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Group Administration Files

Identity Statement

Reference code(s): GOS/15
Held at: Great Ormond Street Hospital Archives
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Full title: Group Administration Files
Date(s): 1944-2008
Level of description: Sub fonds
Extent: 46 boxes on 11.5 shelves, totalling 34.5 metres.
Name of creator(s): Great Ormond Street Hospital


Administrative/Biographical history:

Great Ormond Street Hospital was founded in 1852 by Charles West on its current site in Bloomsbury as the Hospital for Sick Children. It was the first children's hospital in Britain. It became part of the NHS in 1948 and took over the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for Sick Children in 1968. It went through several changes of name during this period and adopted its current name in 1994.


Scope and content/abstract:

Great Ormond Street Hospital Group Administration files comprising: GOS/15/1, Hospital Admission Leaflets (information for parents); examples of and correspondence about revisions, 1962-1975; GOS/15/2-4 Allocation of Accommodation, 1957-1974; GOS/15/5 Medical Staff Conferences, 1970-85; correspondence and agendas; GOS/15/6 Annual Reports, 1959-1967 and correspondence; GOS/15/7-11 Architects' Correspondence and reports, 1961-1983; GOS/15/12-13 Consulting Engineers and Surveyors, correspondence and reports, 1973- 1982; GOS/15/14, Building Consultants, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, 1983; Agreements with Budgen and Partners for new ward ceilings.

GOS/15/15-16 Accidents to Staff, 1972 -1974 and 1976*; GOS/15/17 Accidents in the Home; LCC enquiry into and related papers, 1958-1968; GOS/15/18-25 Automation; correspondence and reports on development of computer systems at GOS, 1965-1985; GOS/15/26 Minutes of Computer Working Party, 1964-1973; GOS/15/27 Postgraduate Hospitals Computer Feasibility Study, 1979-1981.

GOS/15/28, Battered Babies, correspondence and reports on procedures for dealing with, 1970-1973; GOS/15/29Allocation of Beds, 1955-1964; GOS/15/30, Blood Transfusion Service, 1939-1974; GOS/15/31,Chairman's File, of miscellaneous Chairman's and House Governor's correspondence; GOS/15/32, Report on Child Health Services (Fit for the Future), 1977 (GOS response to the Court Report).

GOS/15/33 Staff Christmas Festivities and Cards, 1960-1970; GOS/15/34(Hospitals for Sick Children) Group as a Supra-Regional Centre (London Co-ordinating Committee. papers), 1976-1978; GOS/15/35-38 Infection Control procedures; 1962-1977; GOS/15/39-41 Cots-design of and new prototypes; 1957-1981; GO8/15/42 Audiology Working Party papers, 1977-1978; GOS/15/43, Deputation to the Ministry of Health over maintenance of administrative links with the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, 1969; GOS/15/44 Hospital Archives and establishment of Museum (the Peter Pan Gallery), 1977-1979.

GOS/15/45-46 Miscellaneous enquiries to the Hospital, 1964-1971, including /45 includes correspondence about the career of Dr Norman Bethune, the Hospital support scheme for Kampala Children's Hospital, Uganda, Lewis Carroll and Great Ormond Street; Muscular Dystrophy treatment at Carshalton; Mrs Gatty and the 'Aunt Judy' Cot and a gift of books by Enid Blyton.

GOS/15/47, Terminal Care Working Party and Parents Interview Room (review of arrangements for dealing with patient deaths), 1981-1983; GOS/15/48, Fire Precautions and Inspector's reports, 1963-1984; GOS/15/49 Gas, Electricity and Fuel Supplies to the Hospital, 1964-1983; GOS/15/50, Patient visiting by Siblings and other Children (policy correspondence), 1970-1981.

GOS/15/51-54 Gifts to the Hospital, 1959-1984; GOS/15/55-61, The Great Ormond Street Gazette; draft articles and editorial correspondence, 1962-1974; GOS/15/62, Use of Hospital Patient Casenotes for Research, and general Casenote confidentiality, 1970-1979; GOS/15/64-65 Hospital History, including early policy statements on Archives policy, including /64, 1895-1965, including reports on 1940 bombing, a short history of the hospital by Sir L Barrington-Ward, miscellaneous draft articles about the Hospital, the 1895 plan of the neighbouring Hospital of St. John and St Elizabeth prior to its purchase by GOS.

GOS/15/66-68 Green Paper on Future of the NHS in London (Todd Report); Hospital response to, and minutes of the London Postgraduate Committee, 1967-1980; GOS/15/69 Infection Precautions, 1961; GOS/15/70 Infection Control Memoranda (mainly Ministry circulars), 1961-1982; GOS/15/71, Assistance to the development of local paediatric services in the Sultanate of Oman by GOS, 1983-1984; GOS/15/72 Royal Commission on the NHS, 1976-1978; GOS/15/73 Hospital Catering and Joint Purchasing schemes, 1954-1965.

GOS/15/74/1-9, Kampala Project (Provision of Staff, Training and Support Service to the Mulago Children's Hospital, Kampala, Uganda, 1959-1972; GOS/15/75 Hoxton Psychology Consultant (QEH), 1968-1970, (proposed joint appointment with Hoxton Child Guidance Clinic); GOS/15/76/1-3 Medical Equipment (purchase of), advertisements, proposals for purchase, and funding of; 1969-1984; GOS/15/77 Welton Foundation (donation for purchase of new computer for Radioisotope work), 1979-1980; GOS/15/78 Development of the Hospital Shop, including plans, 1979-1984; GOS/15/79 Hospital Memorial Services, 1944-1974, including correspondence and Orders of Ceremony, including services for Sir Stanley Cohen, Eric Lloyd, E A Cockayne, Sir R Hutchison, C A Lucas, G McNab, F J Poynton, M Bodian, G Boggon, Sir L Barrington-Ward.

GOS/15/80/1-3 GOS Medical Staff and Statistics; correspondence, staff lists and new appointments;, 1963-1968; GOS/15/81/1-2 Medical Staff Statistics (returns to Ministry and national NHS data,1963-1972; GOS/15/82 Training of Junior Medical Staff, correspondence and minutes of Sub-Committee, 1966-1971; GOS/15/83/1-2 Consultant Staffing, correspondence and reports, 1959-1972.

GOS/15/84 Medical Registrars, 1955-1966; GOS/15/85 Surgical Registrars, correspondence reports and regulations for, 1963-1966; GOS/15/86/1-4, Staff Honorary Contracts (for short-stay overseas staff); 1961-1974; GOS/15/87 Medical and Surgical Staff Review; reports and supporting documentation of Staff Review Committee, 1964-1965; GOS/15/88 House Officers, correspondence and memoranda, 1960-1972; GOS/15/89 Joint Appointments with the National Hospital, 1963-1972; GOS/15/90 ENT Registrars, 1964-1969; GOS/15/91 LCC Welfare Clinic, Lower Clapton, and the employment of GOS staff at, 1958-1967; GOS/15/92 Physicians to Medical Out-Patients (temporary honorary assistants from other Hospitals), 1951-1967; GOS/15/93/1-6 Medical Staff Locums, 1963-1973.

G0S/15/94 Bone marrow Transplantation; development and funding of treatment, 1982-1985; GOS/15/95/1-5, Nursing Staff, general correspondence, statistical data and Sub- Committee papers; 1964-1971; GOS/15/96 Nursing Salaries and Senior Posts, 1969, including appointment of new Chief Nursing Officer; GOS/15/97/1-3 Nurse Training; 1964- 1970; GOS/15/98 Nurse Training, Lectures and Examinations, 1965-1986; GOS/15/99/1-10, Establishment and construction of the Charles West School of Nursing, 1956-1960.

GOS/15/99/1-10, General Buildings Correspondence, 1956-1960; GOS/15/100 Nursing Staff Training, Reorganisation of Tadworth, 1938; GOS/15/101 Organisation and Management Survey of Nursing Services, 1961; GOS/15/102 NHS Designation of Teaching Hospitals, 1947-1954; GOS/15/103 Nursing Staff Medals and Certificates, 1963-1982; GOS/15/104 Nursing Awards Ceremonies, 1956-1981; GOS/15/105 Midwives(Obstetric Courses for pregnant parents of GOS patients), 1962-1983; GOS/15/106/1-2 Nurses' Uniform, 1960-1986; GOS/15/107/1-2 Nursing Reports by the General Nursing Council, 1959-1982; GOS/15/108/1-6 NHS Consultative Documents, 1970-1974; GOS/15/109/1-5 Oxygen and Medical Gases (purchase, usages and storage of), 1949-1971; GOS/15/110/1-2 Oxygen Apparatus and Incubators, 1963-1978; GOS/15/111 Polio Respirators, 1949-1965; GOS/15/112/1-4 Private Patients, finances and provision, 1964-1982.

GOS/15/113 Patients, general correspondence with other hospitals, General Practitioners, and * /1-9 parents,1961-1978; GOS/15/114/1-3 Patient Statistics, 1962-1972; GOS/15/115/1-2 Patient Welfare(official and Hospital reports), 1963-1985; GOS/15/116, Visiting of Patients in Hospital, 1964-1986 (policy correspondence and responses to the Platt Report); GOS/15/117 Legal Reports, 1960-67 *, comprising largely responses to requests for GOS staff advice for divorce and other legal cases involving child health.

GOS/15/118/1-2 Operation Consents (policy on and design of consent forms), 1966-1978; GOS/15/119 Overseas Patients (Treatment and funding of), 1958-1961; GOS/15/120 Sponsored Patients, 1957-1967; GOS/15/121 Directives on Overseas Patients, 1954-1966; GOS/15/122/1-2, Patient Age-Limits (Policy on admission of adolescents), 1954-1977; GOS/15/123 Hospital Pharmacopoiea, 1958-1975; GOS/15/124 Patrons and Vice-Patrons, 1948-1965 *; GOS/15/125/1-2, Press enquiries, largely for proposed articles about the Hospital, 1953-1985, including controversy over proposed closure of Banstead Wood country branch and Tadworth Court.

GOS/15/126/1-2 Publications, general ( supply of articles and information for), 1961-1980; GOS/15/128/1-5, Radium and Radioactive materials; 1948-1980; GOS/15/129, Residential Accommodation (ownership, staffing and management of), 1964-1972; GOS/15/130, Royal Garden Parties (invitations to GOS staff), 1935-1980; GOS/15/131, Health and Safety at Work legislation and the Hospital, 1978-1980; GOS/15/132, Hunt Report on Hospital Supplies Organisation, 1966-1967; GOS/15/133, Southwood memorial Statues and Plaques (statues of St Nicholas and Christopher); plans and correspondence with Board members and the sculptor (Gilbert Ledward), 1950-1964.

GOS/15/134/1-2 Medical Staff Establishment (new appointments, financing of new posts, statistical returns to Ministry) 1950-1964; GOS/15/135/1-3 Nursing Staff Establishment (new appointments, financing of new posts, statistical returns to Ministry) 1950-1964; GOS/15/135/1-3, Nursing Staff Establishment; 1963-1972; GOS/15/136, Staff Statistics, general, 1964-1972; GOS/15/137, Staff Sickness (papers on Working Party on in-house staff health-care provision), 1968-1971; GOS/15/138, Staff Conditions of Service, 1964-1972, including GOS responses to the Lycett Committee of Enquiry; GOS/15/139, Industrial Action (Strike Contingency Planning)*,1953-1979; GOS/15/140/1-3, Trade Unions at GOS; 1948-1985*; GOS/15/141, Contingency Plans for Thames Flooding at the Hospital, and transfer arrangements from other units in the event of it, 1972-1979.

GOS/15/142, Hospital Transport. 1954-1963 (to Tadworth Court and general); GOS/15/143 Gifts of Toys to the Hospital, 1957-1968; GOS/15/144 Tuberculosis treatments and precautions, 1949-1965; GOS/15/145/1-2, Transplantation of Organs, 1968-1980; GOS/15/146 Department of Paediatric Surgery; general correspondence, 1976-1986.

GOS/15/147, Hospital Newsletter (Roundabout); incomplete set, 1971-1982, with correspondence; GOS/15/148/1-6, Visits to the Hospital (by Royal Family members, politicians, sportsmen, actors and actresses, colonial health ministers, overseas statesmen's families and so on, 1960-1978.

GOS/15/149-151, Official Visits, 1964-1986, including visits of British and overseas Royalty and Government members, GOS/15/152 NHS 25th Anniversary Lunch (for 1948 Board members), 1973; GOS/15/153-154 Royal Visits, 1959-1984; GOS/15/155 Working Party on Future Development of Medical Work at GOS, 1971-1976; GOS/15/156, Nursing Services and Matron's Office Work Survey, 1961-1967; GOS/15/157 Investigation into over-expenditure on the Barrie Wing, 1963-1964; GOS/15/158 Ahmad Amirahmadi Nursing Scholarship Fund (donation by Iranian former patient), 1970-1976; GOS/15/159, Management Consultants, correspondence with, and reports by, the London Postgraduate Teaching Hospitals Management Services Unit, 1971-1986.

GOS/15/160 ENT Department, general correspondence and reports, 1976-1983; GOS/15/161, Miscellaneous correspondence of Hospital departments, 1976-1983, including Audiology, ENT , Dental, Neurophysiology , Chaplaincy, mainly concerning equipment purchase and staffing disputes *; GOS/15/162/1-2, Pharmacy, 1972 and 1979-1982, mainly concerning equipment purchase, drug trials and costs.

GOS/15/163 Respiratory Unit (establishment of), 1976-1978; GOS/15/164/1-2 Diagnostic Equipment (funding and purchase of), 1965-1969 and 1976-1984; GOS/15/165 Chemical Pathology and Clinical Biochemistry departmental correspondence, mainly financial, 1981-1982; GOS/15/166, Voluntary Workers, 1972-1984, including Voluntary Services Annual Reports and Information Leaflets, and correspondence on the use of voluntary workers during strikes.

GOS/15/167/1-3 Hospital Social Services correspondence, including with Wolfson Centre and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, 1974-1985; GOS/15/168 Out-Patient Department, 1980-1986, general correspondence, and 1986 Management Services report on its work; GOS/15/169, Department of Physical Medicine, 1971-1981; GOS/15/170/1-2 Medical Records Department; 1976-1984;GOS/15/171, Nephrology department, 1966-1983; development of the Renal Unit, joint work with the Royal Free Hospital, Home Dialysis services; GOS/15/172 Speech Therapy Department correspondence, 1972-1979.

GOS/15/173 Immunology Services, 1972-1979; GOS/15/174 School of Nursing papers, 1972-1979; GOS/15/175 Dietetic Department correspondence, 1972-1984; GOS/15/176 Medical Illustration Department, 1972-1979; correspondence, equipment purchase, policy statements on legal implications of photographing children *; GOS/15/177 Provision of services for mentally-handicapped patients, 1972-1985; GOS/15/178 Haematology Department papers, 1981-1984; GOS/15/179 Hospital Working Parties, miscellaneous (on Central Nervous System, new Ophthalmology Posts, Radioisotopes), 1972-1978.

GOS/15/180 Hospital Crèche, 1979-1980; GOS/15/181, X-Ray Department, 1981-1985; GOS/15/182 Neurophysiology Department papers, 1972-1979; GOS/15/183 Catering Department and Catering Competitive Tendering, 1972-1985; GOS/15/184 Hospital Transport, 1972-1986; GOS/15/185 Private Patient Beds Provision, 1969-1982; GOS/15/186 Department of Psychological Medicine papers, 1976-1981; GOS/15/187 NFER (National Foundation for Educational Research); licensing of 'Symbolic Play Test' video by GOS (royalties from sale in USA); GOS/15/188 Gastroenterology Working Party, minutes and correspondence, 1972-1975; GOS/15/189 Surgical Appointments and Division of Surgery correspondence; also papers of Working Party on the Future of Surgery in the Group, 1972-1976; GOS/15/190-192 Future of the Postgraduate Hospitals and Institutes; 'SCICOM' Review and establishment of Hospitals for Sick Children Special Health Authority,1973-1982; GOS/15/193 London Advisory Group Reports(on future of Hospital provision in London), 1980.

GOS/15/194, Hospital Playground, 1972-1982; GOS/15/195/1-2 Reconstruction of Doctors' Mess, 1976-1980 and 1984; GOS/15/196/1-3 * Reports for Legal Purposes (on GOS patients, and advice to national cases) 1973-1975; 1974; 1975-1980; 1980-1983; GOS/15/197 Growth and Development Department and Growth Disorder Clinic, 1972-1980; GOS/15/198 Hospital School, 1972-1979, includes staff applications *.

GOS/15/199/1-3 CSSD (Sterile Supplies Department), 1973-1982 and 1982-1987, Management Services reports, 1978-1981; GOS/15/200 Thoracic Unit papers, 1972-1975 *; GOS/15/201 Proposed Out-Patients Department Mural, 1973-1976; GOS/15/202-223 Group Administration 'B' coded filing (Hospital Buildings); GOS/15/202/1-2 Bernard Street Properties, 1960-1969; GOS/15/202/3 Purchase of 12-14 Bernard Street, 1969-1970, including plans; GOS/15/203/1-2, 25-28 Bernard Street, 1972-1975; GOS/15/204 32 Great Ormond Street (Williams Deacons Bank); Lease of former house by the Hospital to the Bank, includes plans, development schemes and general Hospital correspondence with the Bank, 1952-1967; GOS/15/205 40 Great Ormond Street (Premises leased by the Royal Standard Benefit Company, later reclaimed as GOS Supplies Dept, plans and tenancy agreements, 1955-1967; GOS/15/206 28-40 Great Ormond Street, 1956-1966, Houses on the north side of the street, subsequently replaced by new frontage extension. Includes tenancy correspondence with Tom Driberg, Richard Seifert and Lena Jeger, MP.

GOS/15/207/1-2 Dolling's Timber Yard (off Guilford Street), 1954-1960 and 1960-1966 including purchase of by the Hospital from McFarlane Burchell Ltd, draft assignment of Leasehold, and subsequent site development for ICH and Barrie Wing; GOS/15/208 Foundling Estate; papers concerning attempts at joint purchase of residential properties on the Foundling Estate by the National Hospital and GOS, 1965; GOS/15/209 28-38 Great Ormond Street, development of as new frontage building 1967-1971, including surveys of the Hospital's usage requirements and leasing of nos. 28-34 to the Ministry of Health, 1970.

GOS/15/210, 28 Great Ormond Street; leasing and subsequent usage of section of new frontage building by Deacons Bank (later Williams and Glynn's Bank), 1964-1982; GOS/15/211 41 Great Ormond Street, includes Holborn Borough Council plans of properties on the south side of the street, 1959; GOS/15/212 61 Great Ormond Street, 1967-1970; purchase by the Hospital from Camden Council, and conversion for use by Leukaemia Research Fund; GOS/15/213, Guilford Street properties (nos. 37-39, YMCA, and nos. 41-44), 1931. Purchase of new nurses' home development, and buy-out of YMCA, including correspondence of Lord Macmillan and Mr. Chadwyck-Healey (Hospital Chairman and Treasurer).

GOS/15/214 Investigation of potential purchase of nos 55-57 Great Ormond Street by the Hospital, 1970 (for £40,000); GOS/15/215 Kent's Factory, Ormond Mews. Purchase of former sawmill, leasing to Abbott and Gerson Ltd, and proposals for demolition and development of site (future Cardiac Wing site), 1959-1963; GOS/15/216 Redevelopment of Old Building, 1965-1967. Correspondence, reports, occupation and usage data, redevelopment schemes and floorplans; GOS/15/217 Ormond Mews, 1958-1968, principally concerning access and light and air agreements with the National Hospital resulting from construction of the nstitute of Neurology, Queen's Square; GOS/15/218/1-2 72-84 Lamb's Conduit Street (development of Spens House site), 1963-1967; GOS/15/219 83-95 Lamb's Conduit Street, 1970-1984. Plans, leases, tenancy dealings with the Rugby Estate, Mel Calman Limited and others (Botnar Laboratories site); GOS/15/220/1-2 Rosslyn Lodge, Belsize Park (former GOS nurses' home), 1950-1976, includes correspondence, plans, sale particulars, lease from Church Commissioners, and Camden area environmental plans.

GOS/15/221 Surveyor's Report to the National Hospital and GOS on properties owned by the Hospitals and their redevelopment potential, l971; GOS/15/222/1-2 Hospital Properties Schedules, 1960-1968 and 1969-1974; GOS/15/223 Hospital Leases with DHSS, 1976 (Queen Elizabeth Hospital properties; 36 Doughty Street, 28-34 Bernard Street, 24 Great Ormond Street and 'Northdown', Tadworth Court).

GOS/15/224-225, Group Administration 'C' coded filing (Papers of Hospital Committees), including GOS/15/224/1-6 Board of Governors' papers, 1958-1986, and GOS/15/225 Board of Governors, miscellaneous papers, 1972-1981; GOS/15/226 Board's Official Visitors' Reports for GOS, QEH and Tadworth Court, 1959-1985; GOS/15/227 Board of Governors' Open Day, 1970; GOS/15/228/1-3 Papers of Cross-Infection Sub-Committee(later Group Infection (Committee), 1963-1978 *; GOS/15/229 Papers of GOS Drugs Committee, 1955-1968, including Reports, circulars, correspondence, and a list of banned practitioners *.

GOS/15/230 Papers of Finance Committee, correspondence and reports, 1961-19; GOS/15/231/1-2 Papers of the Policy and Planning Sub-Committee(Of the Medical Committee, 1963-1969; GOS/15/232 Division of Radiologists, correspondence and reports, 1971-1978; GOS/15/233 Joint Meeting of Pathologists, reports on staff and work-rates, 1963-1970; GOS/15/234 Correspondence with Medical Committee of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, on future co-operation after amalgamation, 1967-1968; GOS/15/235/1-3 Papers of the Medical Committee, 1964-1971; GOS/15/236/1-3 Papers of the Nursing Committee, 1966-1985; GOS/15/237 Papers of the Policy and Development Sub-Committee, 1964-1968; GOS/15/238 Sub-Committee (of the Policy and Development Committee) on the Development of Tadworth Court and Banstead (country branches), 1968-1971.

GOS/15/239/1-3 Papers of the Joint Research Board, 1954-1970; GOS/15/240/1-2 Study Leave Committee, including Clinical Staff Study Leave applications, 1965-1966 and attendance at 1971 International Paediatric Congress, Vienna; GOS/15/241 Papers of Joint Meetings of Surgeons and Physicians, 1959-1971; GOS/15/242 General Sub-Committee papers, 1960-1967; GOS/15/243/1-2 Papers of the Tadworth Committee, including some minutes, 1957-1965 and 1966-1969; GOS/15/244 Papers of Tadworth Medical Committee, 1966-1967.

GOS/15/245 Minutes and correspondence of GOS Medical Records Committee, 1972-1986; GOS/15/246 Reports and correspondence on the 'Cogwheel Committee' structure of clinical committees, 1972-7198, including revised Constitution of the General Medical Staff Committee; GOS/15/247 Papers of the Joint Standing Committee for the Protection of Persons against Atomising Radiation (later Radiological Safety Committee), 1971-1981*.

GOS/15/248-380 Group Administration 'D' coded filing, (Papers of Hospital Departments), including GOS/15/248- 249, Anaesthetic Department, 1956-1974; GOS/15/250, *Animal House, 1960-1975; GOS/15/252, *Admissions, 1959-1975; GOS/15/254 *Almoner's Department (Social Work), Administration and Staffing, 1969-1972; GOS/15/255-257 CSSDU (Central Sterile Supplies Department), 1964-1976; GOS/15/258 Catering Department, 1970-1974, GOS/15/259-260 *Chemical Pathology Department, Administration and Staffing, 1967-1976; GOS/15/261 Chapel, Maintenance and Equipment, 1959-1976; GOS/15/262 Dental Department, 1958-1974; GOS/15/264 Dietetic Department, 1965-1975; GOS/15/266 Dispensary (Pharmacy), Administration and Equipment (Sample), 1959-1976; GOS/15/267 Hospital Crèche, 1968-1977.

GOS/15/268 Parent's Unit 1971; GOS/15/269 *ENT Department, 1958-1973;GOS/15/271 Psychiatric Unit (Establishment of Mildred Creak Unit), 1969-1974; GOS/15/272 Psychiatric Unit, Maintenance and Equipment (including plans), 1970-1971; GOS/15/273 Staff Occupational Health Centre (Establishment of and subsequent Maintenance and Equipment, 1972-1977; GOS/15/274, Growth and Disorder Clinic, 1962-1974; GOS/15/275-276 House Governor's Office, 1959-1973; GOS/15/277-278 Haematology Department, Administration and Staffing, 1961-1974; GOS/15/280 Matron's Office, Administration and Staffing, 1943-1972 includes 1948 Rules for the Matron, and 1964 work review of the office.

GOS/15/281-282 Medical Records Department, 1959-1971; GOS/15/283 Hospital Milk Kitchen and Milk Feed System, 1958-1972; GOS/15/284 Medical Artist's Department, Staffing and Equipment, 1955-1974; GOS/15/285 Morbid Anatomy Department, Administration and Staffing, 1970-1976; GOS/15/286 Microbio1ogy 1960-1972; GOS/15/287 Medical Workshop (Biomedical Engineering), including minutes of the Medical Workshops Sub-Committee, 1957-1974 (sample).

GOS/15/288, Administration and Staffing, miscellaneous papers (sample), 1963-1972, including correspondence with or about present and former staff, alleviation of parental visiting restrictions, reminiscences of Norman Bethune by Thomas Twistington-Higgins and of the appointment of Lord Southwood as Chairman in 1939 by William Surrey Dane.

GOS/15/289 Nephrology Department (Renal Unit), 1970-1975; GOS/15/290-296, Neurophysiology Department, 1957-1977; GOS/15/297 Neurology Department, general, 1958-1974; GOS/15/298-301, Neurosurgery Unit, Administration and Staffing, 1950-1974; GOS/15/302 Nursing Mothers' Unit (including short-term parental accommodation) 1959-1977 and also some general correspondence on family visiting policy; GOS/15/303-304 Ophthalmic Department, Administration and Staffing, 1960-1975; GOS/15/305-310 Operating Theatres, 1959-1976*.

GOS/15/311-314 Out-Patients' Department, Administration and Staffing, 1960-1973; GOS/15/315 Orthopaedic Department, 1960-72; GOS/15/317-323, Pathology Department, 1951-1976*; GOS/15/324 Miscellaneous, 1949-1964; GOS/15/325-326, Photographic Department, 1957-1976*; GOS/15/327-332, Department of Psychological Medicine,1959-1972*; GOS/15/332 Plastic Surgery Department, 1962-1972; GOS/15/333-336 Physical Medicine Department, 1958-1977; GOS/15/337-338, *Physiology Department, 1960-1972; GOS/15/339 * Play (Therapy) Centre, 1965-1977.

GOS/15/340 Radiotherapy Department, 1958-1972; GOS/15/341 Research, Maintenance and Equipment, 1961-1972; GOS/15/342 Speech Therapy Department, 1960-1973; GOS/15/343-344 * Hospital School, 1948-1958, and 1960-1967; GOS/15/345 *Surgical and Medical Appliances, 1960-1976; GOS/15/346 Surgery, general, 1966-1972; GOS/15/347, St Nicholas's Nursery (Nursery in Guilford Street funded by the Friends of Great Ormond Street, for resident mothers, and children with feeding difficulties) no dates.

GOS/15/348-351 Thoracic Department, 1948-1971;GOS/15/352 Urology Department, 1962-1972; GOS/15/353-355 *Voluntary Workers, correspondence , reports and newsletters; 1964-1974; GOS/15/356 Voluntary Gifts Department (for donated clinical equipment), 1948-1965; GOS/15/357 Hospital Wards (sample), 1961-1973*; GOS/15/358-359, Hospital Wards, general (sample), l958-1972;GOS/15/359-364, X-Ray Department, 1963- 1973; GOS/15/365 Automation and Computers, 1972-1973.

GOS/15/366 Bed Allocation by consultants and specialisms, 1964-1973(for GOS, QEH, Tadworth Court and Banstead Wood); GOS/15/367 * Patient Complaints, 1972-1973; GOS/15/368 Ethical Committee(Standing Committee on Ethical Practice), *correspondence, minutes and proposals to, 1967-1972; GOS/15/369 Gifts to the Hospital, 1974; GOS/15/370-371 Heads of Department Meetings, correspondence and minutes; 1971-1974; GOS/15/372 Staff Incentive Bonus Schemes, 1972; GOS/15/373 Papers of Infection Sub-Committee, 1972-1976; GOS/15/374 *Overseas Patient Enquiries, with related memoranda and policy documents, 1972-1973; GOS/15/375 *Private Patients, miscellaneous correspondence and reports, including Royal patients; GOS/15/376, Transport of patients by Helicopter (use of Coram Fields as a landing strip for RAF helicopters delivering emergency patients), 1959-1976.

GOS/15/377-378 * Private Consulting Rooms, including minutes of Users Sub-Committee and plans, 1965-1973; GOS/15/379 Residences, correspondence and accommodation statistics, 1972-1973; GOS/15/380 Theatre Working Party, 1973-1974.

GOS/15/381-436 Group Administration 'F' coded Filing (correspondence with External Organisations and Affiliated Institutions, comprising GOS/15/381 Area Nurse Training (North-East Metropolitan Area Nurse* Training Committee), 1957-1968; GOS/15/382-383 BBC Broadcasts, 1959-1966 and 1968-1984; GOS/15/384,British Paediatric Association (run from Institute of Child Health); correspondence, reports, agenda papers, newsletters, 1962-1968; GOS/15/385-388 Coram Fields-Harmsworth Memorial Park and Wolfson Centre*, 1961-1983; GOS/15/389, Cystic fibrosis Research Foundation (administered by GOS staff), correspondence and newsletters, 1963-1969.

GOS/15/390, * Department of Health and Social Security (sample), 1972-1982, including correspondence with DHSS, 1983 report on Paediatric Cardiac Surgery; Rules for new Hospitals for Sick Children Special Health Authority, 1982, Hospital statistical returns to the Department.

GOS/15/391-398 Friends(of the Children) of Great Ormond Street; correspondents, minutes and leaflets, 1961-1986; GOS/15/399 Variety Club of Great Britain, 1967-1977; GOS/15/400 * Leukaemia Research Fund, 1969-1985; GOS/15/401-402 London Borough of Camden, 1977-1986, including general plans of the area, and papers concerning the effects on the Hospital and neighbourhood of traffic and development schemes and cable-laying; GOS/15/403, Joint Research Board (with Institute of Child Health), 1970-1975; GOS/15/404-408 Institute of Child Health, general management correspondence with the Hospital, and some minutes of ICH Academic Board, 1961-1985; GOS/15/409 Royal Commission on Medical Education (Todd Report), 1968; GOS/15/410 League of Remembrance, 1959-1984; GOS/15/411-412 Metropolitan Hospitals Sunday Fund, 1959-1984.

GOS/15/413, Queen Elizabeth Hospital for Children, Hackney, 1959-1965, including correspondence with QEH prior to period of joint management, including GOS reports giving case for designation of QEH as part of future Hospitals for Sick Children group; GOS/15/414-415 North-East Metropolitan Regional Health Board (later North-East Thames RHB), 1962-1967 and 1971-1985; GOS/15/416, Royal Melbourne Children's Hospital, 1963-1969; GOS/15/417-420 The Teaching Hospitals Association, circulars and correspondence 1960-1968; GOS/15/421-424 The Teaching Hospitals Association, London Postgraduate Committee, 1959-1967; GOS/15/425,Sir Malcolm Sargent Cancer Fund, 1968-1982* ; GOS/15/426, UNICEF, 1961-1968.

GOS/15/427, GOS Gastro-Enteritis 'Flying Squad', 1948-1949, including correspondence of Dr J A Black concerning the establishment of the service, its work at other Hospitals, and lists of equipment used by it; GOS/15/428-429 Joint Research Board(with Institute of Child Health), 1972-1985; GOS/15/430, London Planning Consortium (on general Specialist Services in the Capital), 1978-1980; GOS/15/431, Royal London Homeopathic Hospital, 1970-1981; GOS/15/432, City and Hackney and Tower Hamlets Health Authorities, largely concerning development plans for Queen Elizabeth Hospital; 1974-1983; GOS/15/433-44, City and Hackney Health Authority 'Joint Care Group' (with GOS, forQEH and general East London Paediatric services), 1976-1981.

GOS/15/435,North-East Thames Regional Health Authority (NETRHA); correspondence and reports to GOS on general paediatric matters in the Region, 1976-1981; GOS/15/436 Private Children's hospital, 1980-1981*, a proposed scheme for development of a new private paediatric hospital in Great Portland Street initiated by UME(United Medical Enterprises) group, with possible GOS collaboration.

GOS/15/437-450, Group Administration Financial Filing (former "F" coded series), omcprising, GOS/15/437 Budget Maintenance and Review; sample of original multiple files, 1962-1985; GOS/15/438-441 Budget Capital and Review, 1960-1985; GOS/15/442, Annual Capital Programme (sample), 1958-1983, including annual expenditure estimates and related correspondence with the Ministry and Hospital staff; GOS/15/443-444 Board's Endowment Funds, 1957-1984; GOS/15/445, Hospital Costings (sample), 1958-1964; G08/15/446, Fundraising, 1981-1984, including correspondence on fundraising policy and with individual donors, prior to inception of the 'Wishing Well' Appeal; GOS/15/447, Special Trustees, GOS, 1978-1984, including establishment of Special Trustees for the Endowment Funds on the creation of the Hospitals as a Special Health Authority.

GOS/15/448, Special Trustees, general, 1981-1984; minutes and related papers of meetings of the Special Trustees Group (from other London Hospitals); GOS/15/449,Valuation of Investments (of Endowment Funds and Trust Funds); annual statistics and correspondence, 1957-1983; GOS/15/450, Private Patient Charges (largely correspondence with Deptartment of Health on rates of and usage of), 1951-1969.

GOS/15/451-489, Additional 'Properties' Series (former Group Administration 'J' coded filing), comprising GOS/15/451-453 New Operating Theatre (furnishing and equipment for), 1953-1960; GOS/15/454-458, New X-Ray Department (Barrie Wing), planning, financing and equipping of), 1958-1961; GOS/15/459-462 Proposed new Administration Block (Frontage Extension), 1955-1963; GOS/15/463-472, Hospital for Sick Children and National Hospital property relations and Joint Development schemes, 1945-1968; (note that this series continues below as /481-488, former J30 series).

GOS/15/473-480 Redevelopment of 36-40 Great Ormond St (Frontage extension including Williams and Glynn Bank), 1955-1971; GOS/15/481-488 National Hospital Joint Development Schemes, 1966-1974; GOS/15/489 Mothers' Accommodation (Original Parents' Unit), 1965-69, including correspondence, plans, reports and opinions of senior medical staff on its establishment.

GOS/15/490-528 1970-1987 Group Administration 'Subject Filing' which is a heavily-weeded former numerical series, comprising, GOS/15/490 * Refused Admissions reports, 1983-1984; GOS/15/491 Papers of GOS Building Committee, 1980-1981; GOS/15/492 Capital Programme, including estimates and related correspondence, 1975-1983; GOS/15/493 Hospital Catering, including sample menus, 1980-1986; GOS/15/494 Hospital Chapel and Chaplaincy correspondence, including with other denominations, 1980-1984; GOS/15/495 Chemical Patho1ogy (C1inical Biochemistry) correspondence, 1980-1984; GOS/15/496 Computers and Automation, 1980-1981; largely proposed joint system for the 'Island Site' Hospitals (GOS, National and Homeopathic); GOS/15/497 * ENT Department, correspondence, 1975-1985; GOS/15/498, Children's Entertainment at the Hospital, correspondence, 1981-1984.

GOS/15/499, Friends of Great Ormond Street, correspondence and financial reports, 1983-1984; GOS/15/500, Sick Children's Trust, correspondence, 1983-1984; GOS/15/501 *Histopathology Department correspondence (largely concerning the Hospital Mortuary), 1979; GOS/15/502 Institute of Child Health, correspondence with the Hospital, 1981-1984; GOS/15/503 Joint (Staff) Consultative Committee, minutes, reports and correspondence, 1976-1982; GOS/15/504 Joint Research Board correspondence, 1982-1987; GOS/15/505 Junior Medical Staff (Committee), minutes and related papers, 1980-1984; GOS/15/506 Medical Advisory Committee, correspondence, minutes and summaries of decisions, 1974-1983; GOS/15/507, Medical Records Department correspondence, with examples of standard file formats, 1982.

GOS/15/508 Museum correspondence, 1966-1984, including a 1966 report on ICH 'specimens' museum and correspondence on 125th anniversary historical exhibit, 1977; GOS/15/509 Operating Theatre correspondence, 1979-1985, GOS/15/510 * Out-Patients Department, correspondence, 1979-1987; GOS/15/511/1-2, correspondence regarding painting in the hospital, inclding the Edmund Caswell mural, 1979-2000; GOS/15/512 Parents Unit; correspondence concerning administration, 1970; GOS/15/513 * File 'Patients, general', 1978-1983; including complaints and compliments by parents, recommendations for treatment, correspondence on treatment of 'over-age' patients; GOS/15/514 *Patients, 'Overseas Directives', 1980-1983 (re legal status concerning entitlement to treatment of EU and other overseas patients); GOS/15/515 * Private Patients, 1979-1983; correspondence and complaints.

GOS/15/516, Pharmacy correspondence, 1979-1984, including a draft edition of new edition of GOS Pharmacopoeia, 1979; GOS/15/517 Medical Illustration Department, correspondence, 1979-1984; GOS/15/518, Postgraduate Hospitals - reports on the future of, and proposed amalgamation of the 'Island Site' hospitals (GOS, National and Homeopathic), 1976, this includes a memorandum on amalgamation scheme by Doctor David Owen when Health Minister.

GOS/15/519* Papers of Private Patients Staff Sub-Committee, including charging arrangements and medical supervision/management of, 1979-1984; GOS/15/520, Radio GOSH, 1980; includes minutes of Radio Committee, newsletters of radio station sponsors, the Maccabi Association, (these papers were moved to GOS 14/208-10); GOS/15/521, Tadworth Court; minutes of Staff Working Party on the future of Tadworth, October-December 1981 and the 1982 memorandum on transfer of ownership arrangements.

GOS/15/522,* Television and Radio Broadcasts at the Hospital, 1980-1984, including correspondence with the BBC and commercial broadcasters; GOS/15/523 Thoracic Unit, correspondence, 1980-1984; GOS/15/524, Visits to the Hospita1, 1980-1984 (arrangements for politicians, celebrities and general); GOS/15/525, Joint Research Board correspondence, 1970-l (includes some clinical data and research proposals); GOS/15/526, Nursing Staff Administration, 1980-1983, which includes some Minutes of Nurses' Executive Council, and 1982 memorandum, Nursing Establishment to meet Patient Needs; GOS/15/527, Papers concerning re-organisation of the Medical Workshops Sub-Committee, 1973; GOS/15/528Health and Safety; papers of Hospital Sub-Committee, and correspondence on development of policy, 1979-1981.

GOS/15/529, GOS Summary Business Plan, 1999-2000; GOS/15/530 File on the Royal visit; laying of VCB foundation stone 18 March 1991 by HRH Princess of Wales, File; GOS/15/531,Hospital Staff and Management Structure Charts, 1997-2003; GOS/15/532, GOSH NHS Trust's Monthly Newsbrief, 1996-2000 (Internal publication compiled by Corporate Support manager Lois Beckett; GOS/15/533, Miscellaneous Executive Office files, December 2002, including 1993 Space Utilisation Plan for Hospital site; Quality, Experience and Outcome (Information document for Purchasers and Referring Clinicians); 1994 report from the Task Force for implementation of New Deal for junior doctors, programme for visit of the President of Croatia, December 2001.

GOS/15/534, Papers concerning the commissioning of the Variety Club Building, apparently compiled for use of staff showing official visitors round it, also including summary histories and chronologies of the Hospital, 1987-1997; GOS/15/535, miscellaneous Executive Office papers, 1993-2008, including text of draft NHS Trust application, 1993, the Pharmacy Business Plan, 1997-1998 and the Chief Executive's Review of financial difficulties, 2007-2008.

GOS/15/535 miscellaneous Executive Office papers, 1993-2008, includes text of draft NHS Trust application, 1993, Pharmacy Business Plan, 1997-1998, Chief Executive’s Review of financial difficulties, 2007-2008; GOS/15/536 Draft ‘Health and Safety’ Policies for the Hospital for Sick Children and Queen Elizabeth Hospital for Children, with related Infection Control policies, 1992; GOS/15/537 Museum and Archives Service and ‘Peter Pan Gallery’, departmental history(correspondence, reports, memoranda),1990-2012.

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