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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
Howe, Richard, Admiral Of The Fleet, 1st Earl Howe, (1726-1799) Papers of Adml Richard Howe, including signal books, undated, a notebook on signals, letters from George III, 1785 to 1794, Admiral John Blankett (d ...National Maritime Museum2012-05-04
Hulbert, George Redmond, (1774-1825) Papers of George Redmond Hulbert, comprising his correspondence, 1807 to 1823, with the Navy Pay Office, Navy Prize Office, Treasury, Greenwich Hospi...National Maritime Museum2012-01-28
Huskinsson, Captain Thomas (1784-1844) Papers of Cpt Thomas Huskinsson. Most of the collection relates to his son, John Huskinsson , there is also an account of the early service of Thomas...National Maritime Museum2012-01-28
Huskisson, John, Lt-Colonel (fl.1840-1857Papers of Lieutenant-Colonel John Huskisson consisting of letters written by Lt-Colonel Huskisson to his father, Captain Thomas Huskisson, and family...National Maritime Museum2012-02-11
Hydrographic Department: Chronometer Records Chronometer records of the Hydrographic Department, consisting of sixty-three volumes of registers, digest books, indexes, trial records and correspo...National Maritime Museum2012-02-11
India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Ceylon ConferencesPapers of the India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Ceylon Conferences. They include Minute Books (1885-1990), Annual Reports (1964-1972), Letterbooks (195...National Maritime Museum2012-02-11
Ingram, Sir Bruce Stirling (1877-1963) Papers collected by Sir Bruce Ingram, consisting of twenty-seven logs, journals and letterbooks and some single documents. Seven volumes formerly bel...National Maritime Museum2012-04-14
Inspector Of Seamen's Wills These records consist of five series of volumes recording Naval personnel (Ratings and Officers) and civilians who died in service from 1910-1959. i)...National Maritime Museum2012-02-11
Invernairn, Lady Elspeth, (fl 1902-1952)Papers of Lady Invernairn, consisting of letters from Shackleton to Lady Invernairn and other papers about the NIMROD and ENDURANCE expeditions. ...National Maritime Museum2012-04-15
Ismay, Margaret, (1859-1907) Papers of Margaret Ismay, consisting of twenty-seven diaries kept by Mrs Ismay, 1881 to 1907. There are also a number of items deposited on loan in 1...National Maritime Museum2012-04-15

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