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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
Herschel, Sir William (1738-1822) 'The Right ascension and Polar distance brought to January 1800 of the 2500 Nebulae and Clusters of Stars', printed in the Philosophical Transaction...Royal Society2013-11-08
Herschel, Sir William (1738-1822) General Catalogue of new Nebulae and Clusters of Stars by Sir William Herschel. ...Royal Society2009-11-10
Herschel, Sir William (1738-1822)General Index of the 2500 Nebulae of Sir William Herschel drawn up by Sir John Herschel. ...Royal Society2009-11-09
Hinshelwood, Sir Cyril Norman (1897-1967)The papers are not extensive and consist almost entirely of laboratory notebooks and working papers relating to his early work on molecular reactions ...Royal Society2003-01-23
Holland, Thomas Henry (1868-1947)Papers relating to Thomas Henry Holland's relations with Russia and visit to the 220th anniversary of the Academy of Sciences of USSR in 1945. Also pa...Royal Society2003-01-24
Holmes, Samuel 'Journal of Samuel Holmes of a Voyage to China and Tartary, 1792-1793, during his attendance, as one of the guard, on Lord Macartney's Embassy to Ch...Royal Society2009-11-02
Hooke, Robert (1663 -1703): minutes of Royal Society meetings Draft and copy minutes of Royal Society meetings taken by Robert Hooke, the first 120 pages consist of notes taken by Robert Hooke after going throu...Royal Society2009-11-10
Horridge, George Adrian (b 1927) Corrected page proof of 'Interneurons; their origin, action, specificity, growth and plasticity' by George Adrian Horridge, published in London by F...Royal Society2009-11-02
Horsley, Samuel (1733-1806) Papers on mathematics and physics collected by the Reverend Samuel Horsley DD, FRS. ...Royal Society2009-11-02
Hudson, Charles Thomas (1828-1903): drawings of the RotiferaOriginal Drawings of the Rotifera by Charles Thomas Hudson. ...Royal Society2009-11-02

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