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Collection holdings for University College London (430 matches)

Title Abstract Repository Date Added
Hodgson NarrativeManuscript narrative comprising an account of the Mosquito Shore [Honduras/Nicaragua]. ...University College London2020-06-30
Horsley PapersPapers of and relating to the Horsley family, comprising papers of Sir Victor Horsley; papers of Eldred, Lady Horsley; papers of Siward Horsley and of...University College London2020-06-18
Housman Letters (MS ADD 126)Letters to his stepmother and his father. ...University College London2020-06-29
Housman Letters (MS ADD 165)Letters to Mrs Mildred Platt, wife of Professor J Arthur Platt. ...University College London2020-06-29
Housman Papers (MS ADD 164)Proof copies of Three poems, with related correspondence from Housman to R W Chambers and Geoffrey Tillotson, 1935; draft of Tillotson's 'The public o...University College London2020-06-29
Housman Papers (MS ADD 167)Manuscript poem (photocopy) 'Nonae novembres' by Housman, with related correspondence from General Sir Henry Jackson to Otto Skutsch (1960); letter fr...University College London2020-06-29
Hurstfield PapersFiles containing working papers of published works, lectures, broadcasts and book reviews, including manuscript drafts, notes, correspondence, typescr...University College London2020-07-14
Icelandic ManuscriptsManuscript comprising four items, 1751-1753, all copies of editions printed at Skalholte in 1688: (1) 'Landnámabók. Sagann Landnama'. 63 pages, includ...University College London2018-02-16
Institute of Jewish AffairsPrinted literature, 1888-1966, collected by the Institute of Jewish Affairs, including some on Jewish affairs but mainly comprising unbound copies of ...University College London2020-06-04
International Ocean Telegraph Company ContractContract (copy) between the International Ocean Telegraph Company and the India Rubber Gutta Percha & Telegraph Works Company for work on submarine ca...University College London2002-08-30

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