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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
Merchant Shipping: Signal Books and SignalsMerchant Shipping: Signal Books and Signals including a Vane List c 1810 and a pendant board of the same date. ...National Maritime Museum2012-05-26
Merchant Shipping: Signal Books and Signals This category consists of two East India Company signal books. The first is a printed signal book of 1783 entitle 'A Collection of Signals for the us...National Maritime Museum2012-05-21
Merchant Shipping: Societies and Institutions Of the twelve volumes in this class, two relate to the society of East India Commanders; one, 1780 to 1833, records wagers between members and promis...National Maritime Museum2012-05-21
Merry, Lieutenant Vernon Charles (1922-1986) Papers of Lt Vernon Merry. They demonstrate the social life that Admiral Bruce Fraser had to lead and they shed light on Anglo-American relations in ...National Maritime Museum2012-05-21
Meynell, Lieutenant Francis (1821-1870) Papers of Lt Francis Meynell. There is an illustrated log, 1853 to 1854, kept while Meynell was in the ROYAL GEORGE. His letters cover his whole care...National Maritime Museum2012-05-21
Michael Graham-Stewart Slavery Collection Michael Graham-Stewart Slavery Collection. The Collection explores aspects of the West African, Transatlantic and Indian Ocean slave trades from the ...National Maritime Museum2012-06-30
Michell, Admiral Sir Frederick Thomas [1785-1873]Papers of Sir Frederick Thomas Michell. They are a collection of commissions, appointments and letters which cover Michell's whole career, although th...National Maritime Museum2012-05-21
Middleton, Charles, Admiral, 1st Baron Barham (1726-1813)Papers of Charles Middleton. They consist of his private correspondence and his administrative papers. The latter cover the range of Admiralty and Nav...National Maritime Museum2012-06-30
Middleton, Susannah Maria (fl 1805)The collection consists of 55 letters from Susannah Maria Middleton, wife of Captain Robert Gambier Middleton, to her sister Miss Marion Leake, during...National Maritime Museum2012-05-21
Miles, Admiral Sir Geoffrey John Audley (1890-1986)Papers of Sir Geoffrey John Audley Miles. The papers chiefly cover the period of Miles' naval career, starting with his examination reports from the N...National Maritime Museum2012-05-21

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