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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
Webster Lectures, notesManuscript notes, taken by G Hamilton, on a course of lectures on geology delivered by Thomas Webster in 1827, with two letters from Webster to Univer...University College London2020-06-25
Wellington Memorial Fund CorrespondenceLetters to Lord Leighton on the Wellington memorial in St Paul's Cathedral. ...University College London2020-06-26
West Lecture NotesNotes of lectures delivered in Cambridge by Nicholas Sanderson. Subjects covered include hydrostatics, tides, sounds, optics, mechanics and astronomy....University College London2020-07-10
Western Telegraph Company RecordsRecords of the Western Telegraph Company, comprising letter books, 1883-1949; staff lists including European staff books, 1910-1930, and Rio staff lis...University College London2020-06-09
Weymouth LetterbookThe letterbook is entitled 'Autographs chiefly of my Literary Friends'. As this indicates, the letters were mostly retained for the signatures and man...University College London2020-07-10
Wheeler ArchivePapers of Mortimer Wheeler, [1944-1974], including: Lecture notes of Wheeler's first wife Tessa while a UCL History student during the 1910s (Secti...University College London2020-06-18
Wheeler Lecture NotesNotes on lectures delivered by W.P.Ker, Quain Professor of English Language and Literature at University College London 1889-1922. ...University College London2020-06-30
Wilkinson (John) Lecture NotesNotes from a course of lectures in law, given in Oxford by Sir William Blackstone. ...University College London2020-07-10
Wilkinson (Vera Beaumont) Student PapersStudent papers including lecture notes and essays. The subject matter is literature, including notes on medieval literature, French literature and Sha...University College London2020-07-10
William Townsend PapersTownsend's journals. Also correspondence, personal files, postcards, art photographs, press cuttings, newspapers, typescripts of poems and articles, a...University College London2020-06-18

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