchester Unity Oddfellows Friendly Society, Saffron Bloom Lodge

March for the Alternative: Ephemera, Badges and Other Items

MARSHALL, Robert Leckie (1913-2008)

Mason/Rowlatt Family Papers

MASON, Timothy Wright (fl 1960-1995 )

MAXWELL, Phil (fl 1975-2012)

May Day

MIDDLETON, Mavis (1922-1999)

Mondcivitan Republic

MOONMAN, Eric (b 1929)

MUNDAY, Diane (b 1931)

MURPHY, Clive Hunter (b 1935)

National Association for the Promotion of Social Science

National Miners Support Network

New Left Archive

Nirmul Committee

North East Ham Labour Party, Little Ilford Ward: Minute Books

North East Leeds Joint Parliamentary Electoral Committee: minute book

Not (Yet) The Times

O'BRIEN, Colin (b 1948)

Occupy London

Occupy Oral History Project Archive

O'NEILL, Gilda Ann (1951-2010)

PAINE, Thomas (1737-1809)

Parliamentary Profiles (Andrew Roth)


PERRING, Sir Ralph Edgar (1905-1998)

Public Utilities Access Forum

Raphael Samuel History Centre

Rationalist Association

Rationalist Peace Society

Red Pepper magazine


ROGERS, William (1819-1896)

ROTH, Andrew (1919-2010)

Ryde Local Labour Party: Cash book

SAMUEL, Raphael Elkan (1934-1996)

Sandys Row Synagogue

SARGEANT, Jean (1933-2011)

SEDGWICK, Peter Harold (1934-1983)

Shoreditch Trades and Labour Council: photograph

SlutWalk: Ephemera

Socialist Labour Party, Hampstead and Highgate/Holborn and St Pancras CSLPs

Society for Photographing Relics of Old London

Society of Public Librarians

SOWARD, Jean Marie (b 1919)

Spitalfields Inventory

Spitalfields Trust

St Botolph's Parish, Bishopsgate: Committee Minute Book

St Botolph's Parish, Bishopsgate: Funds and Infant School

St Botolph's Parish, Bishopsgate: List of Applicants for Gifts

St Botolph's Parish, Bishopsgate: Miscellaneous Receipts

St Botolph's Parish, Bishopsgate: Rent Roll

Stop the War against Mozambique (SWAM): papers and correspondence

Stop the War Coalition

Student anti-cuts and tuition fees demonstration : Ephemera

Swadhinata Trust: 'Tales of Three Generations of Bengalis in Britain'

TAIT, Emma (fl 1977-1988)

Terence Higgins Trust

'The London Tavern: Past and Present' and 'A Tradition of the King's Head Tavern'

'The Story of Unity Theatre'

Thomas Hugo: 'Walks in the City'

THOMPSON, Edward (fl 2011-2012)

Transcript of the Diary of Arthur Newbury

Transport and Employment Conference, Trade Union Workshop

Unite Against Fascism/Rock Against Racism

WALKER, Patrick Chrestien Gordon (1907-1980)

Walker, Patrick Chrestien Gordon (19071980)

Wapping strike material

WARD, Reginald George (Reg) (b 1924) labour politician and activist

Water Saving Trust

Wensley Family Archive

West London Peace Movement Archive

WETZEL, Dave (fl 1971-2014)

White Dog Benevolent Society

Women's Co-operative Guild