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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
Metropolitan Red Lion Club NotebookMinute book of the Metropolitan Red Lion Club, with letters from members and some verses, menus and sketches. Press cuttings give resumés of the Club'...University College London2020-06-24
Mexico Tramways Company VolumeDirectors Report and Accounts of Mexico Tramways Company, 1909. ...University College London2018-02-22
Miers PapersUndated manuscript notes on the Staatliches Skulpturensammlung (state sculpture collection), Albertinum, Dresden. ...University College London2020-06-26
Milledonne ManuscriptManuscript volume [17th century] containing Antonio Milledonne's 'Historia de sacri concili divisa in due libri ... ' (history of the holy council [pr...University College London2001-10-18
Missal for the use of Friars MinorManuscript volume, 15th century: Missale Fratrum Minorum (missal for the use of Friars Minor), with some musical notation....University College London2001-10-18
Mohammed Ibn Al-Hussain TreatiseManuscript volume, 17th century, containing: Mohammed Ibn Al-Hussain Karkhi, Kitab al-kafi fi 'ilm al-hisab wa-'ilm al-misahah wa-al-khawafi (Treati...University College London2018-02-16
Montague PapersNotes on French history. ...University College London2020-06-23
Montefiore Family PapersPapers and correspondence of the Montefiore family, 1827-1885, mainly papers of Sir Moses Montefiore, comprising a volume containing a list of letters...University College London2018-05-29
Montevideo Gas Company and John Ohren RecordsAgreements re appointment of John Ohren of Lower Sydenham as general manager and engineer-in-chief to the Montevideo Gas Company Ltd, Uruguay, 1887, a...University College London2002-08-30
Montfort Family ChartersEighteen charters, 1367-1552, relating to members of the Montfort family of Holland....University College London2001-12-18

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