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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
WARD, Herbert (1862-1919)Papers relating to Herbert Ward, 1881-1996, including a bound book of newscuttings relating to Emin Pasha (and some Arctic items) and a video of Sir C...Royal Geographical Society2008-09-09
WATKINS, Henry George 'Gino' (1907-1932)Papers of Henry George 'Gino' Watkins, 1921-1995, including notebooks containing astronomical observations, Labrador, 1928; press cuttings, transcript...Royal Geographical Society2008-09-09
WEATHERLEY, PoulettPoulett Weatherley's diaries of journeys through Lake Bangweulu region: Vol. 1 Oct 1889-Jan 1899; Vol. 2 Jun-Jul 1898 and Jan - Mar 1899 and 16 waterc...Royal Geographical Society2008-09-09
WEBB, Ronald Stretton (b 1892)Papers of R S Webb, chiefly relating to Basutoland, 1916-1964, including two large sheets of photostats: genealogy; brief notes about the Bakubung Lih...Royal Geographical Society2008-09-09
WEDDERBURN, Sir David (1835-1882)Copies of the travel journals of Sir David Wedderburn, 1866-1892, including Vol 1: 1866, United States, Canada, Atlantic passages; Vol 1A: 1868, Irela...Royal Geographical Society2008-09-09
WHYMPER, Edward (1840-1911)Papers of Edward Whymper, 1871-1911, including computations of heights in the Andes, 1880 and watercolour, 'View of Greenland'. ...Royal Geographical Society2008-09-09
WILDING, Edward H (1875-1939)Diaries of Edward Wilding, 1926-1929, comprising diary in four volumes, illustrated with photographs, postcards, etc, of voyage to South America and a...Royal Geographical Society2008-09-09
WILSON, Guy Edward Harrington (1883-1963)Papers of Guy Wilson, 1902-1941, including a short account of the campaigns in East Africa, Part I 'The war in German East Africa noe Tanganyika terri...Royal Geographical Society2008-09-09
WILSON, John (1811-1879)Log and private journal of John Wilson as ship's surgeon on the second voyage of the South Seas whaler GYPSY, 23 Oct 1839-19 Mar 1843 and portfolio of...Royal Geographical Society2008-09-09
WILSON, Sir Arnold Talbot (1884-1940)Papers of Arnold Talbot Wilson, 1911-1940, comprising a journal and other papers of the then Capt A T Wilson, in Luristan, South West Persia, 1911-19...Royal Geographical Society2008-09-09

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