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Staff College 1908. Schemes - Indoor and Outdoor - and Notes issued (not including lectures): Junior Division.

Identity Statement

Reference code(s): GB CR/1908/1 JSCSC
Held at: Joint Services Command and Staff College
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Full title: Staff College 1908. Schemes - Indoor and Outdoor - and Notes issued (not including lectures): Junior Division.
Date(s): 1908
Level of description: Collection (fonds)
Extent: 1 volume, bound, various pagination
Name of creator(s): Directing Staff, Staff College Camberley


Administrative/Biographical history:

Staff College, Camberley, was inaugurated in 1862 to provide Staff training to British Army officers, and remained in existence until 1997 when single-Service Staff training was ended. Staff Training for the British Army is now conducted by the Joint Services Command and Staff College.


Scope and content/abstract:

1 Enlarge specimen sketch, Lt Col Banon. 2 1st lecture. Artillery, Lt Col Furse. 3 On writing papers connected with mil subjects, :t Col Sackville-West. 4 Marches, Lt Col Sackville-West. 5 2nd lecture - artillery, Lt Col Furse. 6 [Map of] Waterloo campaign - theatre of war, Lt Col Sackville-West. 7 Waterloo campaign, no 1, Lt Col Sackville-West. 8 Discuss offensive v defensive strategy with reference to Napoleon's decision in June, 1815, Lt Col Sackville-West. 9 Paper on comparative advantages of division and mixed brigade as peace and war organization in British Army, Lt Col Furse. 10 No 2 combined training, operation orders, Lt Col Sackville-West. 11 IVth lecture. Artillery in attack, Lt Col Furse. 12 No 2 Waterloo campaign. Positions night of 15th and 16th June, 1815, Lt Col Sackville-West. 13 Vth lecture. Artillery in defence, Lt Col Furse. 14 Memory sketch, Lt Col Banon. 15 Plot field-book traverse, Lt Col Banon. 16 IVth lecture. Fire tactics, Lt Col Furse. 17 Explain teaching of C.T re reconnaissance of hostile position, and suggest means of overcoming difficulties, Lt Col Sackville-West. 18 C.T operation orders, No 3, Lt Col Sackville-West. 19 No 3, Waterloo campaign, Lt Col Sackville-West. 20 W.O administration 1856 to 1904, Lt Col Banon. 21 VIIth lecture. Fire discipline, Lt Col Furse. 22 No 4 Waterloo campaign, Lt Col Sackville-West. 23 Attack of position with special reference to role of artillery. Map - 6 syndicates, Lt Col Furse. 24 Marching by compass bearing, Mt Col Banon. 23a VIIIth lecture - manoeuvre, Lt Col Furse. 25 Notes on formation of committee of Imp.Def, Lt Col Banon. 26 Precis certain correspondence, Lt Col Banon. 27 IXth lecture - heavy artillery and howitzers, Lt Col Furse. 28 Defence of positions. Opposite to scheme 2 (no 23). Map. 6 syndicates, Lt Col Furse. 29 i. Advanced, flank and rear guards. ii. No 5, Waterloo campaign, Lt Col Sackville-West. 30 Tactical occupation of a position - re. battle of Ligny, Lt Col Sackville-West. 31 Xth lecture. Horse artillery, Lt Col Furse. 32 XIth lecture. Mountain artillery, Lt Col Furse. 33 Memo re ammunition supply of territorial division in the field. 8 syndicates, Lt Col Furse. 34 No 6 Waterloo campaign. Quatra Bras, Lt Col Sackville-West. 35 March orders for mixed brigade, Lt Col Sackville-West. 36 Appreciation of a situation, Lt Col Sackville-West. 37 XIIth lecture. Organization, Lt Col Furse. 38 Army administration & HQ staff in India, Lt Col Banon. 39 Instructions for finishing sketches, Lt Col Banon. 40 Outposts, Lt Col Sackville-West. 41 Road sketch, Lt Col Banon. 42 Memo describing and discussing former and present systems of military administration in India, Lt Col Banon. 43 As Napoleon's CGS appreciate situation, 8am 17.6.1815, Lt Col Sackville-West. 44 i. No 7 Waterloo campaign. ii. Map of field of Waterloo. iii. Positions of Wellington's army 16, 17th & 18th June, Lt Col Sackville-West. 45 XIIIth lecture. Ammunition supply, Lt Col Furse. 46 Selection of defensive position for divn, Lt Col Furse. 47 No 8 Waterloo campaign, Lt Col Sackville-West. 48 Constitution and work of Colonial Defence Committee, Lt Col Banon. 49 Preparations necessary before night march, Rough sketch - orders for march, 8 Synds, Lt Col Sackville-West. 50 Re report while attached to other arms, The Commandant. 51 Appreciation as CGS to Duke of Wellington beginning of 1815. 8 Syndicates, Lt Col Sackville-West. 52 XIVth lecture. Coast defence i, Lt Col Furse. 53 What lessons of Waterloo campaign most valuable for modern war? Lt Col Sackville-West. 54 XVth lecture. Coast defence ii, Lt Col Furse. 55 Panoramic sketch, Lt Col Banon. 56 XVIth lecture. Coast defence iii, Lt Col Furse. 57 Continuation of no 46 - sketch and range-taker's card for brigade of 18prs, Lt Col Furse. 58 Memo explaining system of providing foreign drafts, Lt Col Banon. 59 Outpost scheme. 8 syndicates, Lt Col Sackville-West. 60 Plane-table sketch, Lt Col Banon. 61 XVIIth lecture. Coast defence iv, Lt Col Furse. 62 March orders for division. 8 syndicates, Lt Col Sackville-West. 63 XVIIIth lecture. Coast defence v, Lt Col Furse. 64 XIXth lecture. Coast defence vi, Lt Col Furse. 65 Course of instruction in artillery, Lt Col Furse. 66 Horseback sketch, Lt Col Barrow. 67 2 maps 1862, general and Virginia, Lt Col Braithwaite. 68 Reconnaissance (with reference to artillery) for attack on enemy's rear guard, Lt Col Furse. 69 No 1 campaign in E Virginia, Lt Col Sackville-West. 70 Outposts (newly joined officers), Lt Col Hon G Morris. 71 Operation orders (1st lecture) with examples, Lt Col Hon G Morris. 72 Outpost scheme - report & sketch. Work in pairs, Lt Col Sackville-West. 73 Operation orders (2nd lecture), Lt Col Hon G Morris. 74 No 2 American war, 1862, Lt Col Sackville-West. 75 Billeting and camping scheme. 11 syndicates, Lt Col Perceval. 76 Appreciation of situation E Virginia, Feb '62, Lt Col Sackville-West. 77 Attack and defence, Lt Col Hon G Morris. 78 Attack on a position. 1st day, reconnaissance. 2nd day, orders for attack. 8 syndicates, Lt Col Banon & Lt Col Sackville-West. 79 XXth lecture. Siege artillery, Lt Col Furse. 80 Battle of Kernstown 23/3/62, Lt Col Sackville-West. 81 River reconnaissance, Lt Col Barrow. 82 Reconnoitre and select position for defence, writer orders for occupation &c. 8 syndicates, Lt Col Braithwaite. 83 Battle of Bull Run 21.7.61, Lt Col Hon G Morris. 84 Compare Bull Run operations with Rappahannock & Rapidan, Lt Col Hon G Morris. 85 No 4 campaign in E Virginia, 1862, Lt Col Sackville-West. 86 Camping scheme for a division, Lt Col Perceval. 87 Lecture on reconnaissance, Lt Col Hon G Morris. 88 Operation orders. Retirement of Red force, northwards across Blackwater. 14 syndicates, Lt Col Sackville-West. 89 No 5 1862, Battle of McDowell, Lt Col Sackville-West. 90 Battlefield of Gettysburg, Lt Col Furse. 91 No 6 1862, Battle of Winchester, Lt Col Sackville-West. 92 Mounted sketch, Lt Col Barrow. 93 Panorama sketching by Captain Moberly, Lt Col Banon. 94 Fortified post on L of C, Lt Col Harper. 95 No 7 1862, Cross Keys - Port Republic, Lt Col Sackville-West. 96 Organization & mobilization of foreign armies, Lt Col Barrow. 97 Cavalry No 1, Lt Col Furse. 98 Defensive position covering town & arsenal, Lt Col Harper. 99 No 8 1862, Stuart's Raid, Lt Col Sackville-West. 100 Cavalry No 2, Lt Col Furse. 101Select positions for rear guard, writer orders for occupation, &c, Lt Col Hon G Morris. 102 Supply & transport No 1. 8 syndicates, Lt Col Banon. 103 Cavalry no 3, Lt Col Furse. 104 Discuss 4 principal strategical lessons of 1862 campaign between 24th Mar and 17th June, Lt Col Braithwaite. 105 Ammunition supply of a division, Lt Col Sackville-West. 106 Continuation of No 96, Lt Col Barrow. 107 List of parties (5) for Staff Tour 22nd-24th. Draw up schemes &c, The Commandant. 108 Reconnaissance of area of country, Lt Col Barrow. 109 Cavalry No 4, Lt Col Furse. 110 Specimen operation orders, see no 101, Lt Col Hon G Morris. 111 Tactical exercise with historical parallels. 4 parties. 5 situations, Lt Col Sackville-West. 112 General & special ideas for 5 parties. Appreciations to be in by 7pm 20/7, Directing Staff. 113 Cavalry No 5, Lt Col Furse. 114 Syllabus of examn: fd sketching and reconsnce, Lt Col Barrow. 115 Continuation of No 106, Lt Col Barrow. 116 Syllabus for examination in military history & geography, strategy & tactics, Lt Col Sackville-West. 117 No 1 1866 campaign & map of Germanic confederation, Lt Col Sackville-West. 118 Reconnaissance & sketch, Lt Col Barrow. 119 General map 1866 (mounted - to be returned), Lt Col Sackville-West. 120 No 2 1866 campaign, and 2 small maps. i general. ii strategical. iii the quadrilaterals, The Commandant. 121 No 3 1866 campaign, Lt Col Sackville-West. 122 Supply scheme. 4 parties, Lt Col Banon. 123 On Moltke's projects for the campaign of '66, Lt Col Braithwaite. 124 No 5 1866 campaign, Lt Col Sackville-West. 125 Austerlitz. Notes of 1st & 2nd lectures, composition of "Grande Armee" and 2 maps, i. general. ii. Battlefield, Lt Col Hon G Morris. 126 Showing positions of forces, Nov 25th '05, Lt Col Hon G Morris. 127 Paper on points most worthy of note in operations in Valley of Danube Lintz to Austerlitz, Lt Col Hon G Morris. 128 Tactical exercise, night operations, Lt Col Hon G Morris. 129 Infantry No 1, Lt Col Hon G Morris. 130 Syllabus of work - staff duties, supply, transport and remounts and military law, Lt Col Banon. 131 Syllabus of military engineering, Lt Col Harper. 132 Infantry No 2, Lt Col Hon G Morris. 133 No 6 1866, campaign & map of deployment and operations up to 3rd July 1866, Lt Col Sackville-West. 134 Paper on criticism of deployment and movements of Prussian forces May 15th to June 15th 1866, Lt Col Hon G Morris. 135 Imperial organization, Lt Col Barrow. 136 Tactical exercise. Advance of invading red army. 4 exercises as OC advanced guard, GOPC division &c; 5 parties, Lt Col Sackville-West. 137 No 7 1866 campaign, Lt Col Sackville-West. 138 Two general maps to illustrated "cavalry studies", Lt Col Furse. 139 No 8 1866 campaign, Lt Col Sackville-West. 140 No 9 1866 campaign and map of operations on the Iser, Lt Col Sackville-West. 141 Austerlitz. Notes of 3rd and 4th lectures, Lt Col Hon G Morris. 142 Foreign armies, no 4 Switzerland & Norway, Lt Col Barrow. 143 Two maps to illustrate "cavalry studies", Lt Col Furse. 144 Chain of supply from WO to units in field, Lt Col Banon. 145 Salamanca. Lecture notes and 3 maps to illustrate campaign, Lt Col Hon G Morris. 146 Torres Vedras & Sebastopol, Lt Col Harper. 147 No 10 1866 campaign, Lt Col Sackville-West. 148 Frame exercise upon historical example (Salamanca). 14 syndicates, Lt Col Hon G Morris. 149 No 11 1866 campaign & sketch of billets &c of VI Austrian corps, 27.6.1866, Lt Col Sackville-West. 150 Mobilization of expeditionary force. Syndcs, Lt Col Barrow. 151 Night operations with plate of explanatory sketches, Lt Col Hon G Morris. 152 Infantry formations for artillery fire, with set of examples of actual QF practise, Lt Col Hon G Morris. 153 No 12 1866 campaign, Lt Col Sackville-West. 154 Criticise criticism on generalship of Prince Fk. Charles up to action of Jicin, Lt Col Sackville-West. 155 No 13 1866 campaign & map of positions, 2nd July, Lt Col Sackville-West. 156 Organization of colonial forces, Lt Col Barrow. 157 No 14 1866 campaign, Lt Col Sackville-West. 158 Intelligence scheme, obtaining certain information while attaché incontinental state, Lt Col Banon. 159 Certain correspondence between Benedek, CP of Saxony and Clam Gallas, Lt Col Sackville-West. 160 1866 campaign. Sadowa, 1st and 2nd lectures and map, Lt Col Hon G Morris. 161 Comment on salient features of Battle of Sadowa, Lt Col Hon G Morris. 162 Port Arthur, Lt Col Harper. 163 1866 campaign. Sadowa, 3rd lecture, Lt Col Hon G Morris. 164 Port Arthur, Eastern defences & Fort Kuropatkin, Lt Col Harper. 165 North Keikwansan Fort, Lt Col Harper. 166 Chain of command, territorial forces, Lt Col Banon. 167 Lectures of military law by Colonel Pemberton, Lt Col Banon.

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167 folios arranged in a single bound volume

Conditions governing access:

The collection is open, subject to signature of Reader's undertaking form, and appropriate provision of a letter of introduction.

Conditions governing reproduction:

Copies, subject to the condition of the original, may be supplied for research use only. Requests to publish original material should be submitted to the Head of Library Services, Joint Services Command and Staff College.

Finding aids:

Contents listing at front of volume, OPAC at JSCSC, record on AIM25

Archival Information

Archival history:

A lack of any proper records makes it difficult to write any history of the Staff College, including that of its archives. Created by the Army Staff College, Camberley (1862-1997) the collection was housed in the Library at Camberley. The collection consists of schemes of work, precis lectures, reports, notes, administrative instructions and other documents relating to the course of studies offered by Camberley during the period and covers the period 1903 to 1997. The collection is not continuous, in part due to the exigencies of war (the college was closed from 1914 to 1918) and the administrative decision made in 1940 to destroy records. Since 2000 the collection has been securely housed in the JSCSC.

Immediate source of acquisition:

Created for the 1908 course at Staff College, Camberley. Received at the JSCSC on the occasion of the closure of Staff College, Camberley in 1997.

Allied Materials

Related material:

Camberley 'Reds' collection, 1903-1913, 1919, 1923, 1929, 1933, 1935, 1937-1945, and 1947-1997.

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Finding aid prepared Mar 2012

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