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Archives of the Zoological Society of LondonIncludes: Minutes of Council; Minutes of the General Meetings (the Fellows' AGMs); Minutes of the Gardens Committee (i.e. London Zoo); Minutes of the ...Zoological Society of London2013-03-22
Association of British Zoologists Papers of the Association of British Zoologists, 1919-1973 comprising Council Minutes, 1930-1973 (Also includes List of members; letters; Reports o...Zoological Society of London2011-05-13
Baird, William (1803-1872) Journals of William Baird, 1823-1833, comprising journal of voyages to the West Indies, South America, East Indies and China, Cape of Good Hope and ...Zoological Society of London2011-05-13
Buckland family papersPapers of the Buckland family, 1824-1933, including letters from William Buckland; letters to William Buckland from various correspondents, including ...Zoological Society of London2011-05-16
Buckland, Francis T (Francis Trevelyan) (1826-1880) Letters from Frank Buckland to Prince Christian of Schleswig Holstein, 1869-1879. Most are written from the Salmon Fisheries Office, but some are fr...Zoological Society of London2011-05-16
Dubois, - (fl 1669-1672), Manuscript copy of a rare printed book by Dubois: Journal et relations des voyages fait par le Sr. D. B. aux isles Dauphine ou Madagascar et de Bour...Zoological Society of London2011-07-26
Forbes, James (1749-1819) Bound manuscript by James Forbes entitled "Bills, Feathers, Eggs, etc., of various Birds in the Torrid Zones", 1818. ...Zoological Society of London2011-05-16
Hodgson, Brian Houghton (1800-1894)Papers of Brian Houghton Hodgson, 1824-1874, comprising annotated British Museum Catalogues, " Brief Notices of Several New or Little-Known Species o...Zoological Society of London2011-05-16
Hopkins, June Mary (b 1930) Papers of June Hopkins, 1962-1968, comprising observational notes on the rearing and behaviour of duikers and other animals (lions, antelopes and a ...Zoological Society of London2011-05-16
Page, A W A (fl 1923) "A descriptive catalogue of all the animals that are domesticated at Maraquito", by A W A Page [1923]. ...Zoological Society of London2011-05-16

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