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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
Kingdon PapersLetters to Roger Kingdon from Daniel Jones, Professor of Phonetics at University College London 1921-1949, with carbon copies of Kingdon's replies. ...University College London2020-07-18
Kirwan CatalogueManuscript catalogue of a collection of small specimens of minerals, classed and arranged according to R Kirwan (by him, or following his principles)....University College London2020-07-14
Kotter Mystical ManuscriptManuscript volume [1620s]: Christoph Kotter's 'Mystisches Manuskript', comprising declarations of mystical experiences made before the civic and eccle...University College London2001-10-18
L S Penrose PapersPapers of Lionel Sharples Penrose, 1806-1974, comprising personal papers relating to Penrose and his family, 1806-1974; papers relating to the profess...University College London2020-06-10
La Curne de Sainte-Palaye ManuscriptsManuscript 'Glossaire des moeurs, coûtumes etc de France', compiled by Jean Baptiste de La Curne de Sainte-Palaye for his Glossaire de l'ancienne lang...University College London2020-06-18
La Plata Cold Storage Company Ltd PlanColoured plan of the La Plata Cold Storage Works [Argentina?], 1905....University College London2002-08-30
Lamouroux PapersLetters on scientific matters, mostly to M. Dumont (1812-1824); letter from Camille Lamouroux to 'Phillippe' (1895); with correspondence, invoices and...University College London2020-06-29
Lamy PapersPapers of Rowena Lamy, 1908-1956, comprising poems, writings, notes and correspondence. ...University College London2020-07-10
Lankester Lectures, notesManuscript notes and sketches on a course of lectures on zoology given by Sir Edwin Lankester (1847-1929). ...University College London2020-06-26
Lankester ManuscriptManuscript paper, 'Contributions to evolution theory', sent to the zoologist Sir John Graham Kerr on 1 September 1922. All red marks, and probably all...University College London2020-07-14

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