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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
Mazzini LettersLetters, 1869-1871, from Giuseppe Mazzini to Linda Mazini, afterwards Madame Villari. ...University College London2020-07-10
McCarthy PapersNotes for a bibliography of the poet Anselm Hollo. The bibliography was never completed. ...University College London2020-07-10
Medical Dictionary and Other Treatises (1425)Manuscript volume, apparently dating from 1425, containing a dictionary of medical terms and other treatises. Marginal comments throughout, 16th-17th ...University College London2001-10-18
Medical Lecture NotesStudent notebooks giving diagrams and notes for lectures on anatomy and physiology delivered by William Sharpey and Richard Quain. ...University College London2020-07-10
MEDICAL NOTEBOOKSCollection of miscellaneous medical material, 1744-1931, including 14 notebooks, comprising anatomical notes taken from a course of Dr John Hunter's l...University College London2020-07-14
Medical Treatises (14th century)Manuscript volume, probably late 14th century, containing a collection of medical treatises by various authors, including prescriptions and treatises ...University College London2001-10-18
Meen ManuscriptManuscript volume, c1800: Lexicon Lycophronicum, comprising manuscripts of Henry Meen. Prefixed is a letter from Gilbert Wakefield, dated Dorchester G...University College London2018-02-16
Meister ManuscriptManuscript volume, 1733, 1738, containing two texts by Johann Heinrich Meister (Jean Henri Le Maitre), 'Christliche Glaubens- und Lebenslehre' (Instru...University College London2001-10-18
Memorial of God's WondersManuscript volume, 'A memorial of God's last twenty nine years wonders in England, for its preservation and deliverance from Popery and slavery...from...University College London2001-08-09
Meteorological Treatise attributed to AristotleManuscript volume, 15th century, containing a treatise on meteorology, attributed to Aristotle: Breve ac perutile Philosophiae naturalis commentum inc...University College London2001-10-18

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