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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
ANDREWS, Charles William (1866-1924): expedition to Christmas IslandCorrespondence, notes and photographs from C W Andrews' expedition to Christmas Island, 1897-1898, including notes on the birds and other animals of C...Natural History Museum2013-11-08
Anti-Locust Research Centre Archive Papers of the Anti-Locust Research Centre, c 1850-2002, principally comprising: locust report forms, narrative reports, survey reports, control campa...Natural History Museum2008-09-11
British Museum East Africa ExpeditionCorrespondence and papers of the British Museum East Africa Expedition, 1924-1931, including notebooks and papers of William Edmund Cutler; notebooks ...Natural History Museum2013-11-08
CENTRAL ADMINISTRATIONCentral administration papers of the Natural History Museum comprising: DF1000 Director's Office: Reports and Letters; DF1001 Director's Office: Muse...Natural History Museum2009-04-06
CLARK, Doug and Jean (fl 1929-1971)Professional and personal papers of Doug Clark and his wife Jean Clark. The majority - correspondence, research and records from professional associat...Natural History Museum2013-11-08
DEPARTMENT OF BOTANYPapers of the Department of Botany comprising: DF400 Botany Departmental correspondence; DF401 Registers of Botany departmental correspondence; DF40...Natural History Museum2009-04-06
DEPARTMENT OF ENTOMOLOGYPapers of the Department of Entomology comprising: DF300 Keeper of Entomology's correspondence; DF301 Registers of Entomology departmental correspond...Natural History Museum2009-04-06
DEPARTMENT OF MINERALOGYPapers of the Department of Mineralogy including: DF1 Mineralogy Departmental Correspondence; DF2 Registers of Mineralogy Departmental and Other Corr...Natural History Museum2009-04-06
DEPARTMENT OF PALAEONTOLOGYPapers of Department of Palaeontology comprising: DF100 Palaeontology Departmental Correspondence; DF101 Registers of Palaeontology Departmental ...Natural History Museum2009-04-06
DEPARTMENT OF ZOOLOGYPapers of the Department of Zoology comprising: DF200 Keeper of Zoology's correspondence and files; DF201 Keeper of Zoology's out-letters; DF202 Dep...Natural History Museum2009-04-06

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