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Abernethy, John (1764-1831)

Abernethy, John: Autograph Letters from to the Royal College of Surgeons

Abernethy, John: Autograph letter to Mr Mortimer

Abernethy, John: Letter to Mr Reece, Surgeon at Cardiff

Adeney, George Cuthbert (1879-1958)

Albinus, Bernhard (1653-1721)

Albinus, Bernhard Seigfried (1697-1770)

Albucasis De Chirurgica

Aldini, Giovanni: Notebook

Allen, Benjamin (1663-1738)

Allison, William (d 1832) and Allison, William Jeremiah (early-mid 19th century)

American College of Surgeons

Anatomical and Pathological Sketches

Appleby, Thomas (fl 1814-1815)

Arden Philosophical Lectures

Argyle, Edward Percy (1875-1935)

Aristophanes: The Wasps

Arlidge, John Thomas (1822-1899)

Asbury, Jacob Vale (fl 1816-1870)

Ayres, Philip Burnard (1813-1863)

Baillie, Helen Hunter- (d 1929)

Baillie, Matthew (1761-1823)

Ballance, Sir Charles Alfred (1856-1936)

Barker, Sir Herbert Atkinson (1869-1950)

Bartlett, Alexander Henry (1800-1887)

Bate, Charles Spence (1819-1889)

Batten, George Beckett (1860-1942)

Becquet, D (fl 1750)

Bedford, Nathaniel (b 1757)

Bell, John (1763-1820)

Bell, Sir Charles (1774-1842)

Bennett, George (1804-1893)

Berry, Sir James (1860-1946)

Bird, Golding (1814-1854) and Bird, Cuthbert Hilton Golding- (1848-1939)

Bird, Henry (d 1892)

Black Jack Public House: signature books

Black, Joseph and Pearson, George: chemistry lectures

Blackman, John (fl 1822)

Bland-Sutton, Sir John: Papers

Blicke, Sir Charles and Sharpe, William: Books

Blizard, Sir William (1743-1835)

Boerhaave, Herman (1668-1738)

Bond, Charles John (1856-1939)

Bonney, Victor (1872-1953)

BOWES, Christopher (fl 1792)

BOWLBY, Sir Anthony Alfred (1855-1929)

British Journal of Surgery

British Society of Dental Surgeons

Brock, Lord Russell Claude: Papers

Brodie, Sir Benjamin Collins (1783-1862)

Browne, John (1642-1700)

Brown, Richard Wilson (d 1860)

Bryant, Thomas Egerton (fl 1816- fl 1840)

BRYCE, Alexander Graham (1890-1968)

Buchan, Alexander Peter (b 1764)

Buckland, Francis Trevelyan [Frank] (1826-1880)

Burrows, Harold (1875-1955)

Campbell, John Menzies (1887-1974)

Camper, Petrus (1722-1787)

Cardiothoracic Society

Carless, Albert (1863-1936)

Carlisle, Sir Anthony (1768-1840)

Carter, Henry Vandyke (1831-1897)

Case notes - miscellaneous

Cheselden, William (1688-1752)

Clarke, James Fernandez (1812-1875)

CLARK, Sir James (1788-1870)

Clift and Owen families: Correspondence and Papers

Clift, William (1775-1849)

Clift, William and Owen, Sir Richard: Correspondence from C D Sherborn's Collection

Clift, William: Autograph letters to Dr Usher Parsons of Boston

Clift, William: Autograph letter to Philip Syng Physick

Clift, William Home (1803-1832)

Clift, William: Notes taken at lectures by Sir Everard Home

Clift, William: Scrappiana or Extracts Various

Cline, Henry (1750-1827)

Clippingdale, Samuel Dodd

Clough, Henry Gore (fl 1779-1820)

Comparetti, Andrea (1746-1801)

Cooke, Willliam (fl 1785-1873)

Cooper, Sir Astley Paston (1768-1841)

Cooper, Sir Astley Paston: Draft paper

Cooper, William White (1816-1886)

Cornish, Phil[lip] (fl 1773)

Costello, William Birmingham (1800-1867)

Cotton, William: Books

Croft, John (1833-1905)

Crompton, Samuel (1817-1891): Notes on the Blind in Manchester, Salford, and Chorlton Union Workhouses

Crookshank, Francis Graham

Cruikshank, William Cumberland (1745-1800): Lecture notes

Cullen, William (1710-1790)

Davies-Colley, Eleanor: Reference

Davies, David Saunders- (d 1829)

Deptford Hospital Asylum

Dickson, Walter (fl 1841)

Division of Simple Vices

Doran, Alban Henry Griffith (1849-1927)

Downes, W (fl 1821)

Drawings of North American Indian Crania

Duval, E (fl 1924)

Ear, Nose and Throat Paintings

EDWARDS, Arthur Tudor (1890-1946)

Ellis, John (c 1710-1776)

Else, Joseph (d 1780)

Erichsen, Sir John Eric

Evans, Arthur Geoffrey (1886-1951)

Experiments [in] Physiology

Eyles, Mr: Copy of Lectures on the Principles of Surgery, from an account by Dr Joseph Adams

Fagge, Charles Herbert (1873-1939)

Fairbank, Harold Arthur Thomas (1876-1961)

Falconer, John

Fawcett, Rowland Morris (fl 1820-1890)

Finlayson, James (1840-1906)

FISH, Sir Eric Wilfred (1894-1974)

Flourens, Jean Pierre: Letter to Richard Owen

FLOWER, William Henry (1831-1899)

Fordyce, George (1736-1802)

Fountain Mental Hosptial

Frantz, H (fl 1929)

Freeman, Thomas Augustus (fl 1779-1780)

Freer, Johannis (fl 1744)

Gardiner, Mr (fl 1774-1775)

General Medical Treatise

Gibson, William Robert (1872-1959)

Gidney, Eleazer (1797-1876)

Greenhill, William Alexander (1814-1894)

Green, Joseph Henry (1791-1863)

Grimmer, George Kerr

Grundy, John Hull (1907-1984)

Guthrie, George James (1785-1856)

Haines, Richard Wheeler (fl 1929-1968)

Hallett, George Henry

Hamilton Letters

HEAVISIDE, John (fl 1792)

Heberden, Willliam (1710-1801)

Hicks, John Herbert (1915-1992)

Holbrow, Anthony: Admittance card for the lectures of John Abernethy

Holland, Samuel

Home, Sir Everard (1756-1832)

Home, Sir Everard and Abernethy, John: Notes on Surgery Lectures

Home, Sir Everard: Correspondence

Home, Sir Everard: Letters to his son

Home, Sir Everard: 2 Letters to William Clift

Hooper, John (fl 1785-c1790)

Horton, Robert

Howitt, Thomas (fl 1830-1887)

Howship, John (1781-1841)

Hugo, Edward Victor

Hulme, Edward Charles (1821-1900) and Skinner, George Robert (1825-1856)

Humphryes, Sydney

Hunter-Baillie Collection

Hunter Family Album

Hunterian Letters: Grey-Turner Bequest

Hunterian Museum, Glasgow: Engraving by A Fox after Thomas H Shepherd

Hunter-Jenner Letters

Hunter, John (1728-1793)

Hunter, William (1718-1783)

Hutchinson, William: Notes of lectures by Sir Benjamin Brodie

Institutionum Chymicarum and Opera Chemica

Isham, Elizabeth

Jackson, Andrew Francis (1880-1968)

James, Robert Rutson (1881-1959)

JENNER, Edward (1775-1849)

JONES, Frederick Wood (1879-1954)

Jones, Richard Phillips: Notes of lectures by Sir Benjamin Brodie and Sir Everard Home

Keate, Robert: Books

Keate, Thomas (1745-1821)

Keele, Charles Ferdinand (fl 1860-1929)

KEITH, Sir Arthur (1866-1955)

King, Maurice Henry (1927-)

KIPLING, Rudyard (1865-1936)

Lane, Homer Tyrrell (1876-1925)

Langstaff, George (c1780-1846)

Latham, Peter Mere (1789-1875)

LAWRENCE, Sir William (1783-1867)

LISTER, Joseph (1827-1912)

Lizars, John Lizars and Silvester, Henry Robert

London Lock Hospital records

London Society of Thoracic Surgeons

Long, William: Books

Loudoun Medical Papers: Campbell, John (1705-1782)

MacCormac, Sir William (1836-1901)

MacLoghlin, Eliza Millard

Maiden, William (1768-1845)

Marcet, Alexander John Gaspard (1770-1822)

Martin, Henry Victor: Scrapbook of songs and poems

MAXWELL, A Kirkpatrick (1884-1975)

Mayerne, Sir Theodore Turquet de (1573-1655)

Medicinae Epitome

Monckton, David Henry (1829-1898)

Monro, Alexander (secundus): Notes of lectures

Monro, Alexander (secundus): Papers

Moore, Thomas: Notes of lectures by Alexander Monro (secundus)

Morrison, Thomas (fl 1782)

Moynihan, Lord Berkeley: Papers and Case Books

Mulaimus, Johannes

Murie, James (1832-1925)

NAPLES, Joshua (fl 1811-1812)

Naval Medical History

Nesham Family Papers

Newland, William (fl 1767-1810)

Nicholl, Whitlock (1786-1838)

Nightingale, Florence: Correspondence and Papers

Observationes Medicae

On the Incubation of an Egg

Owen, Lady Caroline: Commonplace book

OWEN, Sir Richard (1804-1892)

Owen, Sir Richard: Commemmorative Stamps and Postcards

Owen, Sir Richard: Correspondence

Owen, Sir Richard: Letters to Sir Astley Cooper and the Royal College of Surgeons of England

Page, Herbert Markant (fl 1873-1917)

PAGET, Sir James (1814-1899)

Pathological Inaugural Dissertation on Aneurism of the Carotid Artery

Pearce, Joseph (fl 1791-1822)

Perkins, George (1892-1979)

Pharmacopoeia in usum nosocomii apud Cestrienses

Photographs of the Artificial Limb Centre, Pune

Photographs of the Krishnarajendra Hospital and the University Medical College, Mysore (now Mysuru).

Physiology Volume 2

Platt, Sir Harry (1886-1986)

Playfair, Lyon: Letter to Richard Owen

Poland, Alfred (1822-1872)

Poole, Thomas James (1809-1881)

Pott, Percivall (1714-1788)

Prosser-Harvey Collection

QUEKETT, John Thomas (1815-1861)

Ramsay, Alexander (1754-1824)

Ramsbotham, John (fl 1790-1844)

Ray, George (fl 1815-1853)

Real Cedula de S.M. ...Colegio de Cirugia...en Madrid - Manuscript Translation

Receipt for a body for dissection (Photocopy)

Recipes and Accounts Notebook


Register of Midwifery Cases

Restrepo, Juan N (fl 1892-1894) and Escovar, Julio M (fl 1892-1894)

Rigby, Sir Hugh Mallinson (1870-1944)

Roberts, Thomas (fl 1784)

Roberts, William (fl 1837-1849)

Robinson, Richard Radford (1806-1854)

Rodd, George Ramsey (fl 1807-1827)

Rolleston, Sir Humphrey Davy (1862-1944)

Rooth, James Augustus (fl 1901-1963)

Ross, Sir James Paterson (1895-1980)

Rumsey, Henry Nathaniel (fl 1786-1809)

Russell, Raymond Anthony (1922-1964)

Sagittary, John (fl 1690)

Sanders, John

Scarpa, Antonio (1747-1832)

Seager, Charles Dagge (1779-1844)

Seddon, Sir Herbert Seddon: Notes on Sir Winston S Churchill

Sermons (1640s)

Shelley, John Nichols (1783-1858)

Sherborne Collection Papers

SIMON, Sir John (1816-1904)

Sinhalese Ola

South, John Flint (1797-1882)

Surgical Club

Sylvester, John Henry (1830-1903)

Taylor, Sir Herbert (1775-1839)

Thomas, Hugh Owen (1834-1891)

Thompson, Sir Henry (1820-1904)

Thomson, Allen: Papers

Translation of Gilbertus Anglicus

Travers, Benjamin: Papers

TREVES, Sir Frederick (1853-1923)

Vivier, Jacques (fl 1597-1598)

Wadd, William (1776-1829)

Wakeley, Sir Cecil Pembrey Grey (1892-1979)

Waldheim, Gotthelf Fischer von (1771-1853)

Walker, Alexander

Walker, John Kenworthy (fl 1809-1873)

Wallace, Thomas (1680-1763)

Waller, W (fl 1784)

Walton, Sir Albert James (1881-1955)

Wass, Samuel Hall (1907-1970)

Watson, Thomas Henry

Western Friendly Medical Club

West London Medico-Chirurgical Society

Westminster Hospital Cases and Events

Whitsed, John (fl 1813-1862)

Whytt, Robert (1714-1766)

Wilkinson, Charles (fl 1791-1849)

Williams, John (1819-1878)

Wilson, Albert (1854-1928)

Wilson, Alexander

Wilson, Douglas (fl 1908-1948)

Wilson, Sir William James Erasmus (1809-1884)

Wilson, Thomas (d 1791)

Woolhouse, John Thomas (1666-1734)

Woolmer, Ronald Francis (1908-1962)

Wormald, Thomas (1802-1873)