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Aachen during Kristallnacht: An account

Abraham family: correspondence

Abrams, Vicky (1900-1989)

Account of life in a Polish ghetto

A Jewish girl in Vienna: correspondence

Anglo-Jewish Association: Reports and other papers

Anti-German protest meetings and prayers

Anti-Nazi activities worldwide: leaflets and circulars

Anti-Nazi jokes

Anti-Nazi propaganda in Germany

Anti- Nazi propaganda leaflets

Antisemitic Biersteins: Papers regarding identification

Antisemitic coloured painting

Antisemitic discrimination in the Third Reich: various documents

Antisemitic Nazi measures: orders

Antisemitic notices

Antisemitism in Argentina

Antisemitism in Denmark

Antisemitism in Holland

Antisemitism in Poland: Reports on Jewish schools

Antisemitism in South Africa

Antisemitism in the Third Reich

Antisemitism in USA: printed tracts and correspondence

Archives du Comité international de la Croix-Rouge (ACICR): G44 Hostages and Political Detainees (microfilm)

Archives du Comité international de la Croix-Rouge (ACICR): G59 Israélites (microfilm)

Association of Jewish ex- servicemen

Association of Jewish Refugees in Great Britain: Board minutes and papers

Auschwitz-Birkenau: eyewitness account

Auslandsorganisation der NSDAP: newsletter extracts

Austrian Anschluss: Papers relating to a TV documentary

Austrian government: Statements regarding Nazi era compensation

Bad Aussee resistance movement and 'Operation Berhard'

Baer, Bernhard (1905-1983): biographical account

Baker-Byrne, Robert Phillip (b 1910): personal papers

Balint, Ruth (1926-2000): Family correspondence

Bavarian Political Police: circular on Jewish propaganda

Beck, Hedwig: restitution claim

Beck, Rudolf: family papers

Belgian Anti-Semitic leaflets

Benario family papers

Bendix, Otto (1878-1943) : Last letter

Berend, Bela (b 1911): Trial judgement and other papers (part microfilm)

Bergmann, George Francis Jack (1900-1979): Diaries and personal papers

Bergmann, G.F.J. (1900-): material relating to Jewish alpinists in Germany (microfilm)

Bergmann, Walter Manfred: family papers

Berlin Medical Unions: Various papers

Bern Brent and Otto Bernstein: reminiscences

Biener, Selmar: restitution claim

Bing family papers

Bloch, Julius (1877-1956): correspondence

Bloch, Julius (1877-1956): correspondence (microfilm)

B'nai B'rith leo Baeck London Lodge: Members' life histories

Board of Deputies of British Jews' Aliens Committee: Minutes and Reports

Bondy, Otto: Personal papers

Brand family: correspondence

'Breda' war criminals: papers

Breendonk Camp, Belgium: report by Headquarters 21 army group

Bright, Frank: family papers

British Anti-Nazi leaflet

Brody-Pauncz family papers

Brussels Relief Committee: microfilm

Buchenwald Camp Song: Papers

Buchenwald concentration camp: miscellaeous documents (microfilm)

Buchenwald concentration camp: release permit

Burger, George W: Political sticker collection

Cahn family papers

Cahn, Sophie: Red Cross letter

Caro, Jella: Letter from Theresienstadt

Central British Fund for German Jewry: list of contributors

Central British Fund for World Jewish Relief: records (microfilm)

Central British Fund for World Jewish Relief: Reports regarding concentration camp orphans

Central Council for Jewish Refugees: Donation forms

Central Verein, Berlin: reports on anti-Semitism

Central-Verein deutscher Staatsbürger jüdischen Glaubens: records (microfilm)

Club 1943: 40th anniversary report and papers

Cohn/Baer family papers

Cohn, Chaja: Memoirs of German Jewish exile

Collins, Frank: personal papers

Comité voor Joodsche Vluechtlingen Papers

Committee for the investigation of Nazi War Crimes in Baltic Countries: papers (microfilm)

Concentration camp inmates: various documents

Conditions for Jews in Europe: reports and other papers

Conrad, Eric: papers regarding wartime and post war activity

Copy letter from deportee to Theresienstadt

Copy letter from World War Two Austrian soldier

Correspondence and papers regarding Nazis in Spain (mostly microfilm)

Council for German Jewry: correspondence (microfilm)

Courts, Mrs Ben (b 1908): personal papers

Curtis, Ruth Dina: Personal papers

Cymerman, Hela: Copy letter regarding murdered relative

Czech and Czech Jewish Immigrants in Great Britain

Czechoslovakia and the Soviet invasion of 1968

Czechoslovak Jewish Relief organisations: Correspondence and papers

Czech refugee in Great Britain: account of flight into exile

Czech Torah Scrolls

Dachau and Buchenwald: Report on conditions and prisoners' possessions list (partly microfilm)

Dachau concentration camp: postcard

Danish Anti-Fascist leaflet

'Das Laterndl' theatre: various papers (microfilm)

Deutsche Arbeitsfront: papers (microfilm)

Deutsch Fichte-Bunde: papers of German antisemitic organisation

Dickopf, Paul (1910-1973): papers

Dienemann, Max: Divorce according to Civil and Jewish law

Directions on the disposal of Jewish property prior to evacuation to Litzmannstadt

Documents regarding aliens in the British Army during World War Two

Documents relating to Jews in Danzig (microfilm)

Dokumentationszentrum des Bundes Juedischer Verfolgter des Naziregimes: Reports

Douglas internment camp: farewell booklet

Dresner family papers

Dreyfus, Edgar: family papers

Duchin, Edgar (fl 1930-1940): papers regarding refugees from Nazi Europe

Dunera affair

Dunston, Fred: Papers regarding Youth Aliyah

Eichmann, Adolf (1906-1962): Trial transcripts and other papers

Elsztajn, Hinda: Report regarding Nazi persecution

Engel, Herbert: Copy personal papers

Evian Conference Papers (microfilm)

Eyewitness accounts (of the Holocaust)

Fairfield, Letitia (1885-1978): papers regarding compulsory sterilisation and the Third Reich (microfilm)

Far Eastern Jewish Central Information Bureau: Correspondence (microfilm)

Fate of Hungarian Jewry

Fate of Jews, Vienna

Fedorenko, Feodor (1907-1986): Trial papers regarding de-naturalisation (microfilm)

Ferber, Kurt (fl 1932-1933): Correspondence and papers

Fernbach family documents

Fink, Alice: Family papers

Fischler: identity card applications

Fischler-Martinho, Janina: Account of life in the Jewish Ghetto in Cracow

Flyer advertising protest meeting entitled Pogrom in Germany

Former Nazis in the Middle East: Various papers

Fraenkel, Ernst: correspondence and personal papers

Frank family: Red Cross telegrams

Frankl, Adolf (1903-1983): papers regarding art exhibition

Frank, Vincent C: Account regarding the November Pogrom of 1938

Fraser, Harold: correspondence

Freeson, Reginald Yarnitz: Copy correspondence regarding the death of Josef Mengele

French Anti-Nazi leaflet

French Jewish and anti-racist organisations: papers

Freyhahn, Wilhelm: description of Buchenwald

Geissler and Arp: British military court case material (microfilm)

Gerechtigkeit (Justice), newspaper

German Confessional Church: Instructions regarding racial origins

German election material

German Foreign Office: Correspondence on Jews in Slovakia

German Jewish doctors: list of suicides and murders

German Jewish emigration to South America: Reports

German Jewish Organisations

German Jewish representative organisations: documents regarding their creation (microfilm)

German-Jewish Youth Organisations

German Jews in Austria

German pre-war propaganda in England: reports and publications

German soldiers' letters

German trade organisations: correspondence on anti-Semitic measures

German Trades Unions in Great Britain

German War Crimes in Yugoslavia (microfilm)

German Youth Movements (microfilm)

Gerstenmaier, Eugen: German Evangelical Church during the Third Reich

Gestapo, Bielefeld: order on transport of Jews

Gestapo, Düsseldorf: list of Jews to be arrested

Gestapo, Essen: letter on Jews wearing the yellow star

Gestapo Headquarters, Berlin: order on the dissolution of B'nai Brith

Gestapo Sonderkommando, Lehrstrasse Prison: Admissions book

Goeth, Amon (1908-1946): Copy trial proceedings

Goldenberg, Leon (1864-1920): military service record

Goldschmidt, Fritz: Diaries and eyewitness testimony (microfilm)

Goldschmied family papers

Goldstein, Rosel and Selli: correspondence

Gottstein, Joel Meyer: Family papers

Government of Italian Somaliland: Directive to the commandant of Danane concentration camp

Grant, Lisa: Family documents

Grüber, August: report regarding conditions in Dachau concentration camp

Greece's Jewish population: Documents

Grossbard family: Correspondence

Gross family documents

Gross, Fritz: unpublished writings

Gruenebaum, Markus (1823-1912): Jewish book of mourning

Gurs and other French concentration camps: reports and correspondence

Gurs concentration camp: Eyewitness report

Gurs concentration camp: Passover Haggadah

Gurs concentration camp: postcards

Haldinstein, Joyce Rozendaal (fl 1940-1946)

Hamburg-Amerika linie: illegal emigration to Palestine

Hampstead Garden Suburb Care Committee for Refugee Children: index of sponsors and children

Hascharah Training Centre, Braunton, Devon: Notes

Hauser, Rita: school report, Isle of Man internment camp

Hay Internment camp, Australia: camp magazine

Hebrew Committee of National Liberation: Settlement in Palestine

Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society: Letter on Rassenschande

Hechaluz organisation

Hecht, Selig (1892-1947): correspondence regarding anti-semitism in German universities

Heilbrunner: account of life in Dachau

Henley, Frank (Otto Lichtenstein): Kindertransport papers

Hepner and Cahn: Family papers

Herzer, Edith: correspondence regarding restitution claim

Hess, Eleanor (1923-1999): Family papers

Hess, Rudolf (1894-1987): papers regarding imprisonment

Hidden Jews of Berlin: Transcript interviews

Hilfsverein der Juden in Deutschland: correspondence with The Council for German Jewry (microfilm)

Hilfsverein für jüdische Studierende: correspondence (microfilm)

Hirsch family documents

History of Frankfurt's Jews: Essays and Memoirs

Hitahadut Olej Germania: reports and papers

HMT Dunera: Refugee transport ship to Australia

Hoek-Wallach, Annie (c 1943-1987): personal papers

Hollander, Paul (b 1908): personal papers

Hollitscher, Wilhelm (b 1873): Diaries

Holocaust Memorial, Vienna: Notes regarding design

Horowitz, Lazarus (fl 1939-1948): correspondence

Hugo and Gretel Klein: correspondence

Hutchinson internment camp, Isle of Man

Hutter, Otto F (c1925- 1999): personal papers

I G Farben: Papers regarding slave labour

Jüdische Volkspartei: Appeal regarding leadership

Infanterie-Ersatz-Bataillon 220: instructions for new recruits

Inow family: Copy correspondence

International Anti-Jewish Congress in Belgium

International Auschwitz Committee: Copy statements regarding war criminals

International Auschwitz Committee: Correspondence and papers

International Bureau for the Right of Asylum and Aid to Political refugees: Reports and papers

International Council of Jews from Czechoslovakia: Papers

International Refugee Organisation, Bad Kissingen: Reports

International Tracing Service Child Search Branch: papers relating to 'Lebensborn' (microfilm)

Interradio AG Sonderdienst Seehaus: Russian radio broadcast transcripts (microfilm)

Israel, Wilfred (1899-1943): papers (microfilm)

Israel, Wilfrid (1899-1943): Correspondence

Jacobs, Maj: Civil Defence Forces

Jewish Associations in Erfurt: SD-RFSS file

Jewish Brigade: Copy material

Jewish Committee for Relief Abroad and Jewish Relief Unit: papers

Jewish Committee for Relief Abroad (microfilm): Henriques archive

Jewish Committee for Relief Abroad: reports on Jews and other displaced persons in Europe

Jewish community election pamphlets (1925)

Jewish Community in Berlin: Presentation folder of stamps

Jewish Cultural Community, Vienna: Papers

Jewish Cultural Reconstruction Inc: records (microfilm)

Jewish doctors during the Nazi era: various papers (microfilm)

Jewish education during the Third Reich

Jewish Refugees Committee, Leeds: correspondence and papers (microfilm)

Jewish refugees in Great Britain: reports

Jewish refugees in Portugal

Jewish Relief Unit: correspondence

Jewish Relief Unit: Former members' collections

Jewish Relief Unit: Personnel files

Jewish shop owners in Salonika

Jewish Social Work Conference, London (1936): Reports

Jewish war orphans, Holland

Jews in Berlin, early 1942

Jews in Brazil

Jews in Hungary

Jews in Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia

Jews in Poland

Jews in Romania

Jews in Vienna: Copy of exhibition material

Jews of Bukovina: Compensation of German Jewish Nationals

Jews of Kos, Greece

Johnson, Peter (1916-): Personal papers

Johnson, Peter: Records of The Hyphen Social Club and other papers

Judaism and communism in Russia

Juedische Volksschule, Munich: letter (1938)

Juedische Winterhilfe: Copy letter

Jung, Julius (fl 1931-1944): Correspondence

Kahn-Freund, Otto (1900-1979): pamphlets and newsletters

Kaiser, Erich (1905-1940): personal papers

Kaplan, Eliezer: Correspondence on Aliyah (1936)

Kartell Conventus (Australia): Newsletter

Katzenstein, N. (fl 1939): report on the situation of Jews in Europe (microfilm)

Kaye, Evelyn (1930-): Family documents

Kessler, Siegfried (b 1879): correspondence

Kühl, Julius (fl 1935-1982): personal and official papers and correspondence

Kien, Peter (1919-1944): Papers

Kirchner, Isidore (b 1856): School and university certificates

Kitchener Camp, Richborough, Kent: records

Klappholttal Youth camp: pamphlets

Kobylinski family: correspondence during internment

Komitee ehemaliger politischer Gefangener: reports and statistics about concentration camps

Kommandostab RFSS Nachrichtenkompagnie, Eastern Region: Reports

Korherr, Richard (1903-): statistical report on 'the final solution to the Jewish question' and other papers (microfilm)

Kormis, Fred: personal papers and photographs, 1913-1987

'Kraft durch Freude' festival: various papers (microfilm)

Kraschutski, Heinrich Richard Albrecht (fl 1939-1945)

Kristallnacht in Nuremberg: Copy papers

Kristallnacht: lists of synagogues destroyed and eyewitness testimonies

Kristallnacht: Press cuttings (some microfilm)

Kristallnacht Reports

Kuhn, Hannele (c 1925): Family papers

Kulturbund deutscher Juden: correspondence and papers (microfilm)

Lammers, Reichsminster Hans Heinrich: Letter on the events of 20 Jul 1944

Landenberger, Max (fl 1938-1939): property seizure in Nuremburg

Lander, Myer Jack (b 1874)

Langer, Felix (1889-1980): Diaries

Langland, Joseph (1917-2007): poems regarding Buchenwald

Laserson, Maurice and Cohn-Wiener, Ernst : correspondence (1924-1938)

Lasker-Wallfisch, Anita: personal correspondence

Laws, Enactments and Correspondence on Race in the Third Reich

Layton, Julian (1904-1989): Papers

League of Nations: Papers on Jewish Refugees

Left Book Club: Leaflets

Lehmann, Julian (1886-1943): Draft articles

Lehmann, Julian (1886-1943): Press cuttings and articles

Lehnitz: Jewish rest home near Berlin

Lesley, Henni: Copy family documents (1938-1947)

Letter from Reichsverwaltung to Obersten Reichbenhoerden on behaviour of servicemen

Letter seeking advice regarding behaviour

Le Vernet Internment Camp, France: report (1940)

Levi, Primo (1919-1987): Material regarding biography

Levy, Richard H: Copy papers regarding the bombing of Auschwitz

Lewin, Charlotte (b 1892): family papers

Lewin, Helga (b 1916): papers regarding compensation claim

Lingfield internment camp internee

List of Gestapo and SS war crimainals: Zentrale Stelle der Landesjustizverwaltungen

List of Gestapo and SS war criminals

List of Hungarian Jews in Malines Concentration Camp under the protection of the Belgian Consulate (microfilm)

List of officials in the higher grades of the German Foreign Office of mixed Jewish descent

List of Passengers on the St Louis who found refuge in Great Britain

Lists of Jewish children in Belgium

Litten, Hans (1903-1938): correspondence (microfilm)

Lloyd, Esther Pauline: Camp diaries, 1943

Lodz Ghetto: copy registration cards

Lodz Ghetto: list of survivors (microfilm)

Lodz ghetto: postcards

Lodz Ghetto: Various papers

Lodz Jews' Heritage: Copy statutes

Loebl, Paul: Account regarding wartime experiences

Loewy, Wolfgang: Correspondence (1939-1950)

Lord Fisher of Camden: documents (1936-1941)

Lowens, Fred: Copy of school report (1938)

Lustig, Louis (b 1874): Account of conditions in Sachsenhausen

Löwenstein, Heinz Werner: correspondence (1935-1949)

Löwenstein, Otto: prison letters (1937-1938)

Löwenthal, Louis: Transcript of Diaries (1874-1881)

Maas, Hermann: correspondence

Manes, Eva: Correspondence (1945-1947)

Manes, Eva: Letter, 1957

Manes, Eva: Letter from a friend (1957)

Manes, Philipp (1875-1944): Personal papers

Manes, Walter (b 1911): Personal papers

Marx family documents (1939-1941)

Masur, Norbert (1901-1971): Report regarding meeting with Himmler

Mayer, Grete (b 1901): personal papers

Mayor of Nuremberg: Notice to council officers (1934)

Möbelaktion: Correspondence and papers

Memorial Hall to German Jewry at the Wiener Library

Mendelsohn, Franz: Family correspondence (1915-1936)

Mendelssohn, Moses (1729-1786): Correspondence with Friedrich Nicholai

Menzner, Emmerich, SS Oberreiter: Letter from Poland (1942)

Merzbach family papers

Meyer, Richard: Copy papers on the Jewish community of Sinzig, North Rhine Westphalia

Michaelis, Robert (1903-1973): Dreyfus affair book

Michels, Richard (b 1873): Personal papers

Mitchell, Ernest: family documents

Morgan-Ruffner, Josa (fl 1910-1960)

Morris family papers (1901-1905)

Mueller, Franz Josef: War crimes trial case papers

Musikschule Hollaender, Berlin: Leaflet (1936)

Nabe, Gerda (fl 1935-1936)

Nazi Black List

Nazi Foreign Office: Murder of Hungarian Jews

Nazi Ministry of Education and Science: circular on Hitler Youth (1942)

Nazi Ministry of Education and Science: circular on marital status of civil servants (1938)

Nazi persecution of Freemasons, Jersey

Nazi persecution of Jehovah's Witnesses

Nazi propaganda against Great Britain

Nazi propaganda leaflets

Nazis in Greece

Nazis who survived World War Two

Nazi war crimes: reports and statements (1943-1946)

Neo-Nazi material (1980s)

Nermi-Egounoff, Maria (b 1899)

Neues Leben (New Life)

Neumann and Mendel: business and family papers (1850-1984)

Neumann family: correspondence (1941-1948)

Neumann, Karl (1895-1971): Family papers

Nicholson, Jesse: correspondence

Ningo, Herta: Family papers (1880-1973)

Noack-Mosse, Eva (1908-): Theresienstadt Diary and Other Papers (microfilm)

NSDAP Gauleitung Westfalen-Nord (North Rhine-Westphalia): circulars and information sheets (1941)

NSDAP Main Archives; Julius Streicher collection; Heinrich Himmler collection (microfilm)

Office of Reichsführer SS: Correspondence and papers

Ohly family correspondence (1941-1947)

Oppenheim family papers

Order regarding measures against Jews in Vienna (1938)

Ordinary German women (diaries praising Hitler)

Oskar Schindler's list

Osnabrück war crimes trial and appeal

Pakuscher, Rolf (c 1916-1946): report of the closure of Auschwitz

Papers regarding the Bern trial of the 'Protocols of the Elders of Zion'; papers of 'Weltdienst' (microfilm)

Peres, Alfred Pavel: Correspondence with Eduard Benes and other papers (1939-1948)

Perks, Lisbeth

Perl, Hermann: Correspondence and papers

Persecution of Gypsies under the Nazis: Records

Persecution of Jews in Berlin

Persecution of Jews in Poland: reports and statements (microfilm)

Persecution of Jews in Poland: various documents (microfilm)

Plaut, Paul: Correspondence

Plea for food and money from Jews in French internment camp

Plitt, Henry G (1918-1993)

Polish Jewry during the Nazi era: extracted accounts

Political Intelligence Department: News digest for Germany and Austria

Political toilet paper (World War One German language propaganda)

Political Warfare Executive: Airborne leaflet (1941)

Political Warfare Executive: French airborne leaflets (1943)

Pottlitzer family papers

Priestley, A. May: Correspondence during internment (1940)

Prinz, Joachim (1902-1988): Papers

Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia: reports on conditions (1939)

Protocols of the Elders of Zion: statement on their reliability

Rahmer, Julia (fl 1989-1991): papers regarding Neu Beginnen

Raschkow family papers (1909-1960)

Rauff, Walter (1906-1984)

Rüdenberg, Werner (1881- [1955])

Rechnungshof des Deutschen Reiches: Report on Austrian Anschluss

Red Book: Membership list of Captain Ramsay's Right Club

Refugee organisations: reports and other papers (1930s)

Regent's Park School

Reheis, Josef: Indictment (1944)

Reichenbach, Bernhard (1888-1975)

Reichjugendfuhrer: regulations regarding youth service of Jewish Mischlinge (1941)

Reichminister des innern: List of Addresses of the main Nazi Government officials, 1944

Reichsbund der Deutschen Beamten: Copy circular

Reichsbund jüdischer Frontsoldaten: correspondence and papers (microfilm)

Reichsführer SS: Letter removing patients from the Jewish hospital, Munich, to Terezin (1942)

Reichskommissar für die besetzten Niederländischen gebiete: Letter concerning Nazi looted art

Reichskulturkammer: Generalkartei (Reich Chamber of Culture: General index) microfilm

Reichsministerium für Volksaufklärung und Propaganda : Correspondence and papers

Reichstag elections, June 1920: printed election material (microfilm)

Reichsverband der Juedischen Kulturbuende in Deutschland

Reichsvereingung der Juden in Deutschland and Reichsvertretung der Juden in Deutschland

Reichsvereinigung der Juden in Deutschland: personal papers (microfiche)

Reichsvereinigung der Juden in Deutschland: records (microfilm)

Reichsvertretung der Juden in Deutschland: correspondence with The Council for German Jewry (microfilm)

Reichsvertretung der Juden in Deutschland: records (microfilm)

Remer, Otto Ernst (1917-1997)

Report of transport of Jews from Düsseldorf to Minsk

Report on Dr Josef Fadenhecht and Bulgarian Jews

Report on the duty of obedience of SS leaders

Report regarding the rescue of Jewish children in Belgium (1944)

Reunion of the Kindertransporte: Main archive

Reunion of the Kindertransporte: 50th anniversary papers

Rhoden family documents

'Richterbriefe': confidential circulars of the Reichsministerium der Justiz (microfilm)

Rosenbaum, Wilhelm (b 1915): verdict and judgement in war crimes trial

Rosenberger, Walter (d 1980)

Rosenberg, Marie (fl 1889-1962): restitution claim

Rosenstock, Hugo (fl 1940-1941), memoirs of internment

Rosenzweig, Klara (1890-1942) , correspondence

Roth, Cecil (1899-1970): Papers relating to Italian Jewry (microfilm)

Roth, Isabella (b 1896): personal papers

Rotholz, Siegfried (fl 1907-1977)

Rover Scout Crew, Hay Internment Camp, NSW, Australia: Log book

Russell, Hastings William Sackville , 12th Duke of Bedford

Sabatsky, Kurt: reports on leading Nazis and Jewish persecution

Salomon, Charlotte: Material regarding exhibition (1989-1990)

Salus, Grete (1910-1995): concentration camp poems

Samson, Inge: Diaries (1934-1942)

Sandberg family correspondence

Sander, Max (1890-1979): personal papers

Sanderson, Hilde: family papers

Schaefer, Ernst (1891-): documents relating to Osram lawsuit (microfilm)

Schien, L: postcard from Theresienstadt (1944)

Schlesinger family documents (1935-1945)

Schmitt, Carl (1888-1985): File of the SS High Command Security Service Main Office (microfilm)

Schreiner, Karl and Katharina (fl 1934-1949)

Schudderkopf, Otto-Ernst (1912-1984): papers relating to the Hielscher group (microfilm)

Schwarz, Ferdinand: papers on emigration to England

Schwarz, Hans (d 1970): Papers

Schwarzheide concentration camp: Documents regarding bombing

Secret Hungarian documents regarding British involvement in the history of Hungary

Segal, Lilli: correspondence and papers (1987-1995)

Sekretariat Warburg

Seventh Day Adventists: Copies of documents regarding persecution

Sheldon, Joseph (fl 1944-2001): Account of the liberation of Esterwege concentration camp

Sievers, Wolfram (1905-1948): SS Dossier (microfilm)

Singer, Charles (1876-1960): Correspondence relating to Jewish academics in Nazi Germany (microfilm)

Situation of non-Aryan lawyers in Germany: Report

Soedicke-Bayens, G A: Memoirs

Sokal-Wieselberg, Lisbeth (fl 1948-1978)

South America as a haven for refugees from Nazi Germany: reports

Spanish Civil War: a memoir

Spector, David (fl 1930-1997)

Speer, Albert (1905-1981): Interview transcript

Spiegel, Käthe (fl 1939): papers (microfilm)

SS Brochure for Christmas 1934

Stade, Lower Saxony: Jewish school girl reminiscences

Stalag VIIIB Lamsdorf and Teschen: documents (microfilm)

State Commissar for private enterprise, Austria: Statistics

Steckelmacher, Rabbi Dr F.: report regarding his fate

Stein, Edith (1891-1942): papers regarding last will and testament

Steiner, Elise: family correspondence

Stern, Alice (1902-1992): Jewish identity card

Stockholm International Forum on the Holocaust (2000): Speech transcripts

Storch, Gilel (Hillel): relief of Jews in World War Two

Strauss, Helmut (b 1919): Personal identification cards

Sudetenland Jews: Reports

Switzerland and Jewish refugees: reports by JUNA and other material

Szell, Franz (fl 1936-1937): correspondence regarding Alfred Rosenberg

Tarnobrzeg Jewish community, Poland: Correspondence and history

Tödtli, Boris (b 1901): papers and correspondence (microfilm)

Teich-Birken family: Memorial book

Theresienstadt Activity Report (microfilm)

Theresienstadt Bank: Savings book of Max Hirschfeld

Theresienstadt: List of survivors in Switzerland

Theresienstadt: Memorandum regarding management of the camp

Theresienstadt: Note regarding materials and shortage of doctors

Theresienstadt: poems

Theresienstadt: reports

Third Reich: personal accounts (microfilm)

Thomas Cook and Son Ltd: Storage record book

Traunstein Displaced Persons Camp: press cuttings

Trials of War Criminals before the Nuremberg Military Tribunals

Tythrop Institute: papers regarding an appeal for funds

Ullstein Family Papers

Unknown Holocaust survivor

Unzer Styme: Notes

Verwaltungsgerichtshof, Vienna: court judgements on Nazi victim status

Volksbund für Frieden und Freiheit: anti-communist propaganda material (microfilm)

von Dohnanyi, Hans (1902-1945): Mischling status

von Freyenwald, Hans Jonak (b 1878): papers regarding the Bern trial of the'Protocols of the Elders of Zion'

von Schirach, Baldur: speeches (1940-1945)

Waffen SS recruitment office: recruitment from higher and technical schools

Waldheim, Kurt: material for Thames Television documentary

Walldorf 16 Labour Camp, Frankfurt am Main: Prisoner List (microfilm)

Walters-Kohn, Eric (b 1906)

Warburg family

War crimes trial: Euthanasia case papers (microfilm)

War crimes trials: Various papers microfilm

Warschauer, Malvin (1871-1955)

Weil, Otto: release certificate from Buchenwald

Weiner, Joyce (fl 1933-1980)

Weiner, Siegfried (1886-1963): biographical account

Weisz, Josef: copy papers

Wellisch, Gertrude (b 1925): Correspondence regarding emigration

Wernham, Reverend: Correspondence

Wertheim, Baden-Württemberg: material regarding the history of the Jewish population

Westerbork concentration camp: report and correspondence

Wilmersdörfer, Gertrud (b 1915)

Winter, Doris (fl 1933-1949): Copy school book

Winter, Josephine (fl 1938-1942): Papers relating to emigration (microfilm)

Wittenberg, Gunter (fl 1940s-1950s): Copy personal papers

Wittig, Karl (fl 1939-1950)

Woffenstein, Valerie and Andrea: Correspondence about war time experiences

Wolffheim, Nelly (1879-1965): Account of a Kindergarten Seminar, Berlin

Wollenberg, Hans Werner: correspondence, 1904-1913

Woltär, Hans: postcard to Muritz Kupfer (1942)

Wood, Marianne: memories of Holland (1940-1945)

World Jewish Congress: Central files (microfilm)

World Jewish Congress Conference on Antisemitism: records (microfilm)

World Media Forum, Zurich: Text of speech of Swiss ambassador

Wrobel, Franz (fl 1940-1941): Certificate of internment at Gurs concentration camp

Youth Aliyah workers: reports (1944)

Zentralvereinigung österreichische Emigranten, Paris: newsletter (1939)

Zietlow, Fritz (1900-): correspondence and papers (microfilm)

Zylberberg, Michael (1906-1971): Personal papers