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Accounts of Unstreaming

ADAMS, Gene (fl 1953-2011)

Agreement between John Daniel Morell, John Miller Dow Meiklejohn and J D Meiklejohn to publish school books

ANDERSON, Mary Irene (b 1920)

Assistant Masters Association

BAINES, George and Judith (fl 1927-2012)

Basic English Foundation

BATHURST, Katherine (1862-c 1932)

BERNSTEIN, Bernard Basil (1924-2000)

BOYCE, John Stanley Beaumont (1911-1992)

British Comparative and International Education Society

British Families Education Service/Service Childrens Education Association

British National Conference on Social Work

BURDEN, Charles Henry (1869-1957)

BURDEN, Reverend Michael

Burnham Committee records

Cambridge Association for the Advancement of State Education

Child Development Society

CLARKE, Sir Fred (1880-1952)

College of Preceptors

Commemorative volume presented to Sir David Eccles on his visit to Lyneham County Primary School, Wiltshire, 1961

Committee of Inquiry into Reading and the Use of English

Comparative Education Society of Europe (CESE)

COOKE, Ebenezer (c 1837-1913)

CORNALL, Peter (b 1930)

CSU (Higher Education Careers Service Unit)

Development Education Association

DUANE, William Michael (1915-1997)

Educational Certificates

Education in Human Rights Network

Examination paper of John Curtis, Longfleet National School, 1862

Exercise book [of a student teacher], c1900

Exercise books of a student teacher, c1891

Exercise books of Lucy Irwin, 1882-1883

Forest School Camps records

FRANCIS, Brenda (fl 1930-1990)

FRY, Isabel (1869-1958)

FYSH, Amelia (c 1922 - ) (nee Bullen)

GARDNER, Dorothy Ellen Marion (1900-1972)

General Teaching Council (England and Wales) and the General Teaching Council (England and Wales) Trust

German Educational Reconstruction

Girls' Day School Trust (GDST) and predecessors

GLYNN, Dorothy (fl 1955-1965): slide collection

GOULD, Frederick James (1855-1938)

Group Relations Training Association (GTRA)

HANDS Family

HANS, Nicholas (1888-1969)

HATCHARD, Ethel Martha (née Smith) (1891-1983)

HATTON, Mimi (b 1915)

History of Education Society

HOLLOWAY, Bernard (1918-1995)

HOLMES, Brian (1920-1993)

ILEA Bridging Course

Incorporated Association of Headmasters: legal opinion of disciplinary powers exerciseable by schoolmasters

Independent Schools Careers Organisation (ISCO)


        Domestic Subjects Group of the Training Colleges' Delegacy

        GOODINGS, Richard

        JEFFERY, George Barker (1891-1957)

        London Day Training College Local Committee and Council

        London Day Training College Principals' Letter Books

        London Day Training College Staff Records

        NUNN, Sir Percy Nunn

        University of London Institute of Education Delegacy

        University of London Training Colleges' Delegacy

ISAACS, Nathan (1895-1966)

ISAACS, Susan Sutherland (1885-1948)

Jack Kitching, HMI Archive

JARECKI, Hilde (1911-1995)

KOSKY, Rose (1923-2003): (Barking Reading Project)

KURDI, Arabella (fl 1947-1951)

LANE, Elsie Victoria (née Leak) (c 1900-1981)

LAUWERYS, Joseph Albert (1902-1981)

LIGHTFOOT, Martin (1942-1999)

London Association for the Teaching of English (LATE)

London History Teachers' Association

London Parents' Ballot Campaign to save the Inner London Education Authority (ILEA)

MARTIN, Bruce (b 1917)

MEDD, David Leslie (1917 - 2009) and MEDD, Mary (1907 - 2005)

MICHAEL, Ian (b 1915)

MOLONY, Eileen (1914-1982)

Mother Goose Award

MYERS, Professor Kate

National Commission on Education

National Union of Women Teachers

Networks for Informal Adult Learning

Notes on school management, 1860s

PANTING, Horace (fl 1912-1977)

Papers of Rosemary Sassoon (b 1931-)

Papers of the Textbook Colloquium

Papers of Trevor Jaggar

PAYNE, Joseph (1808-1876) and family

PETERS, Richard Stanley (b 1919)

Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain

Photographic Archive of the Architects and Building Branch, Ministry of Education and successors

PLOWDEN, Lady Bridget Horatia (1910-2000)

Polytechnics Council for the Education of Teachers

Programme for Reform in Secondary Education

RAINBOW, Bernarr (1914-1998)

READ, Margaret (1889-1991)

REfIT Project

RÉE, Harry Alfred (1914-1991)

REID, Louis Arnaud (1895-1986)

RENDEL, Margherita (b 1928)

REYNOLDS, Cynthia (1928-2008)

SCHILLER, Louis Christian (1895-1976)

School certificates, 1916-1922

Schools Council for Curriculum and Examinations

Schools Curriculum Award

SCOTT, Russell (c 1873-1961)

SILVER, Harold (b 1928) and Pamela (fl 1960-1983)

SIMON, Brian (1915-2002)

SMITH, R T (fl 1970-1994)

Society of Teachers Opposed to Physical Punishment (STOPP)

SPEARING, Nigel (b 1930)

SPORNE, Arthur Raymond (1890-1977)

STOTT, Denis Herbert (1909-1988)

TANNER, Robin (1904-1988)

TAWNEY, Richard Henry (1880-1962)

TAYLOR, Duncan

The Dave O'Reilly Experiential Learning Archive

The Moot

THOMAS, David Hylton (b 1910)

Universities Council for the Education of Teachers

WALKER, Mary Anne, Certificates of

WEAVER, Sir Toby (Tobias Rushton) (1911-2001)

WEITZMAN, Sophia (1896-1965)

WHITE family papers

WILSON, Ronald Haig (1917-2005)

World Education Fellowship