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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
Council of the Geological Society of LondonRecords of the Council of the Geological Society of London, 1810-current, comprising: Minutes of the meetings of Council, 1810-current; Rough manus...Geological Society of London2014-10-27
Elected Officers of the Geological SocietyAdministration files of Elected Officers of the Society, 1956-1995, comprising: Peter Aubrey Sabine, Honorary Secretary, 1956-1965; Harold William Ba...Geological Society of London2014-01-29
Eruption of Mount Pelée, MartiniqueNine black and white photographs showing the aftermath of the eruption of Mount Pelée, Martinique, in 1902. Six of the photographs are of the town of...Geological Society of London2013-03-28
Executive Secretary of the Geological SocietyAdministrative files of the Executive Secretary of the Geological Society, 1950-2013, on functions comprising: Revision of the Charter and byelaws ...Geological Society of London2014-01-29
Fellowship and Membership records of the Geological Society of LondonFellowship and membership records of the Geological Society of London, 1807-current, comprising: Admission certificates for candidates accepted as ...Geological Society of London2014-02-17
FERMOR, Sir Lewis Leigh (1880-1954) Personal papers, notebooks and diaries relating to Sir Lewis Leigh Fermor, particularly his early life. Personal papers include marriage certificate ...Geological Society of London2014-02-17
FORD, James [fl 1890s-1920s] Various papers relating to the search for coal and oil in the Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire area of the Midlands between 1900 and 1926, and the pr...Geological Society of London2014-01-29
Geological Society Club recordsRecords of the Geological Society Club, 1824-2006, including: Geological Society Club meeting books, 1824-1964; Minutes of the Geological Society Clu...Geological Society of London2013-10-15
Geological Society of London's Centenary celebrationsPapers and photographs relating to the Geological Society's Centenary celebrations, 1907-1908; including: Printed lists of invited delegates, 1907; r...Geological Society of London2013-10-23
GIBB, Sir George Duncan (1821-1876)Papers of Sir George Duncan Gibb, comprising: Manuscript volume entitled 'Geological Rambles around Montreal and its Vicinity. With an account of t...Geological Society of London2018-01-03

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