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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
Kenya: Political Parties MaterialManifestos, speeches, pamphlets, leaflets, letters, newsletters, journals, posters and miscellaneous election material issued by the Capricorn Africa ...Institute of Commonwealth Studies2013-02-15
Kenya: Pressure Groups and Trades Unions MaterialConstitutions, membership lists, newsletters, pamphlets and posters, 1952-1989, issued by the Central Organization of Trade Unions (Kenya), the Commit...Institute of Commonwealth Studies2013-02-15
Lesotho: Political Parties MaterialManifestos, journals, constitutions, programmes, letters, petitions, resolutions, interviews, press releases, pamphlets, statements, reports, election...Institute of Commonwealth Studies2013-02-15
Malawi: Political Parties and Trades Unions MaterialConstitutions, addresses, manifestos, conference reports, newsletters, letters and miscellaneous election materials from 1961 onwards, issued by the A...Institute of Commonwealth Studies2013-02-18
Malaysia: Political Parties, Trades Unions and Pressure Groups MaterialConstitutions, manifestos, conference reports, histories, speeches, pamphlets, posters, letters and leaflets, from 1958 onwards, issued by the Allianc...Institute of Commonwealth Studies2013-02-18
Malta: Political Parties, Trades Unions and Pressure Groups MaterialNewspapers, journals, pamphlets, speeches, press releases, policy declarations, reports, press excerpts and other miscellaneous materials, from 1955 o...Institute of Commonwealth Studies2013-02-18
Martinique: Political Parties MaterialConference addresses, programs and journals issued by the Parti communiste martiniquais, 1963 onwards. ...Institute of Commonwealth Studies2013-02-18
Mauritius: Political Parties MaterialPrograms, platforms, manifestos and histories from 1963 issued by Groupe "Progrès et liberté", Independent Forward Bloc (Mauritius), Mouvement militan...Institute of Commonwealth Studies2013-02-18
Montserrat: Political Parties and Trades Union MaterialsConstitutions, histories, songsheets, manifestos and posters from 1966 onwards issued by the Montserrat Allied Workers Union, the Montserrat Civil Ser...Institute of Commonwealth Studies2013-02-18
Mozambique: Political Parties MaterialPoetry, letters, bulletins, congress proceedings, constitutions, statements, pamphlets, interviews, speeches and newsletters, from 1962, issued by FRE...Institute of Commonwealth Studies2013-02-18

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