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Collection holdings for Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (26 matches)

Title Abstract Repository Date Added
Faulkner, Helen (1888-1979) Papers of Helen Faulkner, 1938-1979, 20 water colour sketchbooks, 3 folders of notes relating to the sketchbooks, 3 boxes of index cards and 1 folder...Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew2011-04-01
Forsyth, William (1737-1804) Papers of William Forsyth, 1765-1804, comprising a large amount of correspondence (1765-1804), most of which was sent to Forsyth from correspondents...Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew2011-04-01
Griffith, William (1810-1845)Papers of William Griffith, c.1830-1845, comprising botanical notes and drawings, journals of travels into the Indian peninsula and Afghanistan and li...Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew2011-04-01
Henry, Augustine (1857-1930) Papers of Augustine Henry, 1873-1943, comprising four series. The first contains two manuscript Chinese-English dictionaries written by Augustine He...Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew2011-04-01
Hill, Sir Arthur William (1875-1941)Papers of Sir Arthur William Hill, c.1895-1941 comprising six series. The first consists of travel diaries and notebooks that contain observations on ...Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew2011-07-26
Hooker, Sir Joseph Dalton (1817-1911)Sir Joseph Hooker's papers comprise 4 series. The first series (JDH/1) is comprised of papers and correspondence relating to expeditions that J.D. Hoo...Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew2011-02-18
Howard, John Elliot (1807-1883)Papers of John Eliot Howard, 1836-1951, comprising three series. The first series (JEH/1/1-JEH/1/48) contains handwritten correspondence and papers be...Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew2011-07-26
Kerr, Arthur Francis George (1877-1942)Papers of Arthur Francis George Kerr, 1906-c 1940, comprising 28 diaries, some relating to his daily life and others are expedition diaries retracing ...Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew2011-07-26
Kingdon-Ward, Francis ('Frank') (1885-1958)Papers of Francis Kingdon-Ward, 1891-1985, comprising two series; the first consists of travel diaries written during his expeditions in South East As...Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew2013-03-22
Lovell Reeve Publishing Company Papers of the Lovell Reeve Publishing Company, 1847-1966, comprising 10 series. The first series (LRP/1) contains correspondence with authors as wel...Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew2011-04-17

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