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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
Macgregor-Morris NotebooksMS ADD 64 contains notes on electricity: mostly graphs and diagrams. MS ADD 65 consists of manuscript notes, graphs and diagrams, taken from lectures ...University College London2020-06-25
Malogranatum ManuscriptManuscript volume, 15th century, containing 'De Confessione, liber primus': book one (of three) of the Malogranatum ascribed to Gallus, abbot of the C...University College London2001-09-14
Manuscript FragmentsFragments of mainly medieval and early modern manuscripts, primarily leaves from liturgical texts including missals, breviaries, psalters, bibles and ...University College London2020-06-10
Marischal College CatalogueManuscript catalogue of the apparatus used in teaching the natural philosophy class in the Marischal College, Aberdeen. ...University College London2020-06-23
Marron PapersLetters to Alex Comfort from Margaret Marron, dated 19 October 1946, and Os Marron, dated 17 October 1945 and 5 January 1946; poems by Os Marron, some...University College London2020-06-29
Marshall PapersManuscript notes on comparative philology. ...University College London2020-06-26
Marshman PapersManuscript notes for lectures on the law of evidence and on domestic law. ...University College London2020-07-10
MartyrologyManuscript volume, c1300: Martyrologium (martyrology), for Franciscan use, with calendar tables....University College London2001-10-18
Mathematical and Astronomical Treatises (Latin, 15th century)Arithmeticae et Astronomicae Auctores Varii: 15th century (possibly 1468) mathematical and astronomical treatises by various authors. Earlier texts wr...University College London2001-08-09
Mathematical Treatise (German, late 15th century)Manuscript volume, late 15th century, containing a mathematical treatise, with ink diagrams....University College London2001-10-18

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