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11th International Veterinary Congress, 1930

Abernethy, John (1764-1831)

Abortion Law Reform Association

Abyssum duplicatum cum Hyrogliphis: in German

Acheson, James Alexander (1892-1968)

Ackland and Littlewood families

Acland, Theodore Dyke (1851-1931)

Action on Smoking and Health (ASH)

Adami, John George (1862-1926)

Adam, James (1834-1908)

Addis, Robina (1900-1986)

Affleck, Sir James Ormiston (1840-1922)

AIDS and Social Policy Group

Ainsworth, Geoffrey Clough ( b 1905)

Albinus, Bernhard Siegfried (1697-1770)

Aldrich-Blake, Louisa Brandreth (1865-1925)

Alexander von Humboldt, Friedrich Wilhelm Karl Heinrich (1769-1859), Baron von Humboldt

Alphabeta litterae, caracteres et habitus variorum populorum (etc.)

Alston, Charles: Lectures

A Manuscript of Medical Reviews

Anderson, Donald Drysdale fl 1930

Andouille, Jean Baptiste Antoine (1690-1744)

Andrade y Pastor, Manuel (1809-1848)

Andrewes, Sir Christopher Howard (1896-1989)

Andrewes, Sir Frederick William (1859-1932)

Angel, Professor Anthony (b 1937)

Anglerius, Peter Martyr (1455-1526)

Animal Defence and Anti-vivisection Society

Archambault, Jean Baptiste Henri Théophile (1806-1863)

Armitage Dispensing Chemist

Asbestosis: The Montague Murray Case (1907)

Ashby, Eusebius (1662-1741) (and others)

Ashton, Dr L. P.: report on smallpox epidemic in Nyanza Province, Kenya, 1945

Ashton, Norman (1913-2000)

Association for Research into Restricted Growth

Association for the Advancement of Medicine by Research

Association of Area Medical Officers of Health

Association of British Ophthalmologists (founded 1937)

Association of County Medical Officers of Health and the County Medical Officers Group of the Society of Medical Officers of Health

Association of District Community Physicians

Association of Health and Residential Care Officers

Astruc, Jean (1684-1766)

Aubanel, Honoré (1810-1863) and Thore, Ange Maire (d 1856)

Bacon Frank: Manuscript Collection, and associated material

Bacstrom, Sigismund

BACUP (British Association of Cancer United Patients and their Family and Friends) (founded 1985)

Baker, Thomas (1710-1770)

Balfour, John Hutton (1808-1884)

Balfour, Sir Andrew (1873-1931)

Balint General Practice Seminars

Ballingall, Sir George (1780-1855)


Banks, Sir Joseph (1743-1820)

Barailon, Jean François (1743-1816)

Barber-Surgeons' Company: material collected by Sir D'Arcy Power (1855-1941)

Barbeyrac, Charles (1629-1699), physician, Montpellier

Barclay-Smith, Edward (1861-1945)

Barlow, Sir Thomas (1845-1945)

Baron, J Hugh (b 1931)

Barrett, Francis

Barrowman, Barclay (1896-1978)

Bartlett and Goodall

Barton, Alfred Bowyer (1825-1905)

Bashford, J.E.L. (fl 1907-1918)

Bateman, Thomas (1778-1821)

Bates, John A.V. (1918-1993) and the 'Ratio Club'

Bath: Casualty Hospital

Batten, Elizabeth (1884-1984)

Batt Family, Surgeon Apothecaries

Baud, Jean Marie (1776-1852)

Bayliss, Sir William Maddock (1860-1924)

Beit Memorial Fellowships for Medical Research Trust

Beke, Charles Tilstone (1800-1874)

Berhard, H (fl 1928-1930)

Berlin: Königliche Akademie der Wissenschaften

Berry, Charles (Claud) Ernest

Berry, Sir Colin Leonard (b 1937)

Bertheim, Alfred (1879-1914)

Berthelot, Pierre Eugène Marcelin (1827-1907)

Bichat, Marie Francois Xavier (1771-1802)

Bickerton, Thomas Herbert (1858-1933)

Bidault de Villiers, F. T. (1775-1824)

Biot, Jean-Baptiste (1774-1862)

Birmingham Provident Dispensary (Hockley Branch)

Birth Control Campaign


Bisset, Charles (1717-1791)

Blacker, Carlos Paton, (1895-1975)

Black, Joseph (1728-1799)

Blacklay, Francis (b 1919)

Blacklock, Professor Donald Breadalbane (1879-1955): malaria in West Africa

Black, Sir Douglas (Andrew Kilgour)

Blagden, Sir Charles (1748-1820)

Blanchard, Raphaël Anatole Émile (1887-1919)

Bülbring, Edith, (1903-1990)

Blood Transfusion Donor Records

Blood Transfusion Service

Boddy, Evan Marlett (d 1934)

Bodin, Jean (1530-1596)

Boerhaave, Hermann (1668-1738)

Boivin, Marie Anne Victoire Gillain (1776-1841)

Bolton, J H Percival

Bonatti, Guido ( -1296): translations of astrological works

Bonnet, Charles (fl 1854)

Bonnet, Hyacinthe (fl 1795)

Borer, Mary Irene Cathcart (b 1906 )

Boscawen, William St. Chad (1854-1913)

Bourne Abortion Case

Bowlby, Sir Anthony Alfred (1855-1929)

Bracey, Herbert Richard (c 1849-1901),

Brain Research Association (founded 1968)

Brande, William Thomas (1788-1866)

Brücke, Ernst Wilhelm von (1819-1892)

Bristol ethnic minorities health investigation

British Army Surgeons

British Association of Holistic Health

British Association of Occupational Therapists

British Health Care Arts Centre

British Institute of Musculoskeletal Medicine

British Insulin Manufacturers

British Medical Association

British Medical Association Manuscripts

British Microcirculation Society

British Migraine Association / Migraine Trust

British Osteopathic Association

British Pharmaceutical Codex

British Pharmacological Society

British Phrenological Society

British Social Hygiene Council

British Society for the Study of Orthodontics

British Society of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (BSAC)

British Society of Gastroenterology

British Society of Immunology

Brocklehurst, James (fl 1835-1845)

Broeckx, Corneille (1807-1869)

Broglie, Louis Victor de, Prince (1892-1987)

Broman, Allan (1861-1947)

Browne, Stanley George (1907-1986)

Brown, John (1735-1788)

Brown, William Lauzun (d 1919)

Bruce-Chwatt, Professor Leonard Jan

Bruin, Cornelis de (1652-1719)

Brunelli, Modesto

Brunton, Sir Thomas Lauder (1844-1916)

Buchan, William (1729-1805)

Buckle, Fleetwood (1841-1917)

Bucquet, Jean Baptiste (1746-1780)

Bufalini, Maurizio (1787-1875)

Burkitt, Denis Parsons (1911-1993)

Burkitt, Frederick Thomas (1891-1961)

Burn, (Joshua) Harold

Burroughs Wellcome Ltd.: historical material

Buxton, Dudley Wilmot (1855-1931)

Buzzard, Thomas (1831-1919)

Cadena y Sotomayor, Melchior Antonio de la (1539-1607)

Cade, Sir Stanford, (1895-1973)

Camberwell Council on Alcoholism

Camberwell House Asylum

Cancer Research Campaign formerly British Empire Cancer Campaign (founded 1923)

Candy, Hugh Charles Herbert (1850-1935)

Cantlie, Sir James (1851-1926)

Canziani, Giuseppe (1815-1849)

Carbajal, Antonio J. (1847-1914)

Carboni, Pietro

Carlisle, Nicholas (1771-1847), antiquary

Carr Family

Carter, Henry Vandyke (1831-1897), Deputy Surgeon-General, Indian Medical Service

Castaldus, Joachimus

Cavanagh, John Barr (b 1921)

Cave, Sir Richard (1912-1988)

Cecchini, Mario

Celestinus, Terentius

Certificates and Tickets: English, 19th century

Chain, Sir Ernst Boris (1906-1979)

Chalke, Herbert Davies (1897-1979)

Chambers, Mary Grace

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

Charterhouse Rheumatism Clinic

Chaussegros, Vital (1769- )

Chave, Sidney (1914-1985)

Chemistry and Pharmacy

Chevreul, Michel Eugène (1786-1889), chemist

Chibnall, Albert Charles (1894-1988)

Chick, Dame Harriette (1875-1977)

Child Accident Prevention Trust (founded 1979)

'Child Health and the Environment'

Chirac, Pierre (1650-1732)

Chiti, Giovanni and Bartolomei, Bartolomeo

Cholera Research Laboratory, Dacca

Chomel, Noël (1632-1712)

Chomel, Pierre Jean Baptiste (1671-1740)

Christophers, Sir (Samuel) Rickard, CIE, OBE, FRS (1873-1978)

Cirillus (or Cyrillus), Josephus

Cirillus (or Cyrillus), Nicolaus (1671-1734)

Clah, Arthur Wellington (1831-1916)

Clark, Frederick Le Gros (1892-1977)

Clay, Charles (1801-1893)

Cleave, 'Peter' (1906-1983)

Clermont-Tonnerre, Aimé Marie Gaspard de (1779-1865)

Clewett, Pamela Mary

Cline, Henry (1750-1827)

Cline, Henry (1750-1827) (and others)

Cline, Henry (1750-1827), surgeon

Clover, Joseph Thomas (1825-1882)

Cohade, Paul (fl.1668-1669)

Colebrook, Leonard (1883-1967)

Colles Family receipt books

Collier, Professor Leslie Harold (b.1921)

Colliette de Froqueville

Commentary on Boerhaave's Aphorisms

Common-Place Books, 17th century

Common-Place Books, 18th cent.

Common-Place Books, 19th cent.

Compilation de divers morceaux de physique

Comrie, John Dixon (1875-1939)

Cooke, Arthur

Cooke, Diana Blanche Bellenden

Cook, Sir Albert Ruskin (1870-1951) and Cook, Lady Katharine (1863-1938)

Cooper McDougall and Robertson Ltd

Cooper, Sir Astley Paston (1768-1841) and Travers, Benjamin (1783-1858)

Cope, Sir (Vincent) Zachary (1881-1974 )

Coppieters, Carel

Corbyn and Co., chemists and druggists, London

Coroller, Jacques Robert Corentin

Cowell, Major-General Sir Ernest Marshall (1886-1971)

Coyney, William (fl 1746-1780)

Craddock, Stuart (1903-1972)

Craigie, James (1899-1978)

Crawshay, Lionel Henry de Barri (1882-1928)

Crisp, Edwards (c. 1806-1882), MD

Croadsell, H C

Crompton, Private Richard Ernest (b.1874)

Crooks, Henry Edward (b.1918)

Crosse, John Green (1790-1850)

Cullen, William (1710-1790)

Cullen, William: Lectures on Chemistry

Cullen, William: Lectures on the Practice of Medicine

Curet, Louis

Curie, Marie (1867-1934), and Curie, Pierre (1859-1906)

Cushny, Professor Arthur Robertson (1866-1926)

Cuthbert, Charles Firmin (1858-1939)

Cuvier, Georges Léopold Chrétien Frédéric Dagobert de (1769-1832)

Cyriax, Edgar Ferdinand (1874-1955)

Dale, Sir Henry Hallett (1875-1968)

Daley, Sir (William) Allen (1887-1969)

Dally, Ann Gwendolen, and Dally, Peter John

Dalrymple-Champneys, Sir Weldon (1892-1980)

Daly, Ivan de Burgh (1893-1974)

Daniel, George

Daniel, Peter Maxwell (1910-1998)

Darmstaedter, Ernst (1877-1938)

Davey, John Bernard (1875-1967)

David Morris: Balint Paediatric Seminars

Davies, Arthur (1858-1929)

Davies, John Wynford

Davy, John (1790-1868), Army surgeon: travel journals

Decle, Lionel (fl. 1893-1906)

de Gorter, John: Commentaries

Denker, Alfred Friedrich Amandus (b 1863)

Dent, Charles Enrique (1911-1976)

Desault, Pierre Joseph (1744-1795)

Desgenettes, Rene Nicolas Dufriche (1762-1837), Baron Desgenettes

Desperiers, Jacques

Dick-Read, Grantly

Dickson, John Wanless (1920-2001)

Digby, Sir Kenelm (1603-1665)

Dionis, Pierre (1645-1718)

Dixon, John (1832-1930)

Dixon, Walter Ernest, and Myers, (George) Norman

Dobbie, David Noble (d ? 1987)

Dobell, Clifford (1886-1949), FRS, protozoologist and parasitologist

'Doctors and Nurses: Allies or Adversaries'

Doctors and Overpopulation Group

'Doctors and the Development of Hospital Computer Systems: A Case Study' (1982-1985)

Dolben Family

Doll, Sir Richard (1912-2005)

Donovan, Charles (1863-1951)

Donovan, Charles and Skelland, Amy Anna Caroline

Dorothy Silberston, and the National Schizophrenia Fellowship

Drabble, Mary Louisa

Dressel, Dr, and 'Bayer 205'

Dr Joshua Webster's English Diet Drink

Dulake, Lawrence (1901-1987)

Duncan, Andrew (1744-1828)

Dundas, Henry, (1742-1811), 1st Viscount Melville

Dutton, Joseph Everett (1874-1905), and Todd, John Lancelot (1876-1949)

Déveille, Claude François (1770- )

East African Tsetse and Trypanosomiasis Research and Reclamation Organisation

Ebers Papyrus

ECHS - European Collaborative Hospitals/Health Service Study

Ehrlich, Paul (1854-1915)

Eileen Palmer: collection of material on birth control, including papers of Edith How-Martyn and Olive Johnson

Elliott, Professor Thomas Renton, (1877-1961)

Ellis, Henry William Thomas (b 1810)

Ellis, Ieuan (d 1954)

Emrys-Roberts, Hugh Mervyn (b 1915)

Entomology: Great Britain

Epstein, Hans Georg (1909-2002)

Ernst, Baron Von Feuchtersleben (1806-1849)

Essay on the motions of the iris, and the power of adapting the eye to objects at different distances, 1828

Eugenics Society (founded 1907)

Evans, John: prescription books, 18th century

Evans, Philip Rainsford (1910-1990), and Barbara (nee Hay-Cooper) (1909-1995)

Evans, Sir Charles Arthur Lovatt (1884-1968)

Fairfield, (Josephine) Letitia Denny

Falkener, Lyon (1867-1947)

Fallers' Pharmacy

Family Planning Association

Faraday, Michael (1791-1867)

Felici, Antonio (1709-1784) (and others)

Fell, Dame Honor Bridget (1900-1986)

Fellows, Sir Charles (1799-1860)

Fennings Pharmaceuticals

Findlay, George William Marshall (1893-1952)

Fizes, Antoine (1690-1765)

Flemyng, Malcolm: Course of Physiology

Fletcher, Charles Montague (1911-1995)

Fletcher, Sir Walter Morley (1873-1933)

Foerchtl, Josef

Folkes, Martin (1690-1754)

Forbes, Alexander Kinloch (1821-1865)

Fordham, Michael (1905-1995)

Fordyce, George (1736-1802)

Foulkes, Siegmund Heinrich (1898-1976) and Elizabeth Therese Fanny (née Marx) (1918-2004)

Fouquier, Pierre Eloy (1776-1850)

Fournier, Nicolas ( d 1782)

Foy, Henry (1900-1991), and Kondi, Athena (d.1994), Haematologists and nutrition researchers

Franklin, Alfred White (1905-1984)

Fraser-Harris, David Fraser (1867-1937)

French, John Edward (1919-1970)

French Naturalists: correspondence, 1816-1846

Freudenberg, Rudolph Karl and Freudenberg, Gerda (née Vorster)

Freyburger, Ludwig (d 1934)

Friedel, Charles (1832-1899)

Fulham Road Pharmacy, Chelsea

Fulton, Forrest (1913-1971)

Gaddum, Sir John (1900-1965)

Galilei, Galileo (1564-1642)

Gallop, John Winston (b 1910)

Galtier, C. P.

Gardiner, Frederick (1874-1933)

Garnham, Professor Percy Cyril Claude

Garrood, Dr Jesse Robert (1874-1959)

Gaubius, Hieronymus David (1705-1780)

Gayfere, The Revd Thomas (c 1806-1851)

Gelder, William (fl 1832-1837)

General Apothecaries Co. Ltd, wholesale and manufacturing chemists and druggists, London

General Optical Council

Geoffroy, Estienne Louis (1725-1810)

George Grey Turner Autograph Collection

Georgievsky, Catherine (1898-1944)

G., G. (and others)

Giberti, Jean Julien (1671-1754)

Gilpin, Archibald (1906-1959)

Gilson, John Cary (1912-1989)

Gittins, Dr Diana: Severalls Hospital, Essex

Glucksmann, Alfred (1904-1985)

Glyn, Dr John (b. 1921): rheumatology and cortisone treatment

Godber, Sir George (b 1908)

Godfrey-Faussett Family: recipe books

Godlee, Sir Rickman John (1847-1925)

Goldburg, Carl von and Brauczek, Wilhelm Anton

Gollancz, Sir Hermann (1852-1930)

Goodwin, Professor Leonard (b 1915)

Gordon, Charles George (1833-1885)

Gough, Brian (1909-1999)

Graham, Thomas (1805-1869)

Graham, Thomas (1818-1850), naval surgeon

Grant, Peter Dundas (b1924): reminiscences of work in Tanganyika

Grant, Ronald Thompson (1892-1989)

Gray, John Temperley (1835-1892)

Grays (Essex) General Practice

Greenberg, H P: material on Richard Hunter FRCP (1923-1891) and Ida Macalpine FRCP (1899-1974)

Gregory, James (1753-1821)

Gregory, John (1724-1773)

Greig, David / Somerset General Practice

Grey Turner, Elston (1916-1984)

Griffith, Edward Fyfe (1895-1988)

Grillot de Givry, Émile Angelo

Grüneberg, Hans, (1907-1982)

Grocer/Druggist's Ledgers and 'Wants Book'

Group Analytic Society

Gull, Sir William Withey (1816-1890)

Guttenberger, Eberhard ( -1518)

Guttmann, Sir Ludwig (1899-1980)

Guy's Hospital Bacteriological Department: copy reports

Haddow, Professor Sir Alexander (1907-1976)

Haggis, Alec William James (1889-1946)

Haighton, John (1755-1823)

Hale, Dr Geoffrey (b 1905)

Hall, Charles (d 1805)

Halliburton, William Dobinson (1860-1931)

Hallifax, Robert (1735-1810)

Hall-Tomkin, Dr Harry

Hall, Vernon Frederick

Hambleton, Godfrey William (1852-1929)

Hamerton, Lt-Col Albert Ernest (1873-1959)

Hamilton, David James (1849-1909)

Hamilton, Lillias Anna (1858-1925)

Hanbury, Daniel (1825-1875)

Handley, William Sampson (1872-1962)

Hansler, Sir John Jacob (1788-1867)

Hardy, Richard Henry (1921-1999)

Hare, Ronald (1899-1986)

Harkness, Professor Robert Douglas (b 1917)

Harland Family

Harley, George (1829-1896)

Harriott Cuff White Autograph Collection

Harris, Noel Gordon (1897-1963)

Harris, Professor Henry Albert (1885-1968)

Harrods Pharmacy Department Prescription Registers

Harte, Dr John Dudley (b 1916)

Hartridge, Professor Hamilton (1886-1976)

Haydock Health Centre

Hay, Matthew (1855-1932)

Head, Erasmus (b 1711 )

Head, Sir Henry (1861-1940)

Health Visitors' Association

Heatley, Norman George (b 1911)

Herschel family, astronomers

Hetherington, Robert J

Hewitt, Dr Harold Burnett (b. 1915)

Hickman, Henry Hill M.R.C.S. (1800-1830), pioneer of anaesthesia

Hill, Alfred Bostock (1854-1932)

Hill, Professor Archibald Vivian (1886-1977)

Hill, Thomas Rowland (1903-1967)

Hillyard, Henry: Papers re Malvern Water Pollution Cases, 1906-1910

History of the Central Council for Health Education

Hockley, Frederick (1808-1885)

Hodgkin family

Hodgkin, John (1857-1930)

Hodgkin, Keith, (1918-1999)

Hodgkin, Thomas (1798-1866)

Hoffert, Hermann Henry (1860-1920)

Hoffman, William (1868-1941), traveller in Africa

Hoin-Belleisle, Jean Jacques Louis (1722-1772)

Holden, Henry (1662-1710)

Hollandus, Johann Isaac

Holloway Sanatorium Hospital for the Insane, Virginia Water, Surrey

Holmes, Edward Morell (1843-1940)

Holmleigh Auxiliary Military Hospital

Hong Kong College of Medicine for Chinese

Hood, Basil (1876-1978)

Hooper, David (1858-1947)

Hooper, Robert (1775-1835)

Hope, John (1725-1786)

Horder, Thomas Jeeves, Lord Horder of Ashford (1871-1955)

Horfield Health Centre

Horne, John (fl 1859-1911)

Horsley, Sir Victor Alexander Haden (1857-1916)

Hospital Infection Society

Hull, Robert (1795-1856)

Humphreys, Thomas Brigstocke (fl 1859)

Hunter, Donald (1898-1977)

Hunterian Society of London

Hunter, William (1718-1783) and Cruikshank, William Cumberland (1745-1800), anatomists

Hunt, Rosa Louise

Hunt, Thomas Cecil, (1901-1980)

Hurry, Jamieson Boyd (1857-1930)

Hutchinson, James Randal (c 1880-1955) and Bradley, William Henry (1898-1975)

Hutchison, David (1920-2001)

Dictionnaire des antiquités grecques et romains ..., Charles V. Daremberg: extracts

Imperial Pharmacy, South Croydon

Insanity, France, 19th Century

Insley, Nellie (fl 1915)

Insulin Controversy

Interferon Collection

International Academy of the History of Medicine

International Physiological Congresses 1889-1939

Interviews with elderly GPs by Dr Stefan Cembrowicz

'In the Club' TV series

Italian Health Passes

They made history: BBC dramas

Jadioux, Alphonse (c 1785-1864)

Jenner family and associated individuals

Jermyn, Emily Harriott (1793-1824)

Johnson, Henry Charles (1808-1868)

Johnston-Saint, Peter Johnston (1886- )

Jolly, Hugh (1918-1986)

Jones, Robert (1807-1843)

Jones, Sir Francis Avery

Jung, Carl: 'Fundamental Psychological Conceptions'

Jungian Umbrella Group

Jurin, James (1684-1750), physician and Secretary of the Royal Society

Keen, William Williams (1837-1932)

Keess, Ivy ([1885-1953])

Kekwick, Ralph Ambrose F.R.S. (b.1908)

Keller, Tina (1887-1986)

Kellgren, [Jonas] Henrik (1837-1916)

Kemp, Phyllis (fl 1929)

Kennaway, Sir Ernest (1881-1958)

Kenyon, Lloyd (1805-1869), 3rd Lord Kenyon

KGK Syndicate Ltd

King, John Bishop M.D. (St. Andrews) M.R.C.S. (b 1831), medical practitioner at Penang, and his wife King, Joanna (née Smith) (b.1847)

Kingston-upon-Hull Corporation

Kitchener, Horatio Herbert (1850-1916), 1st Earl Kitchener

Knapp, Surgeon-Captain Montague Henry (1867-1952)

Knocker (later Love), Mary Ethel Corry (1883-1970)

Kodicek, Egon (1908-1982)

Kraemer, Wilhelm Guenter Paul (1911-1983)

Krafft-Ebing, Richard Freiherr von, (1840-1902)

Lakeside Health Centre

'Lamaze Method'

Lane, Sir William Arbuthnot (1856-1948)

Lardner, Dionysius (1793-1859)

Larrey, Dominique Jean (1766-1842), Baron Larrey; Surgeon-in-chief of the Napoleonic army

Latham, Peter Mere (1789-1875)

Laufenberg, Heinrich von (1391-1460)

Layard, Arthur (fl 1900)

Lazerme, Jacques (1676-1756)

Leedham-Green, John Charles, 1902-1984

Lee, Henry (1826-1888)

Lee, Robert (1793-1877), FRS, obstetric physician, and Lee, Robert James (1841-1924), physician

León, Nicolás (1859-1929)

Lepecq de la Cloture, Louis (1736-1804)

Letchner, Dr Alfons (1899-1983)

Lettsom, John Coakley (1744-1815)

Lewis And Burrows Drug Stores Ltd

Lewis, Sir Thomas (1881-1945)

Lewis, Sir Thomas (1881-1945) and Gaddum, Sir John (1900-1965)

Lillie, Denis Gascoigne (1888-1963)

Lillie, John (1806-1866)

Lind-af-Hageby Libel Case

Lisfranc, Jacques (1790-1847)

Lisle (or Delisle), Anne

Lister Institute of Preventive Medicine

Lister, Joseph, 1st Baron (1827-1912), and the Lister family

Lister, Joseph Jackson (1786-1869)

Liston, Robert (1794-1847)

Littlewood, Capt. Martin Wentworth (fl.1917-1919): war diary

Loci communes medici

Lockwood, Lady Julia (1800-1891)

Locock, Sir Charles (1799-1875), obstetric physician, physician accoucheur to Queen Victoria

London chemist: prescription-books

London Committee of Licensed Teachers of Anatomy

Lorinser, Friedrich Wilhelm (1817-1895)

Loveland, Dr Forrest: journal

Lovett-Campbell, Alexander Cosby (1899-1985)

Lowder, William (d 1801)

Lowenfeld, Margaret, (1890-1973)

Macartney, George, 1st Earl Macartney (1737-1806)

Macculloch, William Mansell (1849-1924)

Macdonald, Professor George

Macfarlane, Robert Gwyn

MacKeith, Ronald (1908-1977)

Mackenzie, Sir James (1853-1925)

Mackenzie, Sir Morell (1837-1892), physician and laryngologist

Mackintosh, John Stewart (1870-1939)

MacNalty, Sir Arthur Salusbury (1880-1969)

Maillot, Eugene (1841-1889)

Malaria Prevention, India, 1912

Malleson, Joan

Malpighi, Marcello (1628-1694)

Manktelow, W J (b 1918)

Mann, Thaddeus Robert Rudolph (1908-1993)

Manor House Asylum

Manson-Bahr, Sir Philip, (1881-1966)

Manson, Sir Patrick (1844-1922)

Manuel médicale

Manufacturing Apothecary or Chemist

Marchesini, Fidele

Marjolin, Jean Nicholas (1780-1850) and his son , (Nicholas) René Marjolin (1812-1895): surgeons and morbid anatomists

Markham, Sir Clements Robert (1830-1916)

Marmi, Josephus H

Marsh, George (1723- ), Commissioner of the Navy, Director of Greenwich Hospital

Martin, Christopher (1866-1933)

Martindale and Co, Dispensing chemists

Martindale, Louisa (1872-1966)

Martindale, William (1840-1902), pharmaceutical chemist, London

Martin, Dr. Thomas (d 1851)

Martin, James, veterinary medicine student, Royal Veterinary College, London

Martin, Sir Charles James (1866-1955)

Matthey, Edward (1836-1918)

McCance, Robert Alexander (1898-1993), and Widdowson, Elsie May (1908-2000)

McCarrison, Sir Robert (1878-1960)

McConnell, Robert Ernest (1877-c1929)

McCormick, Robert (1800-1890)

McDonald, Donald Percy (1886-1959)

McGrath, Surgeon Lt-Cmdr John Stephen

Mcgregor, Professor Sir Ian (b 1922)

McGrigor, Sir James (1771-1858)

McIlwain, Henry (1912-1992)

McLeod, Professor James Walter

McMenemey, William Henry, (1905-1977)

McWilliam, James Ormiston (1808-1862)

Medawar, Sir Peter Brian (1915-1987)

Medical Eye Centre Association (formerly the National Ophthalmic Treatment Board Association)

Medical Journalists' Association

Medical Officer of Health, Bootle, Lancashire

Medical Pilgrims

Medical Recording Service Foundation and Graves Medical Audiovisual Library

Medical Research Club

Medical Research Council Blood Group Unit (1935-1995)

Medical Research Council Medical Cyclotron Unit

Medical Society of London

Medical Womens' Federation

Medici Family

Medico-Botanical Society of London

Megaw, Sir John Wallace Dick (1874-1958)

Mellanby, Sir Edward

Memories of Health Care before the National Health Service

Mental After Care Association

Meryon, Charles Lewis (1783-1877)

Mexico: botanical survey of Sonora province

Mexico: Hospital de San Andrés

Mexico: Junta de Sanidad

Mexico: Junta Principal de Caridad

Mexico: Recipe book for diseases

Micheli, Pier Antonio (1679-1737)

Miller, Florence Fenwick (1854-1935): autobiography 'An Uncommon Girlhood'

Milne-Redhead, Dr Humphrey

Milner, John (1687-1724)

Miriam Bagshaw's [nursing] lecture notes and midwife's register

Model, Dr Alfred (1906-1979)

Moir, Professor John Chassar

Moliterni, Pietro

Monckton, Edward Henry Cradock (1812-1878)

Mondini, Francesco

Moodie, Roy Lee (1880-1934)

Moore, Richard Maurice Armstrong (fl 1960s-1990s)

Morison, Professor John Miller Woodburn, (1865-1951)

Morrison and Hobson Families

Morrison, Brenda

Morson, Thomas Newborn Robert (1800-1874); Thomas Morson and Son Ltd

Mourant, Arthur Ernest (1904-1994)

Mulligan, Hugh Waddell (1901-1982)

Multiple Sclerosis Society of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Murchison, Charles (1830-1879)

Murgatroyd, Professor Frederick (1902-1951)

Murie, James (1832-1925)

Murrell, Dr Christine Mary (1874-1933)

Napsbury Mental Hospital, St Albans

Nasmyth, Dorothea Clara

National Association for the Prevention of Consumption and other forms of Tuberculosis, successor and associated bodies

National Birthday Trust Fund

National Society for the Prevention of Venereal Disease

Nation's Fund for Nurses

Natoff, Ian (b 1933)

Navy Victualling Board

Nelson, Alastair Morrison (1924-1993)

Nelson, Vice Admiral Horatio, 1st Viscount Nelson (1758-1805)

Neonatal Society

Neuburger, Max (1868-1955)

Newhall, Dorothy Minnie (1884-1975)

Newman, Sir George (1870-1948), pioneer of public and child health care

New Spain: official documentation

New Spain: Real Expedición Botánica

New Spain: witchcraft, early 19th century

Nicholson, Max (1904-2003)

Nicholson, Thomas Tanner, Ltd, Dispensing Chemists

Nicoll, T Vere (1856-[1922])

Nightingale, Florence (1820-1910)

Noguchi, Dr Hideo (1876-1928)

Nora Hains: Midwifery register

Notes on astronomy 1888-1903

Nursing Certificates

Nursing lecture notebooks of Hedwig Lehmann (1919-2002)

O'Connor, William John (1899-1976)

Oertel, Horst, (1873-1956)

O'Farrell, Thomas (1843-1917)

Ogston, Sir Alexander (1844-1929)

O'Neill, John (1837-1895)

Oral History of General Practice, 1935-1952

Oral History of Workhouse Management

Page, John Allison (1908-1989)

Pagel, Walter (1898-1983)

Paget, Dame Rosalind (1855-1948)

Paget, Sir James (1814-1899)

Papa, Antonio (fl 1728-1731)

Pappworth, Maurice, (1910-1994)

Paracelsus (Bombastus ab Hohenheim) Aureolis Phillippus Theophrastus (1493-1541)

Pariset, Étienne (1770-1847)

Parisiensis, Christophorus

Parkes, Sir Alan Sterling (1900-1990)

Parkes Weber, Frederick (1863-1962)

Parsons, Allan Chilcott

Parsons, Professor Thomas Richard, 1892-1961

Pasteur, Louis (1822-1895), chemist

Paternoster Versus Finch and Eight Others

Paton, Sir William Drummond Macdonald (1917-1993)

Patterson, James (fl 1858-1859), teacher of deaf and dumb, Manchester

Pattinson, Hugh Lee (1794-1858)

Paulus, Philippus

Pearce, Dr John Dalziel Wyndham

Perceval, Robert (1756-1839)

Pereira, Jonathan (1804-1853)

Personal papers of Henry Solomon Wellcome (1853-1936)

Peskett, Geoffrey Louis (fl 1906-1922)

Peters, Rudolph Albert (1889-1982): British Anti-Lewisite (BAL) and treatment of post-arsphenamine jaundice

Petherick, John (1813-1882)

Petit, Antoine (1718-1794)

Petrone, Caietano (fl 1765-1777)

Pettigrew, Thomas Joseph (1791-1865)

Pharmacists' Records

Philippus de Thame (fl 1330-1358)

Philps, (Frank) Richard, (1914-1995)

Photographs (Wellcome-related, 1913-1985)

Phrenological Chart of Character, by Stackpool E O'Dell, 1916

Physician's Register

Physiological Society: additional deposited papers

Physiological Society (founded 1876)

Pickering, Percival Spencer Umfreville (1858-1920)

Pickering, Sir George White

Piers, Henry (1818-1901)

Pilot Mobile Health Team Ethiopia (WHO), 1956-1957

Ping, Lilian Gertrude (1871- )

Pioneer Health Centre Peckham, with papers of George Scott Williamson (1884-1953) and Innes Hope Pearse (1889-1978)

Pisciottanius, Paschal (and others)


Plesch, Professor Janos (John) (1878-1858)

Pochin, Sir Edward Eric, (1909-1990)

Poisson, Albert (1868-1894)

Polar Exploration: Townsend Thorndike Collection

Politics Of Health Group

Pool, William Arthur (1889-1969)

Porter, Surgeon-Major J. H. (1831-1880)

Power, Sir D'Arcy (1855-1941)

Prausnitz-Giles, Carl, 1876-1963

Praxis medica

Pre-NHS Prescriptions: various

Prew, James (d 1846), surgeon dentist, of Bristol and Bath

Principes fondamentaux et réflections (sur l'Alchimie)

Pringle, Ernest George, (1878-c.1974)

Prout Club

Prout, William (1785-1850)


Psychiatry in Nigeria

Psychiatry Interviews, 1988-989

P X: medical receipts

Quatroux, Isaac (fl 1671)

Queen's Nursing Institute

Quinn, Patrick (fl. 1918-1933)

Ramsay, Robert Anstruther, (1887-1975)

Rast, Dr Hugo

Rayne, Dr Montague (1924-1997)

Read, John, (1908-1993)

Recensus scriptorum celebriorum

Recipe Book Collection

Recupero, Carmelo

Reeve, Henry (1780-1814), MD

Research Board for the Correlation of Medical Science and Physical Education

Research Defence Society

Rethinking General Practice: Interviews

Ricci, Onufrio ( -1656)

Richter, Derek (1907-1995)

Rigg, Joshua (fl 1775)

Rimino, Bernardino Da

Robson, Professor John Michael

Roche, Eleazer Birch (1848-1930)


Rodati, Luigi (d 1832)

Rogers, Nathaniel (d.1881)

Rogers, Sir Leonard (1868-1962)

Rolleston family

Roots, Thomas (fl 1749-1756)

Ross, Donald Mars Morphett (1865-1921)

Rossi, Johannes Baptista de (fl 1760)

Ross-on-Wye Medical Practice: notebooks

Rouelle, Guillaume François (1703-1770)

Rougnon de Magny, Nicolas François (1727-1799)

Roux, Philibert Joseph (1780-1854)

Roxburgh, William (1751-1815)

Royal Army Medical Corps Muniments Collection

Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists: Royal Maternity Charity

Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh

Royal College of Surgeons Department of Pharmacology Orderbooks

Royal Commission on Medical Education 1966-1968

Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene

Royen, Adriaan van (1704-1779)

Rubertus, Michael Angelus

Ruffo, Giordano (d c 1256), De medicina equorum

Ruston, Ernest Thomas ( -1970)

R Woollatt and J Boyd, chemists, Taunton, Somerset

Sabine, Sir Edward (1788-1883)

Sagnac, Georges Marc Marie (1869-1928)

Saint-Hilaire, Isidore Geoffroy (1805-1861)

Sambon, Louis Westenra (1865-1931)

Sancto Alexandro, Petrus Joannes Jacobus à

Sancto Luca, Ludovicus à

Sandler, Bernard (1907-1997)

Sargant, William Walters (1907-1988)

Saunders-Jacobs, Emily Virginia (1900-1992)

Saunders, William (1743-1817)

Save a Life Campaign

Savory and Moore, dispensing chemists

Savoy Hospital, London

Scadding, Professor John Guyett

Scarburgh, Sir Charles (1616-1694) (and others)

Scattergood, Thomas (1825-1900)

Scharlieb, Dame Mary (1845-1930) and her son Herbert J Scharlieb (later Shirley) (1868-1943)

Scheuer, Victor (fl.1874-1908), Belgian physician: Autograph Collection and Personal Papers

Schneller, Joseph von (1811-1885)

Schupbach, Jaques Frédéric Alexandre (1906-1989)

Scott, Marcus Maurice, (1900-1978)

Scott, Sir Ronald Bodley (1906-1982)

Sédillot, Joseph (1738-1825), Sédillot, Jean (1757-1840) and Sédillot, Charles Emmanuel (1804-1883)

Seeger, Johann David

Sekulich, Milosh (1900-1986)


Sewell, Charles Brodie (1817-1900)

Shannon, Gertrude Mary Ethel: midwifery records

Sharpey-Schafer, Sir Edward Albert (1850-1935)

Sharpey, William (1802-1880)

Shillitoe, Buxton (1826-1916)

Shute, Percy George (1894-1977)

Shuttleworth, George Edward (1842-1928)

Sigerist Society

Silk, John Frederick William (1858-1943)

Silvester Family Papers

Simons, John Antoine (1900-1971)

Simpson, Janet: 'Having an Abortion: clients satisfaction with an out-patient day-care service'

Simpson, Sir William John Ritchie (1855-1931)

Singer, Charles Joseph (1876-1960), and Singer, Dorothea Waley (1882-1964)

Sinibaldus, Jacobus (1630-1718)

Sisco, Giuseppe (1748-1830)

Skinner, John (1772-1839)

Skirving, Archibald Adam Scott (1869-1930)

Smith, Robert William Innes (1872-1933)

Society for Social Medicine

Society for the Study of Addiction to Alcohol and other Drugs

Society of Apothecaries

Society of Medical Officers of Health

Society of Noviomagians

Spahlinger, Henri (1882-1965): Tuberculosis Treatment

Spear, Frederick Gordon, (1895-1980)

Spech, Johann

Sphagnum Moss In Surgery: scrapbook

Spirillum Fever in Swaziland

SS Parthia Surgeon's Memorandum Book

Stafford-Clark, Dr David (1916-1999)

St. Albans Medical Club

Stanhope, Philip, 1st Earl of Chesterfield (1584-1656)

Stanton, Sir Ambrose Thomas (1875-1938)

St Bartholomew's Hospital, London

Stearns, William (fl 1781-1829)

Steedman, James

Stewart, Captain Archibald Mathison (1917-1985) RAMC

Stewart, Sir Thomas Grainger (1837-1900)

Stokes, Adrian Durham (1902-1972)

Storrs, Robert (1801-1847)

Stout, Robert James (b 1917)

Strangeways Research Laboratory

Stratton, Fred (1913-2001)

'Stuffing their Mouths with Gold'

Stumbles, Henry Martyn (d 1916)

Sydenham Medical Club

Symonds, Sir Charles Putnam (1890-1978)

Taylor, Bernard (b 1926)

Taylor, Peter

T Burden & Co., dispensing chemists, London

T., C.

Termanini, Gaetano, 1771-1831

Testa, Giuseppe Antonio (1756-1814)

'The Enigma of Sex' by 'Geoffrey York' [pseud.]

'The Expanding Field of Mental Health in England and Wales', 50 years of progress, 1918-1968

"The Newe Metamorphosis, or a Feast of Fancie, or Poeticall Legendes", by J.M

The Widow Welch's Pills

The 1942 Club

Thoüin Family, botanists, France

Thomas, E J: Notes on nursing lectures

Thomas Hodgkin (1798-1866) and Hodgkin and Howard Families

Thompson, Charles John Samuel (1862-1943)

Thompson, Professor Robert Henry Stewart

Thompson, R. Lowe

Thomson, David: 'Photographic researches on the bacteriology of the respiratory tract'

Ticehurst House Hospital

Tommasini, Giacomo Antonio Domenico (1768-1846)

Torrens, Robert George (1903-1981)

Tournefort, Joseph Pitton de (1656-1708); Chirac, Pierre (1650-1732); and others

Tozzi, Luca (1638-1717)

Trail, Richard Robertson (1894-1971)

Travelling Surgical Society

Trismosin, Salomon

Trowell, The Rev Dr Hubert Carey (Hugh)

Tubby, Alfred Herbert (1862-1930)

Tudor Hart, Julian (b.1927)

Turner, Professor George Grey

Turner, Walter Pickett ( -1934)

Twort, Frederick William (1877-1950)

Tyburn Project: production of scrub typhus vaccine, Second World War

Tyler Dispensing Chemist

'Understanding Health Variations and Policy Variations'

Underwood, Edgar Ashworth (1899-1980)

University of Bristol Department of Physiology

University of London Audio-visual Centre

Urquhart, David (1805-1877) and Urquhart, Harriet Angelina (1825-1889)

Valleteau de Chabresy, T. R.

Van Heyningen, William Edward (1911-1989)

Vaughan, Dame Janet, (1899-1993)

Venel, Gabriel François (1723-1775)

Verdeil, François (1747-1832)

Verney, Ernest Basil, (1894-1967)

Verrier, Mons

Veterinary Miscellanea

Veterinary Miscellany

Veterinary Research Club, Wellcome Research Laboratories, Beckenham

Virtudes del Balsamo Peruano

Vitagliano, Niccolo

Viviani, Vincenzio (1622-1703)

Vogt, Carl (1817-1895)

Vogt, Marthe Louise (1903-2003)

Voluntary Euthanasia Society

von Rigal, Baron Franz

Waller, Wathen Ernest (d 1958) and his sister, Waller, Miss Dorothy (d 1986)

Wallich, George Charles (1815-1899)

Walter, Joseph (1910-1979)

Ward, John (c 1629-1681)

Ware, James (1756-1815)

Waring, Edward John (1819-1891)

Warner Collection: material relating to the physiologist William Prout (1785-1850)

Warren, Professor Michael Donald (b 1923)

Washington, George (1732-1799)

Wedel, Georg Wolfgang (1645-1721)

Wellcome Bureau of Scientific Research

Wellcome Chemical Research Laboratories

Wellcome Foundation Ltd

Wellcome Historical Medical Museum

Wellcome Historical Medical Museum Material: Card Index

Wellcome Museum of Medical Science

Wellcome Physiological Research Laboratories

Wellcome Tropical Research Laboratories

Wellcome Witness Seminars

Wellington General Practice Record Envelopes

Wenyon, Charles Morley (1878-1948)

Westminster Hospital Radiotherapy interview

Whiffen and Sons Ltd, manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals, London

White, Anne (and others)

White, Thomas Hedley (fl 1961-1994)

Whittingham, Sir Harold E. (1887-1983), Air Marshal

Whytt, Robert (1714-1766)

Wilcocks, Charles (1896-1977)

Willans, Sir Frederic Jeune (1884-1949)

Williams, Bernard Lewis (b 1910)

Williams, Cicely Delphine (1893-1992)

Williamson, Dr James Mann, (c 1849-1901), general practitioner at Ventnor, Isle of Wight

Wilson, [Anna] Justina [Augusta] (1863-1949)

Wilson, Charles McMoran, Lord Moran of Manton (1882-1977)

Wilson, Sir Graham Selby (1895-1987)

Witkowski, Gustave Jules Alphonse (1844-1923)

Wolff, Frederick William George (b 1920)

Wood, Constance Annie Poyser (1897-1985)

Wood, George Benington

Woodman, Norah Blanche (b 1885)

Woodside, Moya

World Organisation of Gastroenterology

Wright, Helena Rosa (1887-1982)

X-ray Radiograph and Medical Reports of a female patient

Young, Thomas ( 1730 -1783)