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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
Argentina: Political PamphletsArgentina: Political Pamphlets Collection comprising reports, conference reports, pamphlets and histories, 1944- issued by Anglican Council of South A...Institute for the Study of the Americas2008-04-11
Bolivia: Political PamphletsBolivian political pamphlets sollection comprising pamphlets, reports, government publications, programs, bulletins, conference proceedings, dossiers,...Institute for the Study of the Americas2008-04-11
Brazil: Political PamphletsPamphlets, leaflets, newsletters, reports, conference reports and histories, 1968 onwards issued by 13 de Maio, Articulação Nacional de Movimentos Pop...Institute for the Study of the Americas2008-04-11
Central America and Caribbean : Political PamphletsPamphlets, reports, statements and bulletins, 1976-1985, issued by Agencia de Noticias del Istmo S.A. (ANI), Comisión para la Defensa de los Derechos ...Institute for the Study of the Americas2008-04-11
Chile: Political PamphletsLeaflets, pamphlets, reports, enquiry reports, congress reports, documents, programs, appeals, speeches, journals, newsletters, biographies, posters, ...Institute for the Study of the Americas2007-11-12
Colombia: Political PamphletsPamphlets, reports, congress reports, documents, press cuttings, communiqués, and profiles, 1970 onwards, issued by Acción Cultural Popular, Acción Si...Institute for the Study of the Americas2008-04-11
Costa Rica: Political PamphletsStudies, pamphlets, reports, factbooks, manifestos, platforms, proposals and other miscellaneous materials from 1966, issued by ALOP, Centro de Capaci...Institute for the Study of the Americas2005-09-01
Cuba: Political PamphletsPamphlets, reports, statements, journals, speeches and bulletins issued by American Foundation for Resistance International, Asóciación Cubana de las ...Institute for the Study of the Americas2006-03-08
Dominican Republic: Political PamphletsPamphlets, poems, declarations, reports, manifestos and conference proceedings from 1965, issued by the Central General de Trabajadores (Dominican Rep...Institute for the Study of the Americas2008-04-11
Ecuador: Political PamphletsPamphlets, reports, manifestos, programmes, seminar papers and conference reports, 1972 onwards issued by Central Ecuatoriana de Organizaciones Clasis...Institute for the Study of the Americas2008-04-11

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