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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
BRIGHT, Sir Charles Tilston (1832-1888)Correspondence, comprising a private letter book 1863-1867, and correspondence and reports relating to the laying of the West Indies cable 1869-1870. ...Institution of Engineering and Technology2010-01-06
COOKE, Sir William Fothergill (1806-1879)Personal and business correpondence of William Fothergill Cooke, mostly relating to his dispute with Charles Wheatstone, together with legal documents...Institution of Engineering and Technology2009-07-31
DAVY, Edward (1806-1885)These papers show Davy's first ideas for an electric telegraph from his early sketches in 1836 of a frictional electric telegraph to one worked by ele...Institution of Engineering and Technology2010-01-06
FARADAY, Michael (1791-1867) David James Blaikley collection Manuscript volumes, correspondence and papers by Michael Faraday including material based on original Faraday documents 1809-1961, comprising six vol...Institution of Engineering and Technology2010-01-06
HEAVISIDE, Oliver (1850-1925)Working notes, correspondence, annotated papers and printed pamphlets relating to telegraphy, collected by Heaviside 1872-1921. The collection compris...Institution of Engineering and Technology2009-07-31
RONALDS, Sir Francis (1788-1873)Material created by Ronalds' during his time abroad, and as Honorary Director of the British Association's Observatory at Kew, with various notes on e...Institution of Engineering and Technology2009-02-13
THOMPSON, Silvanus Philips (1851-1916)Material collected by Thompson, 1825-1915, and removed from books within the S P Thompson Rare Books collection housed within IET Library. It comprise...Institution of Engineering and Technology2009-07-31

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