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Collection holdings for Great Ormond Street Hospital Archives (17 matches)

Title Abstract Repository Date Added
Visitors' RecordsGreat Ormond Street Visitors' Books, GOS/7/1/1-7, covering 1852-1956; GOS/7/1/8 Visitors' Book (for major events and Royal and political Visitors), 19...Great Ormond Street Hospital Archives2011-01-17
Records of Cromwell House, Highgate (Great Ormond Street Convalescent Branch) Records of Cromwell House, Highgate (Great Ormond Street Convalescent Branch), CH/3 Financial Records, comprising CH/3/1, Highgate Ledger, containing...Great Ormond Street Hospital Archives2011-01-10
Records of Hospital Committees Records of Hospital Committees of Great Ormond Street Hospital, 1852-2000, comprising: GOS/1, Annual Reports of the Committee of Management and Board...Great Ormond Street Hospital Archives2010-11-04
Registers of PatientsRegisters of Patients of Great Ormond Street Hospital, comprising: GOS/9/1 containing General In- Patient Admissions Registers, 1852-1960*; the Ward R...Great Ormond Street Hospital Archives2010-11-04
Records of Hospital PremisesRecords of properties held by Great Ormond Street Hospital, 1869-2003 covering Hospital buildings, plans, budgets, correspondence and reports. Compris...Great Ormond Street Hospital Archives2010-10-26
Constitutional and Legal Records Constitutional and legal records of Great Ormond Street Hospital, 1908-1960, comprising 'Memoranda and Articles of Association', 1914; annotated 1936...Great Ormond Street Hospital Archives2010-10-25
Press CuttingsPress cuttings books and files relating to Great Ormond Street Hospital, including the opening of buildings, events, campaigns, staff, fundraising and...Great Ormond Street Hospital Archives2010-09-13

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