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Collection holdings for Royal Albert Hall Archive (4 matches)

Title Abstract Repository Date Added
Charles Graham-Dixon CollectionThirty three paintings dating from c1500-1820 with accompanying contextual records. The subject of the paintings ranges from cathedral and church int...Royal Albert Hall Archive2014-08-04
Exhibition Catalogue CollectionCatalogues of two exhibitions, 1851-1862: the Great Exhibition of 1851 and the London International Exhibition on Industry and Art, May-November 1862....Royal Albert Hall Archive2012-02-02
Royal Albert Hall CollectionRoyal Charter, publications, artworks and furniture, press cuttings and ephemera. ...Royal Albert Hall Archive2012-02-02
Royal Albert Hall Events CollectionProgrammes (20,000+), posters, tickets and handbills, event records, props and souvenirs. ...Royal Albert Hall Archive2012-02-08

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