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Publications on, about or by Great Ormond Street Hospital

Identity Statement

Reference code(s): GOS/14
Held at: Great Ormond Street Hospital Archives
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Full title: Publications on, about or by Great Ormond Street Hospital
Date(s): 1852-2012
Level of description: Series
Extent: 9 metres
Name of creator(s): Great Ormond Street Hospital


Administrative/Biographical history:

Great Ormond Street Hospital was founded in 1852 by Charles West on its current site in Bloomsbury as the Hospital for Sick Children. It was the first children's hospital in Britain. It became part of the NHS in 1948 and took over the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for Sick Children in 1968. It went through several changes of name during this period and adopted its current name in 1994.


Scope and content/abstract:

GOS/14/1-2; Pamphlet: The Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street, London, c 1910; GOS/14/3Research Fund Appeal pamphlet containing brief history of the Hospital, c 1925; GOS/14/4 Illustrated pamphlet: A Little Book Illustrating the Hospital for Sick Children, circa 1925-1926; GOS/14/5, Illustrated pamphlet: Warwick Deeping Writes on the Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street, London, c 1930; GOS/14/6, Published text of address by Dr F. J. Poynton, An Address upon Some Incidents in the History of the Hospital for Sick Children 6th May 1939; GOS/14/7, Pamphlet: A Short History of the Hospital for Sick Children Great Ormond Street, by Sir Lancelot Barrington-Ward, 1947 (originally published in the Medical Press and Circular, 1941; GOS/14/8, Pamphlet: The Story of the Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street, by G. J. Piller, c 1970; GOS/14/9, Text of school project: A History of the Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street, by Andrew Hughes, 1986.

GOS/14/10, Published Letters announcing the establishment of the Hospital, March 1850, May 1850; An Appeal to the Public in Behalf of a Hospital for Sick Children, 1850; 1858 Appeal circular with advertisement of Charles Dickens' speech in aid of the Hospital; GOS/14/11, Published Report of Proceedings at a Public Meeting to promote the Foundation of a Children's Hospital, at the Hanover Square Rooms, l8th March 1851; GOS/14/12, Pamphlet, Draft of Rules and Regulations for the Hospital for Sick Children, 1851; GOS/14/13, Published circular, Proceedings of Special Court of Governors (re costs of new building), 1888; GOS/14/14, Circular relating to arrangements for Special Court of Governors' meeting to discuss management dispute with Dr West, 1877.

GOS/14/15 Published report, Appointment of an Almoner, 1909; GOS/14/16 Hospital Prayer Book, 1932 edition; G08/14/17, Programme for Foundation-Stone laying of new hospital building, 1937.

Printed items concerning Hospital Appeals, including GOS/14/18, a volume entitled Specimen Copies of Appeals, 1852-1893, including copies of appeal circulars; Annual Dinner reports and programmes; advertisements for appeal-related lectures and concerts; also contains published reports on new buildings, 1875 and first service in the Chapel, 1875. Enclosures include draft appeal letters, 1894 Committee Diary, application form for post of Lady Superintendent, there is also a file of loose duplicate items removed from volume after conservation; GOS/14/19, Programme for Imperial Coronation Bazaar, 1902; GOS/14/20, Photograph album, Children's Portraits, produced for Imperial Coronation Bazaar, 1902; GOS/14/21, Souvenir programme for Midsummer Fair and Fete in aid of the Hospital, Olympia, June 1909.

GOS/14/22 Appeal leaflet, When Dreams Come True, c 1935; GOS/14/23 Peter Pan League appeal circular by A. A. Milne, 1930; GOS/14/24, an illustrated appeal circular, 1932; GOS/14/25 Ladies Association Clothing Fund circulars, 1930-1938; GOS/14/26, Circular on an exhibition of Salvador Dali jewellery in aid of new Medical School, c 1945-1950; GOS/14/27 Public appeal leaflet, Getting Better, Thank You, c 1935; GOS/14/28, Published list of contributors to Mr. Punch's Appeal on behalf of the Hospital 1900; GOS/14/29 Special and Urgent Appeal circular, 1886; GOS/14/30-31, Volumes of published reports of the Hospital's annual fund-raising dinners, 1864-1871 and 1864-83.

GOS/14/32/1-26 Printed texts of Annual Dinner speeches by Dr. West, Charles Dickens, Oscar Wilde, the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, John Walter, Sir William Gull, the Duke of Cambridge, Viscount Peel, the Earl of Derby and others, 1858-99.

GOS/14/33 Appeal collecting card, 1851, listing the Hospital's Provisional Committee; GOS/14/34, Appeal circular with poem, 'The Vision of St. Elizabeth of Hungary' 1872, with illustration of the new building; GOS/14/35, Illustrated pamphlet, The Appeal for the Reconstruction of the Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street; The Record, the Needs and the Aims of the Hospital, 1933; GOS/14/36 Special Friends Appeal leaflet, Help us to help the Children, 1973.

Medical and Nursing material, comprising GOS/14/37, Pamphlet, Welcome to the Hospital, 1960, and subsequent revised editions; GOS/14/38 Broadsheet, Children in Hospital, Play and Schooling, c 1970; GOS/14/39 Illustrated Staff Handbook, 1975; GOS/14/40-41, Group Catering Handbooks for Staff Meals and Special Functions, 1980; GOS/14/42-47 Hospital Pharmacopoeia editions, produced 1891, 1900, 1921, 1927, 1933 and 1958; G03/14/48, File of programmes and circulars on Paediatric Surgery, 1949-1963, mainly by British Association of Paediatric Surgeons and also a programme for Hospital Open Day, 1956 and the visit programme for Swedish surgeons, 1949.

GOS/14/49 1908 edition of Dr. West's How to Nurse Sick Children Nurses' League; GOS/14/50-55, Issues of Nurses' League Journal, 1950-1955; GOS/14/56, Typescript published anthology, Thoughts of 100 Years of Nurse Training at the HSC, by Felix Besser and others, 1978; GOS/14/57, Exhibition guide, The Nurse and the Child, A Hundred Years of Nurse Training, 1978; GOS/14/58, File entitled H. S. CIRCA Souvenirs, donated by Sister M. J. McKay; includes Nurses League membership lists, 1962, 1971 and other nursing items; and a Brief History of the Hospital by H. Rutherford, House Governor, 1932.

GOS/14/59, File of mainly printed items collected by Nurse N. Outhwaite, including 1952 Centenary circulars, photographs of nursing staff c 1920-1940; Nurses League Journal 1973; signed copy of Thomas Twistington Higgins' 1952 history.

Hospital Events, comprising GOS/14/60, Programmes and Circulars for Hospital Centenary events, 1952; also programme for Lord Southwood's memorial service, 1946; GOS/14/61 File, programmes for staff awards ceremonies, memorial services, 50th anniversary of the League of Remembrance, 1964, the opening of Sir James Barrie Building, 1963 by the Princess Royal, licensing of Reverend D. Bacon as Chaplain, 1983, the visit of King Hussein of Jordan, 1966, and the visit of the Venezuelan Ambassador, 1976.

Publications by other organisations about the hospital, including GOS/14/62, Princess Mary's Wedding Supplement, published by the Times, 28/2/1922, with an article on the Princess Royal's associations with Great Ormond Street; GOS/14/63 Issues of Fun with articles on Great Ormond Street, 1865 and 1869; GOS/14/64, 'In a Good Cause' (programme of Punch Matinee in aid of Great Ormond Street), 3/5/1900; GOS/14/65 Published extracts from magazines of articles about GOS; from Fun, Aunt Judy's Magazine, Evening Star and so on, 1865-1866; GOS/14/66, Issues of The Leisure Hour, 1877, and The Christian Million, 1884, with articles on the hospital; GOS/14/67, Issues of The Quiver, 11th June 1870, with article on the hospital and Quiver Cot subscription list; GOS/14/68, file containing issues of The Lancet, 1915; Medical Times and Gazette with article on Great Ormond Street, 1852; The Hospital Gazette, March 1925; St. James's Gazette, 16th February 1898; article on child rheumatism from the British Medical Journal, 1939.

GOS/14/69 Issue of periodical Black and White, 22nd December 1900; GOS/14/70, Issue of Illustrated magazine, 26th July 1952, with article on Great Ormond Street.

Publications of other organisations, including GOS/14/71, a booklet of photographs of St. Mary's Convent, Chiswick, c 1930; GOS/14/72, Commemorative short biography of Alexander Simpson Smith by T. Twistington Higgins, for Simpson Smith Memorial Trust. 1946; GOS/14/73, Published text of address, 'Upon the Future of the Nursing of Sick Children' by Allen Moncrieff (HCN, 1944); GOS/14/74, Published text of Harben Lecture on 'Human Relations in Child Health' by Professor Moncrieff, with a copy of his memorial service programme, 1971; GOS14/75, Signed copy of Lancet article, 'Hirschprung's Disease and Idiopathic Megacolon' by B. C. H. Ward; G0S/14/76, transcript report of a visit to Norwich of the Historical Section of the Royal Society of Medicine, 11th June 1966; GOS1 14/77, Programme of Carol Concert at the Royal Festival Hall in aid of the Malcolm Sargent Cancer Fund for Children.

GOS1 14/78, Article from Nutrition by L. I. Woolf, 'Inborn Errors of Metabolism and their Dietary Treatment'; GOS/14/79, Issue of The Hospital, vol. 49 (July 1953); GOS/14/80 Extract from Nursing Mirror, 1954, on Florence Nightingale; GOS/14/81, prospectus of Alberta Children's Hospital, circa 1970; GOS/14/82, Reports of Gold Medal Ceremony of the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, 1976; GOS/14/83, HMSO pamphlet, Staffing the Hospitals, an urgent National Need, 1945; GOS/14/84 Article from Brunel Society Gazette, 'Brunel's Crimean Hospital' 1984; GOS/14/85 Garthur Ltd., Catalogue of Respirators, c 1970.

GOS/14/86, Article from Clio Medica by Dr. Elizabeth Lomax, 'A Mid-19th Century British Pediatric Interpretation of the Mental Peculiarities and Disorders of Childhood'. 1981; GOS/14/87, NHS pamphlet, Working for Patients-The Health Service During the 1990s; GOS/14/88, four issues of The Hospital, 1920-1921; GOS/14/89, three issues of The Medical Times, 1928-1930; GOS/14/90, three issues of the Bulletin of the Fellowship of Medicine and Postgraduate Medical Associations, 1921-1924; GOS/14/91, three issues, The Lancet, 1960-1961; GOS/14/92, The Contemporary Review, February 1879, with an article on 'Ladies in Nursing'.

GOS/1 4/93, Box-file, entitled 'Magazines, Newsletters and Reports of Children's Hospitals overseas', l977-1981 (largely USA with some Canadian and Australian entries); GOS/14/94-95, Pictures of Life and Character by John Leech from The Collection of Mr. Punch, and 2nd series; 2 volumes, 1864; GOS/14/96, an issue of The Sphere, 1921 with an article about Great Ormond Street; GOS/14/97, Pharmacopoeia of the Metropolitan Hospital, 1926; GOS/14/98 Issue of Woman's Own with article on Great Ormond Street by Godfrey Winn, 1966; GOS/14/99, Article, 'Assessment of Nursing Staff Arrangements in a General Hospital' by F. M. Hatt (reprint from International Journal of Nursing, 1967); GOS/14/100, Issue of Nursing Times , March1977, with article on125th anniversary of Great Ormond Street; GOS/14/101, Issue of Reader's Digest, August 1980, with article about Great Ormond Street by Monica Dickens.

GOS/14/102, Wishing Well Appeal brochure, Building for Life, 1987; GOS/14/103, Programme for 15th Annual Meeting of the American Children's Hospitals Executive Council, held at Great Ormond Street, 4th Mat 1968 (filed with transcript report on public relations in hospitals by Gordon Piller, House Governor); GOS/14/104, Published text of 'A Tradition of Surgery at Great Ormond Street' (Simpson-Smith Lecture)by D. Innes Williams, 1981.

Additional Printed Material deposited by Directorate of Nursing in 1998, comprising GOS/14/105, Early printed Circulars and Resolutions of the Hospital's Provisional Committee, 1850; an invitation to a meeting of potential subscribers with the Provisional committee, 1851; a Circular notifying subscribers of the Hospital's opening, 1852; an example of an original Letter of Recommendation for admission of patient, 1852, with a copy of the Quiver Cot subscription form, 1870, with an engraving of the cot in use.

GOS/14/106, comprising a page from The Graphic, 1875, including announcement of opening of the new Hospital building for public inspection; GOS/14/107, Illustrated introductory leaflets to the Hospital for new members of staff, circa 1970; GOS/14/108, Introductory leaflet to the Hospital, The Child first and Always, 1990; GOS/14/109, Nursing Staff and School of Nursing prospectuses, illustrated, circa 1955, and also a programme of a conference to celebrate 100 years of nurse training at the Hospital , 1978; GOS/14/110, Programmes for special Centenary events at the Hospital, for opening of the Institute of Child Health's Province of Natal Centre, 1955, and for Hospital open day for delegates to the 8th International Paediatric Congress, 1956.

GOS/14/111 School of Nursing Rag Magazine, circa 1988; GOS/14/112, Programme of Lectures for event in honour of retirement of Mrs Caroline Bond from Board of Management, March 1992; GOS/14/113, Institute of Child Health Short Courses Programme, 1992-1993; GOS/14/114, Chronological history of the Italian Hospital, Queen's Square, 1984; GOS/14/115, Text of the First Annual Guest Lecture of the Leukaemia Research Fund, 'Recent Research into Human and Experimental Leukaemia, by Professor Jean Bernard, read at Great Ormond Street, 21 October 1963.

GOS/14/116, Leaflet advertising the work of the Friends of the Children of Great Ormond Street, c 1965, and the Autumn 1993 newsletter of the Friends, Extra Care, GOS/14/117, Article about the Hospital written for The Hospital Officer journal's 'Great Hospitals' series, 1952; GOS/14/118, Programme of European premiere of Walt Disney's 'Peter Pan' at the Leicester Square Theatre, authorised by the Hospital in aid of the British Red Cross Society, 1953; GOS/14/119, Promotional leaflet for Royal Gala Performance of 'Peter Pan' at the Barbican Theatre, 1982; GOS/14/120, Copy of poem, 'The Faithful Hound', by "E. T. ", published in aid of the Hospital, 1859; GOS/14/121, three issues of Woman's Own, July-August 1969, containing reminiscences of her career at the Hospital by Miss G. M. Kirby, Matron.

GOS/14/122, Copy of illustrated leaflet on the career of Dr. Norman Bethune (on Great Ormond Street medical staff, 1919-1920, and later served as doctor to Communist forces in the Spanish Civil War and Sino-Japanese War), published by the Canadian Government for his memorial house, Gravenhurst, Toronto; GOS/14/123, Official Anniversary history for NHS 50th Anniversary, A History of the NHS, by Nicholas Timmins, 1998; GOS/14/124, Examples of 1950s Motherhood training manuals on childhood illnesses, published by Steedman's Powders and Cow and Gate milk; GOS/14/125, Introductory leaflet to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for Children Hackney, circa 1990, with published articles on Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Princess Elizabeth Hospital, Shadwell.

GOS/14/126 Poster advertising 'Family and Friends' Royal Charity Gala in aid of the Sick Children's Trust, 1988; GOS/14/127, Programme for Ceremony of Rededication of the Hospital Chapel following its move to the Variety Club Building, 1 May 1994.

Additional material deposited by Great Ormond Street Public Affairs Department, 1999; GOS/14/128, 'Show me What My Friends can See', (guide by Dr. P. Sonksen and Blanche Stiff, published by Institute of Child Health an as advice manual for parents of partially-sighted babies, 1991); GOS/14/129, Always with Children, reminiscences of former Great Ormond Street nurse Mary Aston (Dorrance, 1997); GOS/14/130, Diary of a Child, by Susan Edwards, being an illustrated guide to child development up to age 10, published by Manor House Press in aid of Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital Fund, 1990; GOS/14/131, Great Ormond Street Hospital Special Olympic Cartoon Book, published in aid of the Great Ormond Street Wishing Well Appeal, 1988; GOS/14/132, Programmes of film Charity Premieres in aid of the Hospital, namely 'Hook', 1992; 'Junior', 1994; and 'Casper', 1995.

GOS/14/133, Stanley and His Magic Slippers, a cartoon published in aid of Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital Fund, circa 1990; GOS/14/134, Book of Life and Love, an anthology of poetry compiled by readers of Best magazine, published in aid of Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital Fund (Arrival press, 1989); GOS/14/135, 'A Record of the Royal Family's Close association with Great Ormond Street since the Hospital's Inception in 1852', prepared for the Wishing Well Appeal, Spring 1986.

Additional material moved from other parts of the Hospital, comprising GOS/14/136, Report of the Expert Group on Special Care for Babies (DHSS reports on Public Health and Medical Subjects, no. 127, 1971); GOS/14/137, Fit for the Future, the Report of the Committee on Child Health Services (HMSO, cmd. 6684, 1976); GOS/14/138, Prevention and health: everybody's business (HMSO, 1976); GOS/14/139, Pamphlet, Fire! How to deal with it and how to prevent it (Hospitals for Sick Children); GOS/14/140 Ministry of Health, pamphlet, Poliomyelitis, Medical memorandum. 1954; GOS/14/141, The Organisation of the In-Patient's Day, report of a Committee of the Central Health Council (HMSO, 1976); GOS/14/142, David Nabarro, A Case of Juvenile General Paralysis (reprinted from The Lancet, 1 Oct 1927); GOS/14/143, Report of Committee of Enquiry into the Education of Handicapped Children and Young People (HMSO, 1978); GOS/14/144, Second report from the Social Services Committee, Session 1979-80, Perinatal and Neonatal Mortality (HMSO, 1980).

GOS/14/145, Pamphlet, Voluntary Work at the Hospitals for Sick Children 1970s; GOS/14/146 Donald Court and Anthony Jackson (editors) Paediatrics in the Seventies (OUP, 1972); GOS/14/147, Leaflet, Paediatric Training in the United Kingdom (Overseas Committee of the BPA, no date); GOS/14/148, Future Management of the London specialist Postgraduate Hospitals (Consultative Document, DHSS, September 1978); GOS/14/149, 'St Christopher's Chapel, Notes on Interior Decoration', by Peter Larkworthy (1994); GOS/14/150, Peter Pan Golf Tournament, 1996, Miscellaneous printed items; GOS/14/151, Programme of visit of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother to Institute of Neurology. 1978; GOS/14/152, Ministry of Health, University Grants Committee, Postgraduate Medical Education and the Specialties. 1962; GOS/14/153, Pamphlet, Sick Children's Nursing, 1975 DHSS Publication. Central Office of Information; GOS/14/154 Pamphlet, Pupil Nurse Training at Tadworth Court, circa 1969; GOS/14/155, Booklet on the new ICH building, 1966; GOS/14/156, Pamphlet on The Hospital for Sick Children, circa 1985; GOS/14/157, Pamphlet about the hospital chaplaincy, circa 1985; GOS/14/158, Article in The Builder about the Institute of Child Health, 16 September 1955.

GOS/14/159, Article in Hospital Management about Tadworth Court, by Gordon Piller, January 1967; GOS/14/160, Article on Charles Dickens' memorial at GOS from The Dickensian, Summer 1994 , GOS/14/161, Article on Great Ormond Street from The Journal of the London Society, 1936, given 1995; GOS/14/162, Careers in the Hospital Service: Hospital Administration Ministry of Health August 1962; GOS/14/163, Master set of 'Information for Families' leaflets on individual medical conditions, issued by the Family Resource Centre 2003; GOS/14/164, Georgie Goes to Hospital, book for a child to colour in before going into hospital. Written by Chris Tuatev, North East London Polytechnic, 1976; GOS/14/165, 'The Child First and Always - Is It?', Professor Albert Aynsley-Green's inaugural Great Ormond Street Hospital Lecture, 25 September 2002. Also includes texts of 1996 lecture 'The Child First and Always' by Christine Hancock, President of the RCN, 2003 lecture, 'Making it Better for Children' by Professor Ian Kennedy , 2006 lecture, 'Building environments to protect Children's Health' by Professor Richard Jackson and 2007 Lecture, 'Is Improvement Science ?' by Dr. Donald M. Berwick.

GOS/14/166,The Remarkable Gatty Family of Ecclesfield , Joan and Mel Jones (2003); GOS/14/167, Letters of copyright assignment from patients to William Gates, volunteer and author of 'Bill Gates's Diaries", in aid of GOS; GOS/14/168, Broadsheets from the hospital school, 2002-2003; GOS/14/169, details of Great Ormond Street Hospital's patients' website pages, 2001; GOS/14/170, CHI Governance Review of Great Ormond Street, March 2003.

GOS/14/171, Records of the Training Department, comprising GOS/14/171/1, Staff Attitude Survey October 2001; GOS/14/171/2 Improving Working Lives literature and Newsletter, Oct 2001 onwards; GOS/14/171/13, 'Learning Links' newsletter.

GOS/14/172, Publications on the Medical Illustration Department, comprising GOS/14/172/1, 'Contrast', the Medical Illustration newsletter, 2002 to date; GOS/14/172/2, leaflet, 'Use of Medical Photography and video recording'; also GOS/14/173 GOS Families' Newsletter, 2002 to date; GOS/14/174, Programme of visit of Edward Prince of Wales to the Hospital, 3 May 1921, including brief history; GOS/14/175, Copy of article, 'Infantile Diarrhoea', by Dr F. E. Batten, from the Nursing Times 15 December 1906; GOS/14/176,Report of the 'Great Ormond Street Working Society' (for providing patients' clothing), 1910; GOS/14/177,Child Diet Sheets published by the Hospital, "The Protective Foods", 1946, "Diet for the Normal Child" (ages 1-2:2-5:5-12), 1950; GOS/14/178, Copy articles acquired by Jules Kosky, formerly Honorary Archivist to the Hospital, including, " The Life of Samuel Jones Gee MD" by O. Garrod (Wix Prize Essay, 1937); extracts from "Lord Southwood of Fernhurst by R. J. Minney, 1954; article on Viscount Southwood, "From Office Boy to Press Baron", by M. Stokes (Hornsey Historical Bulletin, no. 24, 1982): Extract from "A Man of Law's Tale" by Lord MacMillan of Aberfeldy (former Hospital Chairman), 1952; Extracts from Orientations by Ronald Storrs, 1937, re Harry Cust (friend of J. M. Barrie); "Woodlands; A footnote to Victorian Literary History" by Jules Kosky (Highgate residence of the Lehmann Family, GOS patrons) from people and Places: Lost Estates in Highgate, Hornsey and Wood Green 1996.

GOS/14/179, Rays of Hope. The story of the Leukaemia Research Fund (LRF, 1994), and copy articles by Dr Gordon Piller, formerly House Governor of the Hospital, 'Great Ormond Street', from The Three Banks Review (1969); 'Leukaemia - A Brief Historical Overview from Ancient Times to 1950', from The British Journal of Haematology 2001; GOS/14/180, Hopscotch (general interest magazine briefly published by the Hospital). 3 editions, 1990-1991; GOS/14/181, 50th Anniversary Historical Review Edition (1953-2003) of the Journal of Paediatric Surgery 2003; GOS/14/182, Information leaflets on the Hospital's International and Private Patients' Unit, 1998; GOS/14/183, Examples of general fundraising leaflets produced by the Hospital, 2002, including "Raise a Smile" Campaign and the Great Wall of China Walk; GOS/14/184, NHS Discussion Document, 'Healthy Futures', on child health provision in the north London Boroughs, 2003; GOS/14/185, Donor form 1936; GOS/14/186 Report of the Public Inquiry into children's heart surgery at the Bristol Royal Infirmary 1984-1995, Learning from Bristol (TSO) 2001.

GOS/14/187, Supporting Research and Development in the NHS: A Declaration of NHS Activity Associated with Research and Development April 1996; GOS/14/188, Future Developments April 1995: GOS/14/189, Committees Calendar 1894: GOS/14/190 Photocopy of extracts from book, Women at War( John Murray, circa 1944),with photographs of the Hospital's nurses during World War II; GOS/14/191, Published articles by nursing staff, 1970s. (Sister MacElnea on resident parents, Adelaide Tunstill on equipment, M. Thompson on sterile dressings) Nursing Times; GOS/14/192 Extract from The Architect and Building News 2 November 1946, text of lecture by S. E. T. Cusdin and James Crooks.

GOS/14/193, A Collection of papers concerning centenary commemoration 1952 (publications and circulars), donated by Mrs D. K. Cooper; GOS/14/194 Obituaries and other biographical data of GOSH Dental Surgeons(Samuel Cartwright Jnr., Arthur Pitts, Stanley Colyer, William Warwick James, Thomas Cradock Henry), from the collection of the British Dental Association Museum; GOS/14/195, Copy articles from 19th Century periodicals about the Hospital (from The Hospital,1889 and1893; The Nursing Supplement,1887, regarding the Doll Show, and The Hospital Nursing Supplement,1896); GOS/14/196 Extracts from 'Beaconsfield' volume of 'Britain in Old Photographs' series, 1996, with photographs of the Convalescent Home at London End used by Great Ormond Street, circa 1910-1939; GOS/14/197 Hospital for Sick Children , published table of Hospital Committee meetings,1894; GOS/14/198 Items donated by Dr. Richard West of Bristol, including an article from the Nursing Times,1977 on the Hospital's 125th Anniversary, GOSH Christmas Card with an illustrated 1856 ward engraving, and 1925 postcard of the Foundling Hospital.

GOS/14/199 Foundation Trust Summary Consultation Document, Great Ormond Street NHS Trust, 2006; GOS/14/200 Country Life, 20 January 1906, with article on no.44 Great Ormond Street (18th Century house then used as GOSH nursing accommodation); GOS/14/201 Copy circular on new charging arrangements for patients, 1921; GOS/14/202 Partners' fundraising card for Great Ormond Street Hosptal and King's College Hospital, printed for insertion into books published by John Murray publishers,circa1930.

GOS/14/203 Hospital Christmas Card, including fundraising appeal,1936; GOS/14/204 Copy of 'Arkubs' Diploma award for supporting the 'News Chronicle Fund for Supplying Wireless to the Children's Hospital, Great Ormond Street',1936; GOS/14/205 Fundraising Card for the Hospital issued by The Winkle Club, Royal Hotel, Sheerness, 1943; GOS/14/206 Article, 'A Modern Hospital', including 3-D colour illustration of the Southwood Building, circa 1950; GOS/14/207 Programme for Opening of Institute of Neurology Laboratory Block (part shared with Great Ormond Street Hospital) by HM Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, 19 July 1978.

GOS/14/208-10 'Welcome to Radio GOSH' leaflet, circa1980; Maccabi Association Yearbook,1981, with article on the Hospital Radio Station; programme for buffet and disco in aid of Radio GOSH at the Mermaid Theatre,3 May 1987; GOS/14/211 Article, 'Denis Browne's Top Hat', by Dr. Jean M. Horton, for History of Anaesthesia Society,1992 (concerning Browne's Ether Inhaler used at Great Ormond Street).

GOS/14/212-227 Published Reports by or concerning the Hospital's Administration,1991-2004, including, 14/212 Report by the King's Fund (London Acute Services Initiative), 'London Health 2010',1991; 14/213 Report of the Inquiry into London's Health Service, Medical Education and Research (Tomlinson Review), HMSO 1992; 14/214 Directory of Great Ormond Street Hospital Clinical Services, 1993; 14/215 Hospitals for Sick Children Special Health Authority Submission to the Children's Services Specialty Review for the London Implementation Group, 1993; 14/216 * Draft Risk Management Review of Great Ormond Street Hospital NHS Trust by QRM Healthcare Ltd, 1994; 14/217 Review of the Appropriateness of Admission at Great Ormond Streey Hospital NHS Trust by the London Health Economics Consortium, 1997; 14/218 Report, Health Services in London-A Strategic Review(by London Strategic Review Independent Advisory Panel), 1997; 14/219 Great Ormond Street Hospital NHS Trust Review of Postgraduate Medical Education,1998-99; 14/220 NHS Executive Modernisation Plan for the NHS in London, 1999-2002, 1999; 14/221-2 Great Ormond Street Hospital NHS Trust Quality of Working Life Survey, 2000 and Amended Report, 2002; 14/223 Report, 'From Vision to Reality-An EPR Strategy for Great Ormond Street Hospital,2 002-2010',2002 (Electronic Patient Records)

14/224 Great Ormond Street Hospital NHS Trust Finance Manual for Non-Finance Managers, 2002; 14/225 Report, Approval of Finance Agreement for Phase 1A/B Redevelopment 2002; 14/226 Draft Clinical Governance Benchmarking Project for Great Ormond Street Hospital NHS Trust, Report by CHKS, 2002; 14/227 ,Great Ormond Street Hospital NHS Trust Estate Strategy report, 2004; GOS/14/228 Great Ormond Street Hospital Redevelopment Appeal brochure, with introduction by HRH the Prince of Wales, 2002; GOS/14/229 GOSH Redevelopment Update published by the Hospital Charity, 2008; GOS/14/230 Consultation Leaflet on the Future of the International and Private Patient Service at Great Ormond Street Hospital NHS Trust,' A World Class Centre for Treating Sick Children',2007; GOS/14/231 Programme for 2008 Great Ormond Street NHS Trust Staff Awards, Institute of Child Health 28 May 2008; GOS/14/232-3 Information Leaflets 2008, 'Welcome to GOSH, A Guide for Families' and 'Finding Your Way Around Great Ormond Street Hospital'; GOS/14/234 Programme for 'Bloomsbury Festival', 19-21 October 2007, including events at Great Ormond Street Hospital, GOS/14/235-6 Programmes for Memorial Service to Nigel Clark( former Director of Fundraising), St. Paul, Knightsbridge, 2 October 2007,and Funeral and Thanksgiving Service for Gwendolen Kirby (former Matron), St Mary Magdalene, Winsford, Somerset,19 April 2007; GOS/14/237 Invitation and related promotional material for launch of Peter Pan in Scarlet by Geraldine McCaughrean in association with GOSH, Kensington Palace Orangery ,5 October 2006.

GOS/14/238 Fundraising Appeal stamps for the Hospital for Sick Children and other London Hospitals, (c.1930); GOS/14/239 Article 'At the Children's Hospital' from the Strand Magazine,1891, with photocopy (largely regarding Cromwell House); GOS/14/240 Miscellaneous items, including copy of leaflet advertising Charles Dickens' reading from 'A Christmas Carol',1858, and brief histories of the hospital by Gordon Piller (circa 1965) and produced for the Hospital's Centenary,1952.(Gift of former staff member G. Holdstock, 2003); GOS/14/241 1905 paperback edition of 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland', including fundraising advertisement for the hospital with photograph of its 'Lewis Carroll Cot'. Gift of Mr. Chestney,2011.

GOS/14/242 Poster advertising Clerkships and courses at the Hospital's Medical School,1913; GOS/14/243 Copy article from the 'Merthyr Express',1922; 'Bargoed Lady's Reminiscences: Princess as Nurse' (by Mrs. Thomas, formerly Miss Hughes, Ward Sister, Alexandra Ward, concerning Mary, the Princess Royal's training at the Hospital; GOS/14/244 Fundraising leaflet for new Research Department at the Hospital, circa1929; GOS/14/245 Fundraising leaflet for the Hospital issued in association with 'The Practical Home Library',c.1960, including stamp donation by E.F. Staples of Morecambe; GOS/14/246 Fundraising postcard for the Hospital with illustration of nurse and patient,1945.

GOS/14/247 Copy of Hospital Rulebook,1889,with cover annotations by the Secretary, Adrian Hope; GOS/14/248 Certificate that the Hospital is registered as a member of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA), 1978; GOS/14/249 Typescript and published items donated by the League of Remembrance,2009; includes copies of 'Brief History of the Hospital for Sick Children 1852-1952','The Story of the Hospital for Sick Children' by G.J. Piller c.1965, 'The History of the Hospital for Sick Children Great Ormond Street'(educational project by patients in the Children's Ward of the Cambridge Military Hospital, Aldershot, published in aid of the Wishing Well Appeal,1988);fundraising leaflet for the 'Peter Pan Children's Fund'(USA)c.1995; typescript histories by Jules Kosky (Honorary Archivist); 'John Walter III; The Times and the Hospital for Sick Children', 'Dickens and Great Ormond Street; The Early History of the Hospital for Sick Children and Some of its Friends',circa1988; 'A Record of the Royal Family's Close Association with Great Ormond Street Since the Hospital's Inception in 1852',1986; Text of 'A History of the Hospital for Sick Children Great Ormond Street' by former patient Andrew Hughes,1987.

GOS/14/250 Copy article ,'Coeliac Disease: One Hundred Years' by Parveen Kumar and John Walker-Smith (Proceedings of Symposium on Coeliac Disease at St. Bartholemew's Hospital,1988);references work of Dr. Samuel Gee at Great Ormond Street; GOS/14/251 'Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity'; folder for new Charity staff, with details of the Charity's services and administration,circa 2000; GOS/14/252 Proof copy of 'The Remarkable Story of Great Ormond Street Hospital ' by Kevin Telfer, 2007; GOS/14/253 Article, 'Charles Dickens' Work to Establish Great Ormond Street Hospital, London' by Howard Markel, from 'The Lancet',vol.354,August 1999.

GOS/14/254 Circular promoting 'Foster's Classic' celebrity Tennis tournament in aid of the Wishing Well Appeal, June 13 1988; GOS/14/255 'The Sunday Times Magazine', 16 May 2010, including article on the Hospital's Renal Unit by Lesley White; GOS/14/256 Replica of E.H. Shepherd's 1939 Christmas Card for the Hospital for Sick Children, created for the Hospital Charity's Christmas Reception 2009; GOS/14/257 Programme for production of Puccini's 'Il Trittico' at the Royal Opera House,2011 (Historical background for the 'Suor Angelica ' movement provided to the Director,Richard Jones, by the Museum and Archives Service).

GOS/14/258 Public Consultation Document for the Hospital's NHS Foundation Trust Application,2010,with copy of Foundation Trust 'Member Matters' newsletter,2010,and leaflet asking patients for improvement suggestions as part of Foundation Trust consultation.

GOS/14/259 'A Day in the Life of Great Ormond Street Hospital', 2011 ( photographed by photographer-in residence Polly Braden, in association with 'Go Create !'); GOS/14/260 Spring 2012 edition of 'Chemical Heritage'(magazine of the Chemical Heritage Foundation, Philadelphia, including article 'The Discovery of PKU' by Donna Messner with references to, and illustration of, Great Ormond Street; GOS/14/261 Introductory leaflet to exhibition 'The Body in Pieces; Fragments from the UCL Great Ormond Street Hospital Collection' held at University College London 2011,featuring items from the former Hospital for Sick Children Pathology Museum now held at the Royal Free Hospital.

GOS/14/262 December 2011-April 2012 edition of the Museum of London's 'Friends News', featuring Charles Dickens Bicentenary exhibition 'Dickens and London', to which items loaned by the Hospital archives; GOS/14/263 Promotional leaflet for Hospital's 'Transformation' programme,2009; GOS/14/264 Programmes for annual Hospital Staff Awards ceremonies,2009-2012; GOS/14/265 Programme of memorial service to Christine Monk, former Trust Fund Accountant at the Hospital Charity, at St. George the Martyr, Queen Square, 18 July 2011.

GOS/14/266 Pages from website 'The Story of John Parry Thomas' (Land Speed Record holder and patron of the Hospital) 2009; GOS/14/267 'Breakthroughs in Children's Medicine' publication produced by the Hospital Charity; 'Cancer', 'Heart and Lung' and 'Neuroscience', 2007-2011; GOS/14/268 Miscellaneous published items donated by Mrs. Pauline Wood (former Secretary in House Governor's Office), 2012, includes an incomplete set of the 'Great Ormond Street Gazette'; additional copies of 'Welcome ' leaflets for patients(see GOS/14/37 above), programme for laying of Cardiac Wing Foundation Stone, July 1978, 'Notes on Duties of Members of the Board of Governors' c. 1980, 'Complaints Procedure Relating to treatment of Patients' circa 1980: article, 'Growth of an Extrovert Child' on the history of the Hospital from the 1977 Christmas edition of the 'Health and Social Service Journal'; published 'List of Consultant Staff and Outpatient Clinics', 1978; 'Friends of Great Ormond Street 'appeal leaflet circa 1980; article on 'Radio GOSH' from 'The Dental Laboratory', December 1987; article 'The Most Generous Gift' marking the 50th anniversary of J.M. Barrie's gift of the copyright of 'Peter Pan' to the Hospital for Sick Children'; Programme of Thanksgiving service for the life of Dr. Bernard Schlesinger, May 1984.

GOS/14/269 Hospital for Sick Children's official Christmas Card,1936 (Gift of Mr. R.J. Page); GOS/14/270 Advertisements for children's splints, suture needles and other surgical items designed by Sir Denis Browne, from Pryor and Howard Ltd. and Thackray Knives catalogues , circa1960; GOS/14/271 Great Ormond Street NHS Trust published' Quality Quest Standards', 1993-1994 and 1994-1995,with copies of the Trust's published 1994-1995,1995-1996 and 1997-1998 Business Plan Summary, Summary of Aims and Plans,1995-2000 and 1999-2000 Trust 'Factsheet'.

GOS/14/272 Celebration Brochure produced by the Hospital Charity for the opening of the Variety Club Building, funded by the 'Wishing Well Appeal', February 14 1994; GOS/14/273 Published Consultation brochure prior to Foundation Trust application by the Hospital, with 2006 'Suggestions' leaflet concerning earlier Foundation Trust consultation; GOS/14/274 Great Ormond Street Children's Charity 'Challenge Yourself' Events Diary, 2012; GOS/14/275 'Friends of the Children of Great Ormond Street' Advertisement strips and circular fundraising for purchase of No.48 Great Ormond Street as family accommodation, circa 1982-1983; GOS/14/276 Copy of Thomas Twistington Higgins' Centenary history of the Hospital, with programme of Centenary 'Open Day, 29 May 1952 and related press-cuttings; items formerly owned by Dorette Golay, GOSH Ward Sister and Asst. Matron, Hempstead House,1935-1944. Gift of Mrs. G. Woods, 2012.

GOS/14/277 Illustrated Handbook of the Charles West School of Nursing,1966; GOS/14/278 Programme for London 'Open House' day,10 September 1994,including public opening of Hospital Chapel; GOS/14/279 Leaflet commemorating 50 years of Research and Development at the Institute of Child Health, 1995; GOS/14/280 Official Application for NHS TRUST status by the Hospital for Sick Children, 1993; OS/14/281 Leaflet introducing KPMG's 'PIMS' Patient Information Management System, 1994; GOS/14/282 'Welcome to GOS' Floor-by-Floor guide to the Hospital and its facilities, circa 2000; GOS/14/283 Circulars on 'GOS 2000' Hospital development proposals, 1996, and 'Outline Strategy 2004-8' circular, 2004; GOS/14/284 Staff Information Management leaflets, 'Promoting Health literacy at Great Ormond Street hospital' and 'How to produce information for children and families', 2008; GOS/14/285 Information leaflets on changes to the Out-Patient Department, and move of Out-Patient services to the Royal Homeopathic Hospital, 2005, and general information leaflet for families on the Hospital's Redevelopment, 2004.

GOS/14/286 Programme for GOSH/ICH 'Open Day' for Referring Clinicians, 10 September 2012; GOS/14/287 Brief Guide to Tadworth Court (GOSH 'Country Branch'),1980; Privately published by Kenneth R Clew,1980; GOS/14/288 'Times' Supplement ,'The Hospital for Sick Children, London' March 9 1966; GOS/14/289 Programme for Gala Celebrity premiere of Walt Disney Pictures' 'Aladdin', in aid of Variety Club of Great Britain and the Hospital, 18 November 1993 (Leicester Square Odeon); GOS/14/290 'The Architect's Journal', 6 April 1994, including article on the Hospital's newly-opened Variety Club Building; GOS/14/291 'The Paediatric Pathology Society Archive; How it all started' by John Emery (1997, published in 'Paediatric Pathology Society History' July 2005); GOS/14/292 'The Royal College of Surgeons' 19th Century Textbook of Paediatrics and its Authors Evanson and Maunsell', by Professor O Conor Ward, article from 'Journal of the Irish Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons, vol. 31 no.2, April 2002.

GOS/14/293 'Forever Young', Article on 'Peter Pan's Centenary from 'Woman's World' (Annual of the Women's Institute),2004-2005; GOS/14/294 Extract from 'Forgotten Voices of the Holocaust' by Lyn Smith, 2005, including reminiscence of wartime treatment at the Hospital by refugee Steven Frank; GOS/14/295 Article on the 'Babs' Cot and racing motorist J.G. Parry Thomas' involvement with the hospital, from 'Motor Sport'. June 2007; GOS/14/296 'History Today' magazine, October 2009, including article by Paula Hellal on theories of child speech development since the 19th Century, 'To Speak Like a Child'; GOS/14/297 'Early Paediatric Anaesthetics at Great Ormond Street Hospital'; lecture by Dr. T. Gilkes, published in 'History of Anaesthesia Society Proceedings', 2009.

GOS/14/298 'Dental Historian' Number 51, January 2010, including article by Professor Stanley Gelbier,'Great Ormond Street Hospital,Its Dental Surgeons (1856-1946) and the Cartwright Family'; GOS/14/299 Published articles by Dr. Andrea I Tanner, Archive Assistant, Great Ormond Street NHS Trust, 2000-2013; 'Dust-Oh ! Rubbish in Victorian London', from 'The London Journal', November 2006 'Choice and the Children's Hospital: Great Ormond Street Hospital Patients and their Families, 1855-1900', from 'Ariadne' issue 60, July 2009 'The Role of Visitors and the Victorian London Children's Hospital', from 'Clio Medica', 2009; The Great Ormond Street Historical Patient Database Project', from 'Archives '28, 2009; Review of 'The Sophia Children's Hospital in Rotterdam' by M.J. van Lieburg, from 'Medical History' 50, October 2006; 'For the Love of Children', from 'Ancestors', August 2005; 'The Sentimental Hard-Sell; Establishing the Idea of the Children's Hospital in Victorian London', from'Melanges de L'Ecole Francaise de Rome' 1 16, 2004; (with D Martino, G Defazio, A J Church, K P Bhatia, G Giovannoni and R C Dale ) 'Tracing Sydenham's Chorea; Historical Documents from a British Paediatric Hospital', from 'Archives of Diseases in Childhood', 90,2005.

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