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ANDREWS, Herbert Kennedy (1904-1965)

ARMITAGE, Doris M (d 1974)

ARMSTRONG, Marianne Charlotte (1860-1924)

BATE, Stanley (1913-1959)

Bechstein, piano-makers, and Bechstein/Wigmore Hall

BEETHOVEN, Ludwig Van (1770-1827)

BELL, Doyne Courtenay (1830-1888)

BENNETT, J R Sterndale (fl 1890-1920)

BÖNTEN, Augusta (1858-1930)

BOULT, Sir Adrian Cedric (1889-1983)

CARRITT, Reginald Graham (d 1980)

CLIFFE, Frederic (1857-1931)

COLERIDGE-TAYLOR, Samuel (1875-1912)

COLLES, Henry Cope (1879-1943)


COWDEN CLARKE, Charles and Mary

CRUFT, Adrian Francis (1921-1987)

DANNREUTHER, Edward George (1844-1905)

DAVIES, Fanny (1861-1934)

DAVIES, Sir (Henry) Walford (1869-1941)

DENISON, John Law (b 1911)

DOLMETSCH, Rudolph Arnold (1906-1942)

DUNHILL, Thomas Frederick (1877-1946)

ENGEL, Carl (1818-1882)

FOSTER, Ivor L (fl 1898-1925)

GARDEN, Mary (1874-1967)

GIBBONS, Lucy Jane (b 1887)

GOODSON, Katharine (1872-1958)

GROVE, Sir George (1820-1900): Oldham letters

GROVE, Sir George: Mendelssohn, Spontini, Grove letters

HAIGH, Thomas (fl 1890s)

HAVERGAL, William Henry (1793-1870)

Haydn Clavichord

HILL, Rev Arthur du Boulay (c 1850-1937)

HOWELLS, Herbert Norman (1892-1983)

HOWES, Frank Stewart (1891-1974)

JOACHIM, Joseph (1831-1907)

Kirkman, harpsichord manufacturers

KITSON, Charles Herbert (1874-1944)

LAM, Basil (d 1984)

LAMBERT, Constant (1903-1951)

Landowska lecture notes

LASKER, Valley (b 1885)

LIND, Jenny (1820-1887)

LOFTHOUSE, Charles Thornton (1895-1974)

MACINTYRE, Margaret (1865-1943)

MANNS, Sir August (1825-1907)

MATTHEWS, Betty (1919-1997)

MEYERBEER, Giacomo (1791-1864)

MILNER, Anthony Francis Dominic (b 1925)

MOORE, Stephen S (c 1900-1982)

National Training School for Music

Palmer family

PARKER, Adelaide (? d 1980)

PARRY, Sir (Charles) Hubert (Hastings) (1848-1918)

POWELL, Dora Mary (1874-1964)

Érard, harp manufacturers

Royal College of Music: Building plans

Royal College of Music: Bursar

Royal College of Music: Council

Royal College of Music: Director

Royal College of Music: Finance Office

Royal College of Music: Junior Department

Royal College of Music: Registrar

Royal College of Music: Vice Director

Sacred Harmonic Society

SANTLEY, Sir Charles (1834-1922)

SCOTT, Marion Margaret (1877-1953)

SHAW, (Harold) Watkins (1911-1996)

SMITH, Muriel (fl 1915-1973)

Society of Women Musicians

STANFORD, Sir Charles Villiers (1852-1924)

STOCKER, Joan (fl 1933-1942)

TATTERSHALL, E Somerville (fl 1930s)

TATTON, Jack Meredith (1901-1970)

THORNTON, H F (fl 1900-1930)

THRING, Henry, 1st Baron Thring (1818-1907)

VIOTTI, Giovanni Battista (1755-1824)

Wessex Philharmonic Orchestra

WILSON, John Whitridge (1905-1992)