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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
Maull portrait photographs Portrait photographs of Fellows of the Royal Society by companies of Henry Maull, namely: Maull and Polyblank; Maull, Henry and Co; Maull and Co; Ma...Royal Society2009-11-02
McNab, John (b 1755) Two tracts on acids by John McNab comprising: 1. Experiments on Mineral Acids and Rectified Spirits of Wine, for finding the greatest degree of cold...Royal Society2009-11-02
Medals A collection of medals and tokens, largely scientific awards, but with some miscellaneous items in base and precious metals. The core of the series ...Royal Society2009-11-09
Meteorological Archives Manuscripts of meteorological observations, with magnetic surveys and tide tables. The series contains 393 sets of results in all formats from tabl...Royal Society2009-11-02
Meteorological Council Papers Papers relating to the Meteorological Council's relations with the Royal Society, containing extracts, copy and original letters with manuscript not...Royal Society2009-11-09
Minchin, George Minchin (1845-1914) Four satires by George Minchin Minchin entitled: 1. Another Voyage to Laputa and Balnibarbi; 2. How I wrote my Reminiscences; 3. The Last Days of Bal...Royal Society2009-11-09
Miscellaneous Correspondence Original of letters sent to the Royal Society, generally on official business, and usually to Officers or Assistant Secretaries. The collection is e...Royal Society2009-11-09
Miscellaneous Manuscripts Single manuscript letters or small groups of related documents considered too small to be added to the Manuscripts General series. Includes various...Royal Society2009-11-09
Modern Domestic Archives Files of papers and correspondence relating to the Royal Society's administration of its internal affairs. Currently, the bulk of this material fall...Royal Society2009-11-09
Montagu, Edward Wortley (1713-1776) Four letters from Edward Wortley Montagu to Sir William Watson, 1773-1779. ...Royal Society2009-11-09

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