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Actresses' Franchise League


ADAM, H Pearl (1882-1957)

ANDERSON, Dame Adelaide Anderson (1863-1936): Scrapbooks

ANDERSON, Dr Elizabeth Garrett Anderson (1836-1917): Autograph Letters of

ANDERSON, Elizabeth Garrett (1836-1917)

ANDERSON, Louisa Garrett (1873-1943)

ANDREWS, Barbara, nee Campbell

Anglican Group for the Ordination of Women to the Historic Ministry of the Church

ARNOLD, Roxane

Artists' Suffrage League

ASHBY, Margery Irene Corbett (1882-1981)

ASKANASY, Anna Helene

Association for Moral and Social Hygiene

Association of Post Office Women Clerks and its Successors

Association of Women Clerks and Secretaries

Autograph Letter Collection (additional items)

Autograph Letter Collection: General and Personal

A-Z of Women's Employment: scrapbook of press cuttings

BARTON, Dorothea M

BECKER Collection: (Autograph Letter Collection)

BECKER, Lydia (1827-1890)

BELFIELD, Dorothea Edith

Bentwich, Helen (1892-1972)

BILLINGHURST, Rosa May (1875-1953)

BILLINGHURST, Rosa May (1875-1953) and KER, Dr Alice (1853-1943): ( Autograph Letter Collection)

BILLINGTON-GREIG, Teresa (1877-1964)

BILLINGTON-GREIG, Teresa (1877-1964): Biographical notes, (Autograph Letter Collection)

BOUCHIER, Chili (1909-1999)

BOWERMAN, Elsie Edith (1889-1973)

BRACKENBURY, Georgina (1865-1949): Metropolitan Police Notice

Bristol and West of England Society for Women's Suffrage

British Committee of the Continental & General Federation for Abolition of Government Regulation of Prostitution

British Federation of Business and Professional Women

British Vigilance Association

British Women's Emigration Association

BROWN, Dorothy Shelagh

BROWN, Myra Sadd (1872-1938)

BURBURY, Alice Ann

BURRELL, Louie (1873-1971)

BURTON, Kathleen

BUTLER, Josephine (1828-1906): Letters Collection

BYHAM, Margaret

CAMERON, Alice (b 1892)

Campaign Against Pornography

CANNON, Elsie May


CARTLAND, Barbara (1901-2000)

CAVENDISH-BENTINCK, Ruth (1867-1953)

Central Berkshire Equal Opportunities Group


Civil Partnership Collection

Colonial Intelligence League

Committee for Promoting the Higher Education of Women

Consultative Committee of Constitutional Women's Suffrage Societies

Consultative Committee of Women's Organisations

Council of Married Women

Council of Women Civil Servants

COURTNEY, Kathleen D'Olier (1878-1974)

CROFTS, Maud Isabel (b 1889):Scrapbooks

CROWLE, Mary Beatrice

CULLIS, Winifred Clara (1875-1956)

DAVIES, Ross: Biography of Margaret Bondfield

DAVIN, Anna (fl 1966)

DAVISON, Emily Wilding (1872-1913)

DENBY, Isobel (fl 1905-1912)

DESPARD, Charlotte (1844-1939)


DOUIE Family Papers

DOWSE, Elizabeth

ELLIOT, Dorothy Mary (1897-1980)

Emancipation of Women, British Commonwealth and United States of America (Autograph Letter Collection)

EMMOTT, Lady Mary Gertrude (1886-1954)

Equal Pay Campaign Committee

Equal Rights International Group

ESKRIGGE, Edith (1872-1948)

EVANS, Dorothy Elizabeth (1889-1944)

FAITHFULL, Emily Faithfull (1835-1895): autograph letters

Fanny Adams pressure group

FAWCETT, Millicent (1847-1929): letters to Mrs Badley (Autograph Letter Collection)

FAWCETT, Millicent Garrett (1847-1929)

Fawcett Society and its predecessors

Federation of Women Civil Servants

FEENY, Everild

Female Education: (Autograph Letter Collection)

Female Middle Class Emigration Society

Feminist & Women's Studies Association

FRAENKEL, Elsa (1892-1975)

FRANKLIN, Hugh (1889-1962) and DUVAL, Elsie (1892-1919)

FYFFE, Elsie

General Women's Movement: (Autograph Letter Collection)

Girls' Friendly Society

GLIDDON, Katie (b 1883)

GOLDSTEIN, Vida (1869-1948)

Greenham Common Collection

Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp (Yellow Gate)

GREENUP, Frances May (1902-1998), GREENUP,Joseph (1891-1946) and BRIDGE, Elizabeth (1912-1996)

GRONOW, Cornelius

GUNDREY, Elizabeth

Hackney Women's Aid


Hansard Commission 'Women at the Top' (1990 and 1996 reports)

HARDIE, John Keir, the WEBBS and MACDONALD, Ramsay: (Autograph Letter Collection)

HASKELL, Anne: Papers relating to Carrie Chapman Catt

HAWEIS, Mary Eliza (1848-1898) and family

HAYMON, Sylvia (1917-1995)

HAYWARD, Marjorie (1905-1974)

HEATHFIELD, Betty (1927-2006)

HEITLAND, Margaret (1860-1938)


HEMMING, Alice (1907-1994)

HILL, Kathleen (b 1900)

Hitchin, Stevenage and District Women's Suffrage Society

HOLME, Vera (Jack) (1881-1969)

HOLTBY, Winifred (1898-1935)

HOMAN, Ruth: Scrapbooks and albums

HOW-MARTYN, Edith (1875-1954)

HUBBACK, Judith (b 1917)

HUBBARD, Louisa (1836-1906) and others: Letters to, (Autograph Letter Collection)

HULL, Edith Maud (1880-1947)

International Alliance of Women

International Bureau for Suppression of Traffic in Persons

International Bureau for the Suppression of Traffic in Persons: British National Committee for the Suppression of the White Slave Trade


ISAACS, Lady Stella (1894-1971) marchioness of Reading and Baroness Swanborough

JACKSON, Mary Alexandra (1905-1977)

James Stansfeld Memorial Trust


JERMAN, Betty: papers relating to 'baby-snatching'

Joint Committee on Women in the Civil Service

KENNEY, Jessie (1887-1995)

KINGSLEY, Mary Henrietta (1862-1900): Speech

LACON, Annie (1880-1968)

Ladies National Association for the Repeal of the Contagious Diseases Acts

Lancashire and Cheshire Association for the Abolition of the State Regulation of Vice


League of Church Militant

LEES, Gwen

LEVERKUS, Gertrude (1899-1976)

LIDDERDALE, Jane (1909-1996)

LIDIARD, Victoria (1889-1992)

Lincolnshire Women's Research Group

Literary Ladies: (Autograph Letter Collection)

London Feminist History Group

LOTHIAN, Lady Antonella (1922-2007)

LOWE, Eveline Mary

LYTTON, Constance (1869-1923): (Autograph Letter Collection)


Manchester National Society for Women's Suffrage

MANCHOT, Melanie

MARION, Kitty (1871-1944)

Married Women's Association

MARTINEAU, Harriet (1802-1876)

MARTINEAU, Sarah Madeleine (1872-1972)

Maternity Alliance

McCRIMMON Barbara: papers related to Barbara Bodichon [nee Leigh Smith]

MCLLQUHAM, Harriet (1837-1910)

MCLLQUHAM, Harriet (1837-1910): Letters to and from, (Autograph Letter Collection)

Memento from 'Practical Suffragists' to Anna M. Priestman, Mary Priestman, Margaret A. Tanner and 'honoured friends'

Militant Suffragettes: (Autograph Letter Collection)

MILLER, Margaret Stevenson (1896-[1979])

Miss Goodfellow [goes to Hollywood]

Miss Great Britain

MORE, Hannah (1745-1833): Letters and Papers (Autograph Letter Collection)

MORRIS, May (1862-1938)

Mothers in Action

MURRAY, Eunice Guthrie (1877-1960)

Museum Collection

Museum Collection: Badge Collection

Museum Collection: Photograph Collection

Museum Collection: Postcard Collection

Museum Collection: Poster Collection

National Advisory Centre on Careers for Women

National Association for the Repeal of the Contagious Diseases Acts

National Association of Women Civil Servants

National Council of One Parent Families

National Federation of Women's Institutes

National Life Story Collection: Fawcett Collection

National Union of Societies for Equal Citizenship

National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies

National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies: Portsmouth Branch

National Vigilance Association

National Women Citizens Association

National Women's Register

NELSON, Jayne and Juliet

NETTLEFOLD, Lucy Frances (1891-1966): Scrapbooks

NORMAN, Lady Florence Priscilla (1883-1964)

NORMANTON, Helena (1882-1957)

NUTTING, Lady Helen (1890-1973)

Oldham Women's Suffrage Society

Open Door Council

Open Door International for the Economic Emancipation of the Woman Worker

Oral evidence on the suffragette and suffragist movements: the Brian Harrison interviews

PANKHURST, Sylvia (1882-1960)

PIEROTTI, A Muriel (1897-1982)

PILLOW, Margaret Eleanor (1859-1929)

PINNEY, Dr Rachel (1909-1995)

PIPEL, Kay: autobiography

PLACE, Dorothy Foster (1886-1976)

POPPLEWELL, Nina (1890-1979)

POTTESMAN, Luesa (Lisa) (1881-1959)

PRENDERGAST, Mollie: Memoirs

PRICE, Millie (nee Browne)

Printed Collections: Cavendish-Bentinck Collection

Printed Collections: Josephine Butler Society Library

Printed Collections: Pamphlet Collection

Printed Collections: Periodical Collection

Printed Collections: Sadd Brown Library

Printed Collections: Zine Collection


RATHBONE, Eleanor (1872-1946)

RAWLE, Mary Ann (1878-1964)


ROBERTS, Ursula (1887-1971)

ROBSON, Ethel DM (Robin) ([1895]-1954)

ROWBOTHAM, Sheila (b 1943)

ROYDEN, Agnes Maude (1876-1956)

RUSSELL, Richard F

Scholars and Learned Ladies: (Autograph Letter Collection)

SCOTT, Amelia (1860-1952)

Scottish Women's Hospitals for Foreign Service

Scrapbook 'given by Miss Frances Power Cobbe to Annie Leigh Browne' with later additions from the collection of Eunice Murray

Scrapbook [of CÚcile Matheson]

Scrapbook [of Dr Helen Wilson]

Scrapbook [of Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence]

Scrapbook [of Eunice Murray]

Scrapbook of family allowances in other countries

Scrapbook [of J Mackenzie Bremner]

Scrapbook [of Lucy Adela Jenner]

Scrapbook of Mrs A.E.W. Winterne

Scrapbook [of Mrs Spencer Graves] relating to women's suffrage

Scrapbook of press cuttings : domestic (general)

Scrapbook of press cuttings relating to Careers and Vocational Training

Scrapbook of press cuttings relating to Careers, Women's Employment, Hints on how to find work

Scrapbook of press cuttings relating to 'Hints on how to find work'

Scrapbook of Press Cuttings relating to Tax Resistance

Scrapbook of Press Cuttings relating to The Central Employment Bureau for Women

Scrapbook of Press Cuttings relating to women in the Second World War

Scrapbook [of the Women's Institute]

Scrapbook on the suffrage campaigns

Scrapbook on women's suffrage and the campaign against the Contagious Diseases Acts

Scrapbook pages [of Edith How Martyn]: 'Women's war work'

Scrapbook pages relating to the women's movement

Scrapbook [probably of the Artists' Suffrage League]

Scrapbook relating to the death of Dame Millicent Fawcett

Scrapbook [relating to the Scottish Women's Hospital]

Scrapbook relating to the Woman Suffrage Bill, 1897

Scrapbook relating to the Women's Royal Naval Service (WRNS)

Scrapbook relating to the women's suffrage campaigns

Scrapbook relating to women during the First World War

Scrapbook [relating to women in the professions]

Scrapbook relating to women's suffrage

Scrapbook relating to women's suffrage and to women's employment during the First World War

Scrapbook relating to women's work during the First World War

Scrapbook relating to women's work in the First World War

Scrapbooks of Press Cuttings of the Women's Freedom League

Scrapbooks of press cuttings relating to the Women's Liberation Movement

Scrapbooks relating to industrial conditions for women and children

Scrapbooks relating to Prostitution

Scrapbooks relating to women's work in the First World War

Scrapbooks [Second World War]

Scrapbook: 'Votes for Women: A Picturebook of the Campaign during recent years compiled principally from newspaper photography by Alex Sydney Millward'

'See Red' Women's Workshop


SHAH, Mahduri R (1919-1985)

SHARP, Hilda Marjory (1882-1967)

SHAW, Dr Patricia

SHEEPSHANKS, Mary Ryott (1872-1960)

SIMMONS, Bayard: Scrapbooks

SIMON, Shena Dorothy (1883-1972), Lady Simon of Wythenshawe

Six Point Group (including the papers of Hazel Hunkins-Hallinan)

SMIETON, Margaret Judith

Societies for Equal Citizenship

Society for the Ministry of Women in the Church

Society for the Overseas Settlement of British Women

South African Colonisation Society

SQUIRE, Hilda (1898-1991)

Status of Women Committee

STEAD, William Thomas (1849-1912): (Autograph Letter Collection)


STEVENS, Florence C: Memoir

St Joan's International Alliance

St Joan's International Alliance (German Section)

STOCKS, Mary Danvers (1891-1975): Manuscript

STOTT, Catherine Mary Charlotte (1907-2002)

STRACHEY family letters: (Autograph Letter Collection)

Strachey Family Papers

STRACHEY, Jane Maria (1840-1928)

STRACHEY, (Joan) Pernel (1876-1951)

STRACHEY, Philippa (1872-1968)

Suffrage and Women in Industry: (Autograph Letter Collection)

Suffrage notebook [Gift of Mary Mills]

Susan B Anthony Memorial Committee

TABOR, Eliza (1835-1914): (Autograph Letter Collection)

TAYLOR Collection: (Autograph Letter Collection)

TAYLOR, Mary Ellen

Temperance Work: (Autograph Letter Collection)

THACKRAY, Catherine Sharp (1922-1999)

The Wives' Fellowship

The Women's Library Printed Collections

TOWNSEND, St Clair (b 1853)

Traveller's Aid Society


TUKER, Mildred Anna Rosalie

TWINING, Louisa (1820-1912)

VERNON, Elizabeth

VICKERS, Phyllis

Visnews relating to women

VON COTTA, Alix [Alice]: (Autograph Letter Collection)

WARD, Helen


WATTS, Ethel


WHITE, Sybil W (1887-1985)

WILBERFORCE, Octavia (1888-1963)

Wildcat Cards

WILLIAMS, Alice Helena Alexandra (1863-1957)

WILSON, Henry Joseph (1833-1914)

'Women and Communism' by Lenin

Women and Socialism Conferences

Women for Westminster Bournemouth Branch

Women in Gynaecology and Obstetrics

Women in Libraries

Women in Medicine: (Autograph Letter Collection)

Women in the Arts: (Autograph Letter Collection)

Women in the Church: (Autograph Letter Collection)

Women's Employment Publishing Company

Women's Engineering Society: papers of Ira Rischowski

Women's Forum and its predecessors

Women's Freedom League

Women's Freedom League Sheffield Branch

Women's Institute [Club]: (Autograph Letter Collection)

Women's Media Action Group

Women's National Anti-Suffrage League

Women's Provisional Club

Women's Publicity Planning Association

Women's Research and Resources Centre (London)

Women's Suffrage (also includes postage stamps): (Autograph Letter Collection)

Women's Tax Resistance League

Women's University Settlement (later known as the Blackfriars Settlement)

Women Travellers: (Autograph Letter Collection)

WRENCH, Winifride

Writers' Club

YATES, Rose Lamartine (1875-1954)