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Staff College 1910. Schemes, Indoor and Outdoor, and Notes issued, not including lectures: Junior Division.


Reference code(s): GB CR/1910/1 JSCSC

Held at: Joint Services Command and Staff College

Title: Staff College 1910. Schemes, Indoor and Outdoor, and Notes issued, not including lectures: Junior Division.

Date(s): 1910

Level of description: Collection (fonds)

Extent: 1 volume, bound, various pagination

Name of creator(s): Directing Staff, Staff College Camberley


Administrative/Biographical history:

Staff College, Camberley, was inaugurated in 1862 to provide Staff training to British Army officers, and remained in existence until 1997 when single-Service Staff training was ended. Staff Training for the British Army is now conducted by the Joint Services Command and Staff College.


Scope and content/abstract:

1 American civil war No 1, and maps of US. 1861, Virginia and Maryland, and the Valley, Lt Col Hon G Morris. 2 American Civil war No 2, Bull Run, with maps, Lt Col Hon G Morris. 3 American Civil war No 3, Lt Col Stewart. 4 As CGS Conf. forces, appreciate situation in E Virginia end of February, 1862, Lt Col Stewart. 5 Col Henderson's "notes on strategy", Lt Col Stewart. 6 On writing papers connected with military subjects, Lt Col Stewart. 7 Hints on making an appreciation, Lt Col Hon G Morris. 8 Draw up memo dealing with points necessary to bring out in area reconnaissance, Lt Cols Barrow and Hull. 9 American Civil war No 4, Battle of Kernstown, Lt Col Stewart. 10 Exercise in marches, time and space; diagram etc required. 14 syndicates, Lt Col Hon G Morris. 11 Artillery lecture No 1, Lt Col Furse.

12 Artillery lecture No 2, Lt Col Furse. 13 Marches, Lt Col Hon G Morris. 14 Artillery lecture No 3, Lt Col Furse. 15 Orders for march of brigade, Lt Col Hon G Morris. 16 Instructions for carrying out intelligence course, Col Gough. 17 Memory sketch of position, Lt Col Barrow. 18 American Civil war No 5. Results of Battle of Kernstown, Lt Col Stewart. 19 Orders, and index of sections of FSR affecting issues of orders in the field, Lt Col Hon G Morris. 20 Artillery lecture No 4, Lt Col Furse. 21 Horseback reconnaissance, Lt Col Hull. 22 American Civil war No 6, Front Royal and Winchester, Lt Col Stewart. 23 Artillery lecture No 5, Lt Col Furse. 24 Artillery scheme No 1. 15 syndicates, Lt Col Furse. 25 Seven tables etc containing examples of staffs for intelligence force; 'General' or 'Army' HQ etc, Col Gough. 26 Lecture on protection, Lt Col Hon G Morris. 27 American Civil war No 7. Maps of Cross Keys and environs of Richmond, Lt Col Stewart. 28 Intelligence scheme. On occupation of Crete state steps to be taken; strength of intelligence branch &c, Col Gough. 29 Lecture 'The Cardwoll system', Lt Col Whigham. 30 Area reconnaissance, Lt Col Barrow. 31 Cavalry scheme No 1, Lt Col Barrow.

32 American Civil war No 8. Stuart's raid and the 7 Days, Lt Col Stewart. 33 Tactical exercise. Rearguard in retreat. 6 syndicates, Lt Col Hon G Morris. 34 Artillery lecture No 6 Fire tactics, Lt Col Furse. 35 American Civil war No 9 and maps of Sharpsburg, Lt Col Stewart. 36 Artillery lecture No 7. Fire discipline, Lt Col Furse. 37 Artillery scheme No 2. 15 syndicates, Lt Col Furse. 38 River reconnaissance, Lt Col Barrow. 39 Exercise in writing orders (general idea), Lt Col Hon G Morris. 40 Artillery lecture. Heavy artillery and howitzers, Lt Col Furse. 41 American Civil war. Chancellorsville, Lt Col Hon G Morris. 42 Camping scheme. Officers work in pairs, Lt Col Hull. 43 Gettysburg, Lt Col Hon G Morris. 44 American Civil war, scheme 2. Appreciate situation for Lee, July 1st, 1863. Officers work in pairs, Lt Col Hon G Morris. 45 2 lectures. "The battle" and "information", Lt Col Hon G Morris. 46 Allez! Allez! Same as issued for No 1 of senior division - division each day, The Commandant. 47 Report on visit to Woolwich arsenal, Lt Col Furse. 48 Tactical scheme - defence in a wood. 6 parties, Lt Col Stewart. 49 Waterloo campaign: 1st set of notes and all usual maps except field of Waterloo, Lt Col Stewart. 50 Waterloo campaign, 2nd set of notes and map of field of Waterloo, Lt Col Stewart. 51 As CGS to Napoleon, appreciate situation, 8am 17th June 1815, Lt Col Stewart. 52 Billeting scheme, No 1. Officer work in pairs, Lt Col Hull. 53 3 lecture "night operations" with two sets of diagrams, Lt Col Hon G Morris. 54 Military administration scheme, Lt Col Barrow.

55 Tactical exercise, "protection at rest". 2 parts, 7 syndicates, Lt Col Hon G Morris. 56 Artillery lecture No 10. Mountain artillery, Lt Col Furse. 57 Drafts etc, 1st lecture, Lt Col Whigham. 58 Artillery lecture, No 11 - organisation, Lt Col Furse. 59 Drafts etc, 2nd lecture, Lt Col Whigham. 60 Selection and preparation of position. 10 syndicates, Lt Col Furse. 61 Artillery lecture No 12 - ammunition supply, Lt Col Furse. 62 Horseback reconnaissance, Lt Col Hull. 63 The development of tactics, Lt Col Stewart. 64 Artillery lecture No 13, Lt Col Furse. 65 Artillery lecture No 14, Lt Col Furse. 66 Report on training, while attached to other arms, The Commandant. 67 Notes for lectures on "Austerlitz", "order of battle" and composition of Grande Armee, with map of Ulm to Brunn, 1805, Lt Col Hon G Morris. 68 Cavalry scheme I, protection of cavalry on march, Lt Col Barrow. 69 Tactical exercise, defence of position. 8 syndicates with directing staff, Lt Col Hon G Morris. 70 Artillery lecture No 15, coast defence, Lt Col Furse. 71 Organisation of army administration in India on abolition of military supply department, Lt Col Bols. 72 Austerliz diagram and battlefield, Lt Col Hon G Morris. 73 Artillery lecture No 15. Coast defence, Lt Col Furse. 74 Tactical exercise (Vite! Vite!) - retirement after action. 10 syndicates, Lt Col Stewart.

75 Billeting scheme - 6 syndicates, Lt Col Hull. 76 Scheme prepared by "A" parties of senior division for ST 8th-10th June. 8 parties. Appreciations to be handed in June 3rd, Directing staff and senior division. 76A Tactical exercise. Attack and defence, 6 parties, Lt Col Stewart. 77 Re visit division to Isle of Wight defences, Lt Col Furse. 78 Campaign of 1814. Set of notes for lectures and maps - 6 copies, to each of division, of litho' map, Lt Col Hon G Morris. 79 Tables "E" and "F" - continuation of tables issued with No 25, Lt Col Whigham. 80 Cavalry scheme No 2. Contact squadron. 6 parties, Lt Col Greenly. 81 Artillery lecture, No 18. Coast defence V, Lt Col Furse. 82 Course of instruction in artillery, Lt Col Furse. 83 On billeting and bivouacking of cavalry, Lt Col Barrow. 84 Night operations (tactical exercise). 7 syndicates, Lt Col Hon G Morris. 85 Reconnaissance, Lt Col Barrow. 86 Cavalry scheme, Lt Col Greenly. 87 Artillery lecture, No 19. Coast defence vi, Lt Col Furse. 88 L of C and advanced base scheme. 5 syndicates, Col Foster and Lt Col Harper. 89 Tactical; exercise; 4 parties under directing staff, Lt Col Hon G Morris. 90 Attack of a position. Two parts, 7 syndicates, Lt Col Stewart. 91 Cavalry Allez! Allez! No 2. 6 parties, Lt Col Whigham. 92 2nd area reconnaissance, Lt Col Barrow. 93 Schemes prepared by "B" parties of senior division for staff tour, 20/22nd July, 8 parties. Appreciations to be handed in on 16th July, directing staff and senior division.

94 Syllabus for examination in "Military history and geography" and "strategy and tactics", Lt Col Hon G Morris. 95 Course of instruction in administrative subjects, Col Foster. 96 Compare supply and transport of modern army with conditions obtaining at beginning of XIXth century, Col Foster. 97 Reconnaissance (rapid) and panorama, Lt Col Barrow. 98 Cavalry schemes: I advanced guard, II flank guard, Lt Col Barrow. 99 Memory reconnaissance, Lt Col Barrow. 100 Salamanca. Notes for lectures and set of four maps, Lt Col Hon G Morris. 101 Syllabus for examination in cavalry, infantry, etc, Col Gough. 102 Syllabus for examination in military engineering, Lt Col Harper. 103 Scheme A, strategy and tactics, Lt Col Hon G Morris. 104 Memory reconnaissance (mounted), Lt Col Barrow. 105 "1866" - notes No 1; maps; small general; German confederation; 'A' strategical, 'B' quadilaterals, Lt Col Stewart. 106 "1866" Notes No 2, Lt Col Stewart. 107 "1866" Notes No 3, Lt Col Stewart. 108 Tactical exercise: delaying enemy's march, Lt Col Hon G Morris. 109 "1866" notes No 4 (Moltke's projects), Lt Col Stewart. 110 Infantry (1st lecture), Lt Col Hon G Morris. 111 "1866" notes No 5 and map of operations to 3rd July '66, Lt Col Stewart. 112 "1866" scheme B. Review criticism of deployment and movements of Prussians between 15th May and 15th June, 1866, Lt Col Stewart. 113 Mobilization scheme. Fill in AF B.89, Lt Col Hull. 114 "1866" notes Nos 6 and 7, Lt Col Stewart. 115 "1866" notes No 8. Maps: operations on the Iser, and positions of both armies on 25th June, Lt Col Stewart. 116 Tactical exercise: advanced guard in pursuit. 9 parties, Lt Col Stewart. 117 Division in enemy's country; billeting and bivouacking, outpost, etc. 9 syndicates, Lt Cols Hull and Hoskins. 118 Cavalry scheme for 28th: measures for security etc of detachment marching to protection of LofC in enemy's country, Lt Col Greenly. 119 Syllabus, work in military law, Lt Col Bols. 120 Infantry (2nd lecture), Lt Col Hon G Morris. 121 "1866" notes No 9; map, "position on 26th June", Lt Col Stewart. 122 "1866" scheme C. State and discuss situation on evening of 26th June, from Austrian point of view, Lt Col Stewart. 123 "1866" notes No 10, Lt Col Stewart.

124 L of C, French and German armies, Lt Col Bols. 125 A. Army system prior to Crimean War. B. Army system introduced by Mr Cardwell, Lt Col Whigham. 126 Colonel Edmond's lecture on "laws and usages of war", Lt Col Bols. 127 To calculate transport and time to evacuate wounded, Lt Col Russell. 128 "1866" notes No 11; and map showing billets of VI Austrian Corps morning of June 27th 1866, Lt Col Stewart. 129 cavalry scheme: Allez! Allez! Continuation of no 118, Lt Col Greenly. 130 Administrative services, India, Lt Col Bols. 131 "1866" notes No 12 (for 2 lectures, 12 and 13), Lt Col Stewart. 132 Notes infantry (3rd lecture), Lt Col Hon G Morris. 133 Uncivilized warfare. Map Sudan expedition, 1884-5, Lt Col Stewart. 134 Cavalry in co-operation with the other arms, Lt Col Barrow. 135 Uncivilized warfare, notes No 2, Lt Col Stewart. 136 Establishments - horses, Lt Col Bols. 137 Bush warfare, Major Hogg. 138 "1866" notes No 14; map, positions 2nd July, Lt Col Stewart. 139 Sadowa, 1st lecture, Lt Col Hon G Morris. 140 Strategy and tactics - scheme D, Lt Col Hon G Morris. 141 Sadowa - 2nd lecture, Lt Col Hon G Morris. 142 Colonel Pemberton's lecture on evidence, Col Foster. 143 Sadowa - 3rd lecture, Lt Col Hon G Morris. 144 Some considerations in the realm of strategy, Lt Col Hon G Morris. 145 Section through modern infantry fort, Lt Col Harper. 146 Staff duties Allez! Allez!, Lt Col Whigham. 147 Memoir: four important lessons from 1866 campaign and their application to our cavalry division and 6 divisions, The Commandant. 148 cavalry scheme: short narrative of operations in diary form as kept by squadron commander, Lt Col Greenly. 149 [Map of] Port Arthur, Lt Col Harper. 150 India, Lt Col Stewart. 151 Afghanistan, Lt Col Stewart. 152 Persia, Lt Col Stewart


Language/scripts of material: English

System of arrangement:

152 folios arranged in a single bound volume

Conditions governing access:

The collection is open, subject to signature of Reader's undertaking form, and appropriate provision of a letter of introduction.

Conditions governing reproduction:

Copies, subject to the condition of the original, may be supplied for research use only. Requests to publish original material should be submitted to the Head of Library Services, Joint Services Command and Staff College.

Finding aids:

Contents listing at front of volume, OPAC at JSCSC, record on AIM25


Archival history:

A lack of any proper records makes it difficult to write any history of the Staff College, including that of its archives. Created by the Army Staff College, Camberley (1862-1997) the collection was housed in the Library at Camberley. The collection consists of schemes of work, precis lectures, reports, notes, administrative instructions and other documents relating to the course of studies offered by Camberley during the period and covers the period 1903 to 1997. The collection is not continuous, in part due to the exigencies of war (the college was closed from 1914 to 1918) and the administrative decision made in 1940 to destroy records. Since 2000 the collection has been securely housed in the JSCSC.

Immediate source of acquisition:

Created for the 1910 course at Staff College, Camberley. Received at the JSCSC on the occasion of the closure of Staff College, Camberley in 1997.


Related material:

Camberley 'Reds' collection, 1903-1913, 1919, 1923, 1929, 1933, 1935, 1937-1945, and 1947-1997.

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