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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
Benediktsson PoemUndated holograph poem by Einar Benediktsson, 'Ódáinsaevi'....University College London2001-08-09
Bennett Estate PapersCorrespondence and papers, 1883-1938, mostly relating to Arnold Bennett's death and the demands on his estate, including his will, arrangements for th...University College London2020-07-14
Bentham (Jeremy) / Stanhope LettersVolume of 35 letters from Jeremy Bentham to Leicester Stanhope, 1823-1831, on topics including the transmission of Bentham's 'Constitutional Code' to ...University College London2020-06-10
Bentham (Jeremy) PapersPapers of Jeremy Bentham, 1750-1885, consist of drafts and notes for published and unpublished works, and cover many subjects including: Bentham's cod...University College London2020-06-17
Bentham (Samuel) MemoirsA book of memoirs of Sir Samuel Bentham, told in a series of letters from himself and others during his ten-year absence from England, 1779-1789. The ...University College London2020-06-26
Best Arithmetic BookManuscript volume, 1694: Rechenbuch. An arithmetic book containing problems, including calculations for finding the date of Judgement Day, the Golden ...University College London2001-08-09
Bible (Latin)Biblia Latina: fourteenth-century Latin Bible. An insert pasted inside (f 1*r), dated 1859, details the manuscript's later history....University College London2001-10-19
Bible (Latin, New Testament)Manuscript volume, 14th century: Novum Testamentum Latinum (Latin New Testament)....University College London2001-08-09
Biblical and Classical NotebookNotes on biblical and classical subjects. ...University College London2020-06-26
Biometrika TrustPapers relating to the foundation and early days of the journal Biometrika, 1901-1916; papers relating to the Biometrika Trust, 1935. ...University College London2018-02-09

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