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Account Books

Additional Royal Society papers

Alchemical Tracts

Alphabetical Index to the Printed Minutes of the Royal Society Council

An account of the shipwreck 'Johanna'

Andrews, Thomas (1813-1885)

Andrews, Thomas (1847-1907)

Anisson, Jean (1642-1740)

Anonymous physiology experiment papers

Archived Papers

Arithmetica of Martianus Capella and Jordanus Nemorarius

Ash, John (1723-1798)

Astronomical and magnetic observations at the United States Naval Observatory, Washington DC

Astronomical Observations at Lauenburg and Lyssabel

Astronomical observations at Paramatta, New South Wales

Astronomical Observations at the Radcliffe Observatory Oxford

Astronomical tracts with observations by Tycho Brahe and others

Aubrey, John (1626-1697)

Audio-Visual Archive

Banks Papers Volume III

Barcroft, Sir Joseph (1872-1947)

Barrett, Sir William Fletcher (1844-1925)

Barrow, Isaac (1630-1677)

Bateman, Harry (1882-1946)

Bawden, Sir Frederick Charles (1908-1972)

Blackett, Patrick Maynard Stuart, Baron Blackett of Chelsea (1897-1974)

Blagden, Sir Charles (1748-1820)

Blagden, Sir; Charles (1748-1820)

Boemke: mathematical dissertation

Book of signatures of Royal Society Presidents and Members of the Council

Boole, George (1815-1864)

Boon, W R and Hawes, W B

Bourne, Sir Alfred Gibbs (1859-1940)

Bowden; Frank Philip (1903 - 1968)

Boyle, Robert (1627-1691)

Boyle, Robert (1627-1691): Commonplace Book

Boyle, Robert (1627-1691): library catalogue

British Antarctic Expedition 1910-1913

British Empire Exhibition Committee

Brouwer; Luitzen Egbertus Jan (1881-1966): bibliography

Brown, George Lindor (1903-1971): biographical memoir

Brown, Sir George Lindor (1903-1971)

Buckland, William (1784-1856)

Bulloch's Roll

Canton, John (1718-1772)

Carrington, Richard Christopher (1826-1875)

Carrington, Richard Christopher (1826-1875): Bessel's Stars

Certificates of Election and Candidature

Chillingworth, William (1602-1644): will

Church, Arthur Herbert (1834-1915)

Classified Papers

Clerk of the House of Lords

Committee Minute Books

Commonplace book of medical or pharmaceutical recipes

Cook Medal Papers

Copies of Papers read to the Society

Correlations - a quaternary card game

Council Documents

Council for Science and Society Archive

Council Minutes Copy

Council Minutes Original

Council Minutes Printed

Cowling, Thomas George (1906-1990)

Cumming, Alexander (1731/2-1814)

Dale, Sir Henry Hallett (1875-1968)

Darwin Commemoration papers

Darwin, Erasmus (1731-1802)

Deeds, Charters and Charter Book

de la Rue, Warren (1815-1889)

Della Fortificatione, etc

'De ormesta mundi' by Orosius

d'Erlangen, Wagner

Desbout, Louis (fl 1796)

Dines, William (1855-1927)

Dirac; Paul Adrien Maurice (1902-1984)

Domestic Manuscripts

Dominicetti, Bartholomew di

Drach, Solomon Moses (1815-1879)

Early Letters

Ecclesiastical and astronomical calendar

Eclipses 1882-2000: Rough projections of eclipses of the sun and moon

Egerton, Sir Alfred Charles Glyn (1886-1959)

Elgar, James and Newton, John

Emeleus, Harry Julius (1903-1993)

Ent, Sir George (1604-1689)

Euclidis Elementa

Everest , Sir George (1790-1866)

Fairley, Neil Hamilton (18911966)

Faraday, Michael (1791-1867): Diploma and Certificates

Faraday, Michael (1791-1867): glass furnaces

Fatio, Nicolas (1664-1753)

Fellows bonds for payment of fees to the Royal Society

Fiftieth anniversary of the discovery of X-rays

Flamsteed, John (1646-1719)

Florey, Howard Walter, Baron Florey (1898-1968)

Flower, Robert

Folkes, Martin (1690-1754)

Food (War) Committee of the Royal Society

Ford, Edmund Brisco (1901-1988) and Cain, Arthur James (1921-1999)

Fox, Robert Were (1789-1877)

Frankland, Sir Edward (1825-1899)

Frankland, Sir Edward (1825-1899)

Fundata duarum Lecturarum in Disciplinis Mathematicis

Gaddum, Sir John Henry (1900-1965)

General Index to the Papers published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society of London

Gladstone, John Hall (1827-1902)

Godfrey Argent portrait photographs

Gold, Thomas (1920-2004)

Grant, James Andrew (1935-1990)

Greenwich Observatory papers

Gregory family

Gregory manuscripts

Gregory Papers

Griffith, Samuel

Griffiths, John Cedric (fl 1940)

Hadfield, Sir Robert Abbott (1858-1940)

Haldane, John Burdon Sanderson (1892-1964)

Hales, Stephen (1677-1761)

Hartridge, Hamilton (1886-1976)

Herschel, Col John (1837-1921)

Herschel, Sir John Frederick William (1792-1871)

Herschel, Sir John Frederick William (1792-1871): diary

Herschel, Sir William (1738-1822)

Hinshelwood, Sir Cyril Norman (1897-1967)

Holland, Thomas Henry (1868-1947)

Holmes, Samuel

Hooke, Robert (1663 -1703): minutes of Royal Society meetings

Horridge, George Adrian (b 1927)

Horsley, Samuel (1733-1806)

Hudson, Charles Thomas (1828-1903): drawings of the Rotifera

Huysum botanical paintings

Illustrations for Samuel Baron's 'A description of the kingdom of Tonqueen'

Illustrations of Pharaonic Egypt

Instruments of the Eskadlemuir Observatory

International Association of Academies

International Catalogue of Scientific Literature

International Relations Archive

Italian Proverbs

James, Sir Henry (1803-1877)

Jeans, Sir James Hopwood (1877-1945)

Johnson, George Lindsay

Journal Book Copy

Journal Book Original

Journal of the Proceedings of the Philosophical Society of Oxford

Kew Observatory Sunspot measurements

Laing, Alexander Gordon (1794-1826)

Langrish, Browne ( d 1759)

Larmor, Sir Joseph (1857-1942)

Letter Book Copy

Letter Book Original

Letters and Papers

Liber epistolaris: a commonplace book of Henry Oldenburg

Liddell, Edward George Tandy (1895-1981)

Lister Centenary

Lists of Visitors introduced at Meetings of the Royal Society

Lloyd, John Augustus (1800-1854)

Loewi, Otto (1873-1961)

Longuet-Higgins, Christopher (1923-2004)

Lubbock, Sir John William (1803-1865)

Mallet, Robert (1810-1881)

Malpighi, Marcello (1628-1694)

Manual of court ceremonial precedence etc

Manuscripts General

Martin, Humphrey (fl 1772)

Maskelyne, Nevil (1732-1811)

Mathematical works of Pappus Alexandrinus

Mato Grosso: the last virgin land

Maull portrait photographs

McNab, John (b 1755)


Meteorological Archives

Meteorological Council Papers

Minchin, George Minchin (1845-1914)

Miscellaneous Correspondence

Miscellaneous Manuscripts

Modern Domestic Archives

Montagu, Edward Wortley (1713-1776)

Moray, Robert (1608-1673)

Moray, Sir Robert (1608-1673)

Mordell, Louis Joel (1888-1972)

Muir, Sir Thomas (1844-1934)

Muller, Hermann Joseph (1890-1967)

National Antarctic Expedition (1901-1904)

National Physical Laboratory

Neapolitan Earthquake papers

Newton; Sir; Isaac (1642-1727): cartoon

Newton; Sir; Isaac (1642-1727): Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica

New Zealand Volcanic Eruptions Report

Nouvelles Recherches pour determiner les Longitudes en Mer par les Mouvements de la Lune et par une seule Observation

Nouvelle Theorie du mouvement des Planets et des Cometes

Observations for ascertaining the distances across the English Channel

Papin, Denis and Leibniz, Gottfried: correspondence


Parliamentary and other speeches

Pasteur, Louis (1822-1895)

Paul Instrument Fund Grants

Pearson, Alexander (fl 1800)

Pepys, William Hasledine (1775-1856)

Philosophia Universalis Pertineis a Gabrielem Colleno Logicum

Philosophical Club of the Royal Society Minutes

Philosophical Transactions Receipt Book

Phipps, Constantine John (1744-1792)

Piaggi, Antonio: Diaries of Vesuvius observations

Pirie, Norman Wingate (1907-1997)

Pole, William (1814-1900)

Priestley; Joseph (1733-1804)

Pryce, Maurice Henry Lecorney (1913 2003)

Referees Reports

Regnault, Henri Victor (1810-1878) and Stewart, John

Relazione del Fenomeno Accaduto in Calabria

Reports on excavations at Kent's Cavern by William Pengelly and Edward Vivian

Robins, Benjamin (1707-1751)

Robinson, Sir Robert (1886-1975)

Rose, Caleb Burrell (fl 1830-1890)

Ross, Sir James Clark (1800-1862)

Royal Observatory Greenwich: Minutes of Visitations

Royal Society Club

Royal Society: Council Attendance Book

Royal Society Fellows: Declarations

Royal Society images and photographs

Royal Society: landed property

Royal Society Letters

Royal Society Library

Royal Society Library: Acquisitions Book

Royal Society Library and Museum Account Book

Royal Society Library catalogues

Royal Society: Lister Centenary Celebrations

Royal Society Museum: catalogue

Royal Society Museum: presented objects

Royal Society: New Letter Book

Royal Society: Officers Minutes and Agenda

Royal Society: outgoing letters of the Foreign Secretaries

Royal Society; papers concerning apartments

Royal Society: Philosophical Transactions

Royal Society: Photocopy Collection

Royal Society: presents

Royal Society: Press Cuttings

Royal Society: Proceedings Papers

Royal Society: Register Book Copy

Royal Society: Register Book Original

Royal Society: Secretaries Draft Minutes

Royal Society: 250th Anniversary of its Incorporation

Royal Society Kinabalu Expeditions

Royal Society Library and Museum Request Book

Royal Society's lands at Acton and Mablethorpe

Royal Society Sylvester Medal Fund

Royal Society: Tercentenary Addresses

Royal Society: visiting professors

Royal Society Visitors Book

Rucker, Sir Arthur William (1848-1915)

Rue, Warren de la, Balfour Stewart and B Loewry

Rutherford Centenary: visit by Royal Society to the Rutherford High Energy Laboratory

Sabine, Edward (1788-1883)

Sabine, Sir Edward (1788-1883)

Sale of contents from the late German Embassy

Salt, George (1903-2003)

Samuel. Edwin Herbert (1898-1978)

Scanner Research in the Central Research Laboratory of EMI

Scheuchzer, Johann Jakob (1672-1733)

Schuster, Sir Arthur (1851-1934)

Scientific miscellany: Reports of lectures on Chemistry and Electricity

Scoffin, William: Journal of a Voyage from Hull to Davis's Straits

Sharp, Abraham (1651-1742)

Sharpey, William (1802-1880)

Sherard, William

Sherard, William (1659-1728)

Simon, Sir Francis Eugene (1893-1956)

Smeaton, John (1724-1792)

Smyth, Charles Piazzi (1819-1900): Cloud Forms at Clova, Ripon

Smyth, Charles Piazzi (1819-1900): Tenerife

Some observations on the crystalline lens

South,Thomas: Marine Atlas

Southwell, Sir Robert (1635-1702)

Sowerby family letters

Sowerby, James (1757-1822)

Specimens of calligraphy and natural history illustration

Spruce, Richard (1817-1893)

Statius, Thebais

Stockler, Francisco de Borja Garcao (1759-1829)

Stoney, Bindon Blood (18281909)

Studies of Soil and Litter Fauna in the British Soloman Islands Protectorate

Stukeley, William: Memoirs of Sir Isaac Newton's Life

Tables of Specific Gravities

Tansley, Sir Arthur George (1871-1955)

Taylor, Brook (16851731)

Thames Levelling Commission

The Life of Confucius by Louis Poirot

Theora Magnetis explicata e sola virium attractivarum universalium natura...

Thompson, Sir Harold Warris (1908-1983)

Thomson, Sir Joseph John (1856-1940)

Thornton, Sir Henry Gerard (1892-1977)

Thorpe, Sir Thomas Edward (1845-1925)

Tractatus de arithmetica (A treatise on arithmetic)

Two tracts relating to Confucius and Confucianism

Tyndall, John (1820-1893)

Vanity Fair cartoons

Vernon, Francis

Visitors Book to the Sir Isaac Newton Exhibition

Waller, Richard (c 1650-1715)

Wallis, John (1616-1703)

Watts, Henry (1815-1884)

Wayland, Edward James (18881966)

Waynflete Professorship of Physiology, Oxford University

Westcott, John Hugh

Whiffen, David Hardy (1922-2002)

White, Walter (1811-1893)

Williams, Zacharaiah ([1668]-1755)

Wilson, Charles Thomson Rees (1869-1959)

Wollaston, William Hyde (1766-1828)

Works on botanical classification [by Nathaniel Matthew Wolf]

Young, Thomas ( 1730 -1783): letters to