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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
PRICE, Morgan Philips (1885-1973)Papers of Morgan Philips Price, 1910-1954, including letters and transcripts of letters (where the original has been destroyed), corrected typescript ...Royal Geographical Society2009-01-01
PROWSE, George Robert Farrar (1860-1946)Typescript drafts of works of George Robert Farrar Prowse on the charting of the coast from Baffin Land to Maine, including copy of Cartological Mater...Royal Geographical Society2009-01-06
RAE, Dr John (1813-1893)Papers of Dr John Rae, 1852-1883, including drafts of eleven letters, 1852-1856, addressed to the Admiralty and others on Arctic exploration; letter t...Royal Geographical Society2009-01-02
RATCLIFF, F RNotebooks and travel diaries, describing fishing and hunting trips with some notes on birds observed in the following regions: Sweden and Norway, 1892...Royal Geographical Society2009-01-11
RAWLINSON, Major General Sir Henry Creswicke (1810-1895)Papers of Henry Creswicke Rawlinson, 1831-1860, including private journals in India and Persia, 1831, 1834, 1836, 1839, 1860; political diaries in Kan...Royal Geographical Society2009-01-02
REEVES, Edward Ayearst (1862-1945)Papers of Edward Ayearst Reeves, 1909-1930, including notes on Robert E Peary's report and observations from his expedition to the North Pole, 1919, '...Royal Geographical Society2009-01-02
REID, Charles ArthurThree survey notebooks, Belgian Congo, 1910-1913. ...Royal Geographical Society2009-01-11
REID, Robert Lawrence (1859-1914)Observation files by Robert Lawrence Reid including two angle books, time book, astronomical observations and barometric readings, Anewimi region, 190...Royal Geographical Society2009-01-01
RENNELL, Major James (1742-1830)Papers of James Rennell including brief memorandum of the heights of St. Helena, [1777], copy of a letter from Rennell to Sir Joseph Banks, 19 Oct 181...Royal Geographical Society2009-01-01
RGS ADDITIONAL PAPERSThe Royal Geographical Society Additional Papers relate to all aspects of the RGS's history, 1830-1945, including Council minutes; committee minutes; ...Royal Geographical Society2009-01-02

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