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Staff College 1910. Schemes, Indoor and Outdoor, and Notes issued, not including lectures: Senior Division.

Identity Statement

Reference code(s): GB CR/1910/2 JSCSC
Held at: Joint Services Command and Staff College
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Full title: Staff College 1910. Schemes, Indoor and Outdoor, and Notes issued, not including lectures: Senior Division.
Date(s): 1910
Level of description: Collection (fonds)
Extent: 1 volume, bound, various pagination
Name of creator(s): Directing Staff, Staff College Camberley


Administrative/Biographical history:

Staff College, Camberley, was inaugurated in 1862 to provide Staff training to British Army officers, and remained in existence until 1997 when single-Service Staff training was ended. Staff Training for the British Army is now conducted by the Joint Services Command and Staff College.


Scope and content/abstract:

1 War office scheme - 6 syndicates, The Commandant. 2 Books to read on Franco-German war, Col Perceval. 3 Skeleton general map, 1870, Col Perceval. 4 Railways in war, 1st lecture and tables showing military control of railways in European states, Lt Col Whigham. 5 Distribution and strength of fleets, Lt Col Harper. 6 Describe 1870 theatre of operations on E of Mocelle. Individual work, Col Perceval. 7 As officer of French GS, decide positions of German forces at start of 1870 war and proposed course of action for 2nd August. 10 syndicates, Lt Col Ross. 8 1st set of questions and answers for combination schemes. Directing staff and 10 syndicates, The Commandant. 9 Railways in 1870 campaign, with maps of railways used by French and Germans, Lt Col Whigham. 10 Reconnaissance of defended harbour with view to attack from land side.

10 syndicates, Col Perceval. 11 2nd combined scheme, with cipher message and specimen operation orders, The Commandant. 12 1st railway scheme, diagram, etc reqd, Lt Col Whigham. 13 Railway working for military traffic, Lt Col Whigham. 14 Battlefield tour April-May, Col Perceval. 15 Cavalry in co-operation with the other arms, and maps of Vauchamps and Ligny, Lt Col Barrow. 16 Cavalry lecture - German cavalry at commencement of Franco-German war, Lt Col Barrow. 17 Cavalry scheme No 1, Lt Col Barrow. 18 3rd combined scheme. (Specimen operation order attached), Col Gough. 19 Memoir for 1910, The Commandant. 20 Combined railway and embarkation scheme. General idea and 1st exercise, railway reconnaissance, Col Gough & Lt Col Whigham. 21 Franco-German war, scheme no 2. Discuss action de Failly should have taken, etc. 10 syndicates, Lt Col Ross. 22 Diagram of chain of command for disembarkation on an open beach, Col Gough. 23 Allez! Allez! No 4, Lt Col Harper. 24 Positions at Woerth, Col Perceval. 25 Railway scheme no 5. Continuation of no 20. Exercise 2, Lt Col Whigham. 26 Allez! Allez! No 5, Lt Col Furse. 27 Set an Allez! Allez! Scheme by syndicates, The Commandant. 28 Arrangements for disembarkation on an open beach, Captn Baird, RN. 29 Disembarkation scheme, part II. Continuation of no 10. Transport data and sketch map attached. 6 syndicates, Col Gough & Lt Col Harper. 30 Set of 3 [maps] to illustrate battle of Spicheren, Lt Col Ross. 31 Allez! Allez! No 6, Lt Col Ross.

32 Positions of forces night of 13.8.1870, Lt Col Ross. 33 Scheme No 3, 1870. Situation as on August 5th. Orders, etc, MacMahon should issue. Individual work, Col Perceval. 34 German cavalry in 1870, Lt Col Barrow. 35 Stocks of raw material and foodstuffs held, Lt Col Harper. 36 Combined railway and embarkation scheme, exercises 2 and 3. 8 syndicates, Col Gough and Lt Col Whigham. 37 Allez! Allez! No 7, Lt Col Barrow. 38 Combined naval and military staff tour, 4th-6th April. General idea; programme of work; and copy of reconnaissance of 1907. 4 parties and staffs, The Commandant. 39 Re foreign officers travelling in Germany, and laws dealing with espionage, Col Perceval. 40 Allez! Allez! No 8, Lt Col Hon G Morris. 41 Franco-German war, scheme No 4. 10 synds, Lt Col Ross. 42 Two [maps] to illustrate Battle of Gravelotte, Lt Col Furse.

43 Three [maps] for lectures "From Gravelotte to Sedan". Positions 24/28 Aug. Beaumont. Sedan, Lt Col Ross. 44 Allez! Allez! No 9, Lt Col Stewart. 45 German cavalry in 1870; syllabus of lecture and 3 sketches of cavalry movements, Lt Col Barrow. 46 Continuation of no 38; re-embarkation, (military), Col Gough. 47 Allez! Allez! No 10, Lt Col Hull. 48 Allez! Allez! No 11, Lt Col Whigham. 49 General and special ideas and instructions for 2nd combined naval and military staff tour. 10 parties, The Commandant. 50 Officers to draw up schemes for junior division staff tour. 8 parties under A; 8 parties under B, The Commandant. 51 Exercise in setting a tactical scheme, Col Perceval. 52 Tactical Allez! Allez! Scheme No 1, Col Perceval. 53 Intelligence lecture and tables for intelligence force, etc, Col Gough.

54 General and special ideas, staff tour, May 31-June 3. 4 parties. Part I, appreciations etc, The Commandant. 55 Specimen forms in connection with lecture on administrative reconnaissance, Col Foster. 56 Reconnaissance and administrative scheme for 6th. 6 parties, Col Foster. 57 Cavalry Allez! Allez! No 2. 5 parties, Lt Col Barrow. 58 Students to prepare Allez! Allez! Scheme. Half division, 8 parties. Conference full division on 22nd, The Commandant. 59 Allez! Allez! Scheme No 3, 5 parties, Lt Col Ross. 60 Part I (individual work); minute describing suggested operations; Part II 'Order of Battle' etc; Part III special idea or actual exercise, with rough sketch map, The Commandant & Lt Col Stewart. 61 Lecture - protective cavalry, Lt Col Barrow. 61a Cavalry scheme, No 2, Lt Col Barrow. 62 The NW frontier of India, with sketch map, Lt Col Stewart. 63 Mountain warfare, Lt Col Stewart. 64 Communication scheme, with wireless telegraph co: 4 parties, AH.Qrs and 3 divisions, Lt Col Harper. 65 Train arrangements for Welsh staff tour, Col Foster.

66 Tables, order of battle, establishments etc for Welsh staff tour, Lt Col Stewart. 67 Tactical Allez! Allez! No 4. 12 parties, Lt Col Furse. 68 General and special ideas for staff tour, 13-15th July. 1st ex: appreciations, The Commandant. 69 Allez! Allez! No 5. 7 parties, Lt Col Ross. 70 Cavalry scheme; individual work, Lt Col Greenly. 71 Allez! Allez! Scheme no 6, 5 parties, Lt Col Furse. 72 Supply and medical arrangements, part I, 5 syndicates, Col Foster. 73 Tactical reconnaissance, 3 syndicates, The Commandant. 74 Re report while attached to other arms, The Commandant. 75 Analysis of peace establishments, squadron of Br: cavalry, Lt Col Whigham. 76 General and special ideas for inspection staff tour of 10/12th October. Appreciations as commander of Brown or White army. 1st exercise, The Commandant. 77 Ceremonial scheme; 6 syndicates, Lt Col Whigham.

78 Ammunition and supply vehicles in the field. Move table, supply units: daily ration table (specimens), Col Foster. 79 Tactical exercise - 6 syndicates, Col Perceval. 80 Manchurian campaign. Scheme A. Discuss Japanese plan of campaign, Col Perceval. 81 Set of 5 schemes for 5 syndicates: 1, to show French officers comm.. services. 2, inspection of brigade. 3, examination in tactical fitness. 4, cavalry brigade operations. 5, public schools training corps field day, The Commandant. 82 Manchurian campaign, scheme B: as General Mischenko, appreciate situation 3.5.'04, Lt Col Furse. 83 Japanese mobilization R-J War, Lt Col Hull. 84 Russian mobilization R-J War, Lt Col Hull. 85 Russian and Japanese staff systems, Lt Col Whigham. 86 Battle of the Yalu, Lt Col Furse. 87 Manchurian campaign, scheme C. Explain causes which led to failure of General Kuropatkin's plan before Liao Yang. 12 syndicates, Lt Col Ross. 88 Railways in the Russo-Japanese war, Lt Col Bols. 89 Cavalry scheme - attack, Lt Col Barrow. 90 Approximate situation in Manchuria, 8.6.'04, Lt Col Furse. 91 Battle of Talissu, Lt Col Furse. 92 [Maps] to illustrate advance to, and Battle of Liao-Yang, Lt Col Ross. 93 Lecture, cavalry in Manchuria, Lt Col Barrow. 94 Lecture, naval operations Manchurian campaign, Captn Drury-Lowe, RN. 95 Allez! Allez! Cavalry division covering march of an army northwards, Lt Col Whigham. 96 Belgian railways, Lt Col Bols. 97 Belgian scheme, Pt I. Appreciations etc, The Commandant. 98 Jubaland scheme, Pt I. Suggested scheme of operations, Col Gough.

99 Distribution of Belgian army, Lt Col Hoskins. 100 draft circular letter re "reserves", The Commandant. 101 English and German cavalry formations, Lt Col Greenly. 102 Lists of parties for war game, Col Perceval. 103 Cavalry scheme. As C-in-C of blue mobilized forces say what is required of cavalry division and mounted troops, Lt Col Greenly. 104 Home defence Pt I. Memo for CID of adequacy of home defence arrangements, Lt Col Harper. 105 [Tables] to explain wall diagrams: march and supply of proportion of A. Tps and 3 divisions, Col Foster. 106 Home defence, Pt II. 6 syndicates, Lt Col Harper. 107 Distribution of naval forces, Captn Drury-Lowe, RN. 108 Some cavalry maxims, Lt Col Barrow. 109 India, Lt Col Stewart.

110 Afghanistan, Lt Col Stewart. 111 Persia, Lt Col Stewart. 112 Discuss principles governing employment of machine guns in war, Lt Col Hoskins. 113 Russia in Asia, Lt Col Stewart. 114 Lake's marches in pursuit of Holkar, Lt Col Barrow. 115 Scheme for writing orders for night operations. 10 syndicates, Col Perceval. 116 Jubaland scheme Pt II. 8 syndicates, Lt Col Gough. 117 [Maps] to illustrate lecture on Cromwell's cavalry, Lt Col Greenly. 118 Tactical exercise in night operations. 6 syndicates, Lt Col Hon G Morris. 119 Establishment, work etc of Record Office, Lt Col Hull. 120 Establishments and Wajheir flying column, Col Gough.

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System of arrangement:

120 folios arranged in a single bound volume

Conditions governing access:

The collection is open, subject to signature of Reader's undertaking form, and appropriate provision of a letter of introduction.

Conditions governing reproduction:

Copies, subject to the condition of the original, may be supplied for research use only. Requests to publish original material should be submitted to the Head of Library Services, Joint Services Command and Staff College.

Finding aids:

Contents listing at front of volume, OPAC at JSCSC, record on AIM25

Archival Information

Archival history:

A lack of any proper records makes it difficult to write any history of the Staff College, including that of its archives. Created by the Army Staff College, Camberley (1862-1997) the collection was housed in the Library at Camberley. The collection consists of schemes of work, precis lectures, reports, notes, administrative instructions and other documents relating to the course of studies offered by Camberley during the period and covers the period 1903 to 1997. The collection is not continuous, in part due to the exigencies of war (the college was closed from 1914 to 1918) and the administrative decision made in 1940 to destroy records. Since 2000 the collection has been securely housed in the JSCSC.

Immediate source of acquisition:

Created for the course at Staff College, Camberley. Received at the JSCSC on the occasion of the closure of Staff College, Camberley in 1997.

Allied Materials

Related material:

Camberley 'Reds' collection, 1903-1913, 1919, 1923, 1929, 1933, 1935, 1937-1945, and 1947-1997.

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Rules or conventions:
Compiled in compliance with General International Standard Archival Description, ISAD(G), second edition, 2000; National Council on Archives Rules for the Construction of Personal, Place and Corporate Names, 1997.

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Finding aid prepared March 2012

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