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Personal Papers of Doctors and other Staff

Identity Statement

Reference code(s): GOS/11
Held at: Great Ormond Street Hospital Archives
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Full title: Personal Papers of Doctors and other Staff
Date(s): 1851-2005
Level of description: Sub fonds
Extent: 32 boxes, covering 6.6 shelves, totalling circa 21 metres.
Name of creator(s): Staff and supporters of Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children.


Administrative/Biographical history:

Great Ormond Street Hospital was founded in 1852 by Charles West on its current site in Bloomsbury as the Hospital for Sick Children. It was the first children's hospital in Britain. It became part of the NHS in 1948 and took over the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for Sick Children in 1968. It went through several changes of name during this period and adopted its current name in 1994.


Scope and content/abstract:

Personal papers of medical and other staff at Great Ormond Street hospital, comprising GOS/11/1 Dr Charles West, including cases seen at the Waterloo Dispensary prior to his Great Ormond Street career, circa 1841-1859; his notebook on Gynaecology, and maternal conditions liable to affect childbirth, from circa 1841, photographs, press cuttings, correspondence, and printed circulars and reports relating to Dr West's dispute with the Committee of Management about aspects of the Hospital's administration, 1877-1878. GOS/11/1/11 includes letters and photographs of Dr West and his family, largely donated by Dr Peter West. And the manuscript text of R Clavering's notes on Dr West and the establishment of the Hospital, 1956.

GOS/11/2 comprises a letter from Archibald Bence-Jones concerning the role of his father, Dr Henry Bence-Jones, in the establishment of the Hospital, 1906; GOS/11/3 comprises the letter of resignation from Catherine J Wood, Hospital Matron, 1878-1888 and biographical data on her.

GOS/11/4 comprises the papers of Dr. Frederick John Poynton, 1933-1941; GOS/11/5, those of Dr Felix Besser, dermatologist (some donated by his son, Dr. Michael Besser), including correspondence, obituaries of Great Ormond Street Hospital staff, pamphlets, typescripts, and material on the foundation and history of the hospital, 1933-1977; GOS/11/5/26* contains literature and correspondence on pachyonychia congenita, and includes correspondence with the University of Dundee on named patients.

GOS/11/6/1 is the presentation book to Sir Arthur Lucas on his retirement as Chairman of the Board of Governors, 1921, signed by Governors and senior clinical staff; GOS/11/7 /1 is correspondence and a copy Trust Deed for the Alexander Simpson-Smith Memorial Lectureship, 1947, including correspondence with Margaret Simpson-Smith about the Lectureship, 1957.

GOS/11/8 contains the papers of John Wycliff Peck, hospital pharmacist, including correspondence, photographs and memorabilia of Mr. Wycliff Peck, Hospital Pharmacist, 1894-1935, including correspondence concerning the supply and invention of drugs and equipment, and his own invention of 'Pexuloid' Splints, 1912; published programmes and leaflets concerning Hospital events; leaflets of pharmaceutical suppliers to the Hospital.

GOS/11/9 comprises Mr. Thomas H Kellock's personal papers, 1836-1922; GOS/11/10 is a presentation book given to Mr McKay on his retirement as Hospital Secretary,1932, signed by staff and Board members.

GOS/11/11 are the papers of Dr J Alistair Dudgeon (later Professor and Dean of Institute of Child Health), comprising correspondence, 1968-1974; GOS/11/11/22 Patients Pending file, 1968; GOS/11/11/23 are Doctors' letters, relating to Great Ormond Street Patients, 1964-1973; case reports. 1964-1970 and articles for journals, GOS/11/11/33-37 is Correspondence relating to the Institute of Child Health, 1969-1974; GOS/11/11/38-4, London University Thesis Reports, lecture drafts and notes, 1964- 974; GOS/11/11/43 Papers of Board of Studies in Pathology, 1973; GOS/11/11/44-45, Papers of Joint Research Board, 1967-1970; other papers cover correspondence with the House Governor at the hospital, plans for the new cardiac wing 1972, charity and research grants, GOS/11/11/52 * is correspondence with and about Dr Keitha Fraser (New Zealand), 1960-1965; GOS/11/11/70-76 are papers concerning research outcomes 1968-1974; GOS/11/11/76-79 Rubella Clinic and experiments, papers and correspondence, 1965-1969; GOS/11/11/80-81 British Postgraduate Medical Federation, reports and correspondence of Working Parties and Advisory Council, 1970-1973; GOS/11/11/82-83 Polio Tissue Innoculation Reports, 1956; GOS/11/11/84 Planning Committee papers, 1966-1968; GOS/11/11/85 Pickering Committee papers, 1968; GOS/11/11/86 Tumour Committee papers, 1964-1971; GOS/11/11/87 Organ Transplant Committee Papers, 1964-1970; GOS/11/11/88 Immunological Products Advisory Group papers, 1969-1970;GOS/11/11/89-90 DHSS Vaccination and Immunisation Committee papers, 1969-1972; GOS/11/11/91 Workshop Course on Virological Techniques, 1967.

Further Dudgeon papers, comprising GOS/11/11/92 International Paediatric Congress, Tokyo, 1965; GOS/11/11/93-98 Conference papers on rubella and other diseases, 1964-1974; GOS/11/11/99 North-West Metropolitan Regional Hospital Board papers (Pathology Committee), 1971-1974; GOS/11/11/100-101, Epidemiology Course, Glasgow, 1967; GOS/11/11/102 ICH Symposium on Rubella Vaccines, 1968; GOS/11/11/103 International Paediatric Congress, Mexico, 1968; GOS/11/11/104 Bethesda Conference, February, 1969; GOS/11/11/105 Miscellaneous Rubella lectures for adaptation to articles, circa 1964-1974; GOS/11/11/106-107 Royal Society of Medicine Symposium on the Very Young, 1968; GOS/11/11/108-109 3rd Annual Conference on Congenital Malformation, GOS/11/11/110111 Bethesda Conference, May 1969; GOS/11/11/112 Pathology of Viral Diseases Symposium, 1969; GOS/11/11/113 Course in Advanced Paediatrics, 1968; GOS/11/11/114 119 Miscellaneous committee papers and lecture notes, 1964-1968.

GOS/11/12, Papers of Mr. David Waterston CBE (Cardiothoracic Surgeon), comprising GOS/11/12/1, Papers of British Association of Paediatric Surgeons' meetings, 1964-1974; GOS/11/12/2, Papers for British Paediatric Association meetings, 1965-1973; GOS/11/12/3, Papers for BPA meeting, Newcastle-on-Tyne, 1975, with notes on earlier meetings at Great Ormond Street; GOS/11/12/4, Correspondence and reports concerning 'Denis Browne Memorial Travelling Scholarships', 1967-1973; GOS/11/12/5, Minutes, Agendas and correspondence for meetings of the Society of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland, 1968-1974; GOS/11/12/6, Minutes, Agendas and Reports of the 'Paediatric Visiting Club', 1966-1974; GOS/11/12/7, Papers of meetings of 'Browne's Club', 1965-1971; GOS/11/12/8, Clinical reports on 'Persistent Truncus Arteriosis' and 'Tricuspid Ataxia'; GOS/11/12/9; Newsletters of the 'Janes Society'(Canadian Surgeons), 1971-1973; GOS/11/12/10, Correspondence concerning Mr Waterston's CBE award, 1972, and the accidental death of his son, 1970; GOS/11/12/11 Miscellaneous correspondence and reports, 1968-1975, including 1975 report on paediatric surgical training by Atwell and Gough.

GOS/11/13, Papers of Dr David N. Nabarro (Pathologist), 1895-1938, including GOS/11/13/2-6, Dr Nabarro's notebooks and Registers of patients with sexually-transmitted diseases seen by him at GOS; 1917-1920, 1924-1938; 1927-1929; 1935-1938; 1938-1939**; GOS/11/13/7, Printed articles and reports concerning Venereal Diseases written or collected by Dr Nabarro.

GOS/11/14, Papers of Dr Ian Cathie (Pathologist), comprising GOS/11/14/1-3 Dr. Cathie's correspondence on personal and clinical matters; 1954-1956 and 1958; GOS/11/15 Papers of Dr W W Payne (Chemical Pathologist), comprising GOS/11/15/1-3 Dr Payne's correspondence, 1957; GOS/11/16 Papers of Dr. Barbara Clayton, comprising GOS/11/16/1-2 Dr. Clayton's correspondence, 1962-1965, GOS/11/16/3, Draft articles by Dr. Clayton on growth and development, with related clinical statistical data, 1965; GOS/11/17, Papers of Dr D R C Willcox, comprising GOS/11/17/1 Correspondence concerning child growth and thyroid testing at the Bethlem Hospital, 1959-1965.

GOS/11/18 Papers and memorabilia of Great Ormond Street Nurses; comprising GOS/11/18/1, papers of Nurse Dorothy M. Roberts, 1920-1923; GOS/11/18/2, Papers of Nurse Dorothy Trotter, circa 1930-39; GOS/11/18/3, Papers of Nurse Nancy A. McDonnell, circa 1930-40; GOS/11/18/4, Memories of nurses at Runabouts, received from Mrs H Brooker; GOS/11/18/4, Papers of Nurse Amelia Mary Eynon-Williams', including material on the Miles quads, and material compiled subsequently on the quads; GOS/11/18/5, Papers of Nurse Nansi Jones, 1936-1970; GOS/11/18/6, Typescript, 'Memories of Tadworth Court', donated by Mrs Jean Clew; GOS/11/18/7, 'A Unique Nursing Experience', memories of nursing HRH Prince Charles, 1957, by Sister M. J. Hicks (Mrs McLean) and Mrs Gwyneth Robinson; GOS/11/18/8, Part of memoir of Nurse Joan Lamb, circa 1932-1937; GOS/11/18/9, comprising sketchbooks, with commentary, on nursing life at the Hospital, drawn by Nurse A G Bois, circa 1900-1904.

GOS/11/19 Papers of Mr D Lloyd-Roberts(Consulting Surgeon), comprising GOS/11/19/1, patient treatments and management of patient services at Tadworth Court, 1960-1974; GOS/11/20 Papers relating to Mr. William Pendle (Stoker), relating to the award of the George Medal to Mr. Pendle for his actions during the bombing of the Hospital in 1940, including award certificate, photographs of Mr Pendle and family attending the awards ceremony, 1941, and letter notifying the Order of St George of his death, 1951; GOS/11/21 Papers of Dr R H Wilkinson (Biochemist); comprising GOS/11//21/1-4, correspondence and papers, 1950-1957 and, GOS/11/21/5, Royal Society of Medicine papers, 1953.

GOS/11/22, Papers relating to Sir Denis J V Browne, comprising a biography and reminiscences by Mr. James Crooks, 1967, and an unidentified newspaper obituary; GOS/11/23, *Papers of Dr. John Sutcliffe (Radiologist), 1952-1960, including clinical and research correspondence with other doctors, some concerning individual patients, correspondence concerning departmental staffing, financing and equipment purchase.

GOS/11/24, Autograph book, signed by staff members, given to Arthur J. Lilly, engineer, on retiring from Hospital for Sisk Children in July 1959 after 40 years, including photograph of Mr Lilly in army uniform in 1915; GOS/11/25, Reminiscences of C W Hale (Great Ormond Street laboratory assistant, 1929-1930), dated 1988; GOS/11/26, Papers of Alfred William Gates, hospital volunteer, including original patients' letters, copyright forms and Assignment of Copyright relating to The Diaries of William Gates, A Personal and Moving Account of Great Ormond Street's Children, 2000; GOS/11/27 Frank Cole Madden's papers, comprising ornamental envelopes bearing Great Ormond Street address drawn by Frank Cole Madden during his term as GOSH Surgeon, 1897-1898, with a copy of his biography from Plarr's Lives of the Fellows of the Royal College of Surgeons ; GOS/11/28 Mala Trivedi and Behnaz Mohzakka, cards for the memorial service at Conway Hall, 5 October 2005, following their deaths in bomb attacks of 7 July 2005; GOS/11/29 Sir George Frederic Still, a picture-card sent by Sir Frederic to Miss Virginia Firth(daughter of his colleague Dr. Douglas Firth), circa 1932; GOS/11/30 Death Certificate of Henry Sykes Thornton, the Hospitalís banker and board member,1 December 1881; GOS/11/31 Mary D. Dawson's typescript recollections of working as a trainee in the Hospital Almonerís office during World War II (from the author, Mrs. Mary Wilson, 2010); GOS/11/32 Items from former Clerical Assistant at the Hospital Miss Jean Parsons, including regarding the 1952 Centenary celebrations and invitation to staff Christmas Dance from Lady Southwood,1948 (gift of Miss Parsonsí son Derek Britton,2012); GOS/11/33 Nurse Training documentation, and notes made during training, by GOSH nurse (Dorothy) Beryl Faulkner (1941-1945) which includes her set of the Nursesí League Journal, 1944-2005( missing 1945, 1948, 1968, 2003, 2004).

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Language/scripts of material:

System of arrangement:

Papers of medical staff are arranged under the name of the individual, with nurses' papers being kept in one separate series.

Conditions governing access:

Most of the papers are open for research at the discretion of the rachivist, excepting those marked with an asterisk, which are closed for 100 years.

Conditions governing reproduction:

Open records can be photocopied and digitally photographed at the discretion of the archivist.

Finding aids:

Typescript catalogue in the Archive Search Room, and the master catalogue is held on the Archive Office computer.

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Immediate source of acquisition:

Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Trust.

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Related material:

The photograph collection (as yet uncatalogued) holds related material, mostly concerning nurses' papers.

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Archivist's note:
Compiled by Andrea Tanner.

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Date(s) of descriptions:
December 2010.

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