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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
Griffith, Samuel'A treatise of the Spirit of man of its Facultys and Functions and of its union to the body according to the principles of Renes Descartes by Louis De...Royal Society2009-10-31
Griffiths, John Cedric (fl 1940) Thesis submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy ion the University of London, 1940, 'The glacial deposits west of the Taff, South Wales' by...Royal Society2009-05-08
Hadfield, Sir Robert Abbott (1858-1940)Bibliography of the Effects of Very Low Temperatures upon the Properties of Metals between the years 1869-1933, prepared by Sir Robert Hadfield. ...Royal Society2009-10-31
Haldane, John Burdon Sanderson (1892-1964) Correspondence of John Burdon Sanderson Haldane and E C Richardson in March-June 1934 relating to the Genetical Society's response to reports of ant...Royal Society2009-11-02
Hales, Stephen (1677-1761) Manuscript of the work 'Philosophical Experiments, containing Usefull and necessary Instructions for such as undertake long Voyages at Sea', by Step...Royal Society2009-11-02
Hartridge, Hamilton (1886-1976) 'A method in spectrometry' by Hamilton Hartridge with biographical and career details of Hartridge in the front of volume. ...Royal Society2009-11-02
Herschel, Col John (1837-1921) Paper by Colonel John Herschel entitled 'History of Pendulum Observations from the time of Galileo to the present day' (1880). ...Royal Society2009-11-02
Herschel, Sir John Frederick William (1792-1871)The correspondence of Sir John Frederick William Herschel, comprising three main groups of documents: The first series comprises 19 volumes of manuscr...Royal Society2003-01-24
Herschel, Sir John Frederick William (1792-1871) Catalogue of nebulae of Sir John Herschel: A bundle of working sheets with the title 'Sir J F W Herschel's Catalogue of Nebulae'. ...Royal Society2009-11-10
Herschel, Sir John Frederick William (1792-1871): diary Copy of the diary of Sir John Herschel 1834-1870. ...Royal Society2009-11-09

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