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DICKINSON, Goldsworthy Lowes (1862-1932); humanist, historian, philosopherPapers of the historian Goldsworthy Lowes Dickinson, c 1904-1914, comprise press cuttings and pamphlets relating to foreign affairs (collected for his...British Library of Political and Economic Science2008-04-17
Distributist PartyPapers of Harry Hutchinson, relating to the Distributist Party....British Library of Political and Economic Science2002-08-20
DOUGLAS, Francis Campbell Ross, 1889-1980, Baron Douglas of Barloch, journalist, solicitor and MPPapers of Francis Campbell Ross Douglas, Baron Douglas of Barloch, [1925]-1980, notably correspondence with politicians, public servants and others, 1...British Library of Political and Economic Science2001-01-22
DRYSDALE, Charles Vickery, 1874-1961, President of the Malthusian LeagueThe papers in this collection are principally concerned with Drysdale's humanist and Malthusian beliefs and are mainly post World War I notes and draf...British Library of Political and Economic Science2002-03-15
DURBIN, Rt Hon Evan Frank Mottram, 1906-1948, economistPapers of the Rt Hon Evan Frank Mottram Durbin, 1918-1948, comprising lectures and notes on miscellaneous subjects, 1935-1944, including English polit...British Library of Political and Economic Science2001-01-22
DYSON, Anthony Edward, fl 1958-1998, lecturer and gay activistPapers of Anthony Edward Dyson, 1958, 1990 and 1995, comprising a file of letters sent to Dyson in response to the letter to The Times supporting the ...British Library of Political and Economic Science2001-06-05
Economic History SocietyThe collection contains minute books, council papers and correspondence, treasurer's records, correspondence and papers relating to the Economic Histo...British Library of Political and Economic Science2008-04-02
EDEY, Professor Harold Cecil, 1913-2007, Professor of AccountingPapers of Professor Harold Cecil Edey, [1953]-1983, including papers of the Management Studies Research Division, 1963-1980, comprising Chairman's pap...British Library of Political and Economic Science2008-07-30
EDWARDS, Sir Ronald Stanley (1910-1976); Knight, Professor of Commerce and industrialistCorrespondence, lecture notes, subject files, personal papers and other documents belonging to Sir Ronald Edwards, [1920-1980]. Includes papers of, or...British Library of Political and Economic Science2008-06-19
ELLIOT, Robin, fl 1765-1785, farmerAccount book of Robin Elliot, a farmer from Braidlie, Liddesdale, Scotland, 1765-1785....British Library of Political and Economic Science2001-09-11

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