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ARCHER, William George (1907-1979): 'Civil justice in tribal India'

BAUDIN, R P: French -Yoruba dictionary

BLUMENBACH, Johann Friedrich (1752-1840)

BLYTH, Aliston: notes on the 'Tedi River Tribes' of Papua New Guinea

BREWSTER, Adolphe Brewster (1855-1937 ): papers relating to Fiji

BROWNE, Granville St John Orde (1883-1947): 'Physical peculiarities of the minor tribes of Mount Kenya, British East Africa'

BUCKINGHAM, W A: 'Beliefs and religious symbols in the bronze age of England'

CHAMP, W: Indigenous Australian vocabularies

CLARKE, John: book of African dialects

CLARKE, John: dictionary of the Fernandian tongue

CROOKE, William (1848-1923)

DAMANT, Guybon Henry: essay on tribes of North Eastern India

DAMANT, Guybon Henry: scrap album

DAVIS, Joseph Barnard (1801-1881)

DAYRELL, Elphinstone (1869-1917 ): 'Anthropology'

DAYRELL, Elphinstone (1869-1917 ): 'More folk stories from Southern Nigeria'

DEACON, Arthur Bernard (1903-1927): papers on Malekula

DURHAM, Mary Edith (1863-1944): Albanian ballads

DURHAM, Mary Edith (1863-1944): Balkan notebook

DURHAM, Mary Edith (1863-1944): Diaries

DURHAM, Mary Edith (1863-1944): Ethnological manuscripts

DURHAM, Mary Edith (1863-1944): Folk tales from the Balkans

DURHAM, Mary Edith (1863-1944): Letters

DURHAM, Mary Edith (1863-1944): newspaper cuttings

DURHAM, Mary Edith (1863-1944): Notes on folklore, history, linguistics

DURHAM, Mary Edith (1863-1944): Political manuscripts

DURHAM, Mary Edith (1863-1944): reviews

DURHAM, Mary Edith (1863-1944): Sarajevo crime

DURHAM, Mary Edith (1863-1944): sketchbooks

DURHAM, Mary Edith (1863-1944): 'Some tribal origins, laws and customs in the Balkans'

DURHAM, Mary Edith (1863-1944): water-colours, drawings and photographs from the Balkans

EARTHY, E Dora (fl 1930-1959): papers relating to Liberia

EDGE-PARTINGTON, James (1854-1930)

FORTES, Meyer (1906-1983)

GIBSON, Sir Herbert (1868-1934): 'Notes on the Indian tribes of the Paraguayan and Bolivian Chaco'

GÜNTHER, James: Wiradhuri vocabulary

GOMME, Sir George Laurence (1853-1916): A Handbook to Folk-lore

Grammar of the Binandele language

GREENOUGH, George Bellas (1778-1855)

HAMBLY, Francis J: Bibliography of Ancient Peru

HILTON-SIMPSON, Melville William (1881-1938): papers on the Congo and North Africa

HOBLEY, Charles William (1867-1947): Anthropological papers

HODGKIN, H Olaf and others: Paper on Malagasy folk lore

HOLLIS, Sir Alfred Claud (1874-1961): notes on the history of Vumba, East Africa

HOLMES, Thomas Vincent (1840-1923): 'On some recent criticisms of the Denehole exploration report of the Essex Field Club'

JOHNSTON, Thomas Crawford (1913-1965): correspondence

KNOX, H J: Notes on engravings in the Great Trap Dyke, India

LESTRANGE, Monique de: 'Contributions à l'étude des plis palmaires chez l'homme'

LEWIS, Alfred Lionel: a collection of lectures on stone circles and monuments

LOHMEYER, Gerhard: dissertation

LONG, Edward E: paper on the Sakai [Semang] people of Malaysia

LONG, Richard Charles Edward (1872-1951)

Mandingo vocabulary

MAN, Edward Horace (d 1929)

Marian Smith collection

MATHEW, John (1849-1929): 'Explanation of some of the Australian class names, the correlation of the classes and the relation between them and the languages'

MILLS, James Philip: word list of the Mongsen dialect of Ao

PHILIPPS, Tracey: 'The continental-European ethnic and cultural composition of Canada'

RATTRAY, Robert Sutherland (1881-1938)

Royal Anthropological Institute Archives

Royal Anthropological Institute Manuscript Collection

STANNUS, Hugh Stannus (1877-1957): paper on tattooing in Nyasaland

TORDAY, Emil (1875-1931)

TURNER, Dr George Albert (d 1917): 'Some anthropological notes on the South African coloured mine labourer'

VIGNOLA, Amedée: 'Tous les femmes'

Vocabularies: West African dialects

VOGL, August: 'Wahrhafte Heilkunst'