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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
Paul Instrument Fund GrantsRecord of grants paid to, for what, and amounts. Electronic system of grant tracking takes over in 2003. ...Royal Society2009-11-09
Pearson, Alexander (fl 1800) 'The extraordinary history of a new method of inoculating discovered in the kingdom of England', by Alexander Pearson. ...Royal Society2009-11-09
Pepys, William Hasledine (1775-1856)Presentation papers on William Haseldine Pepys from various authors, with a letter from Michael Faraday in Volume 1. ...Royal Society2009-11-09
Philosophia Universalis Pertineis a Gabrielem Colleno Logicum Philosophia Universalis Pertineis a Gabrielem Colleno Logicum, 1694. ...Royal Society2009-11-09
Philosophical Club of the Royal Society Minutes Minutes of the Philosophical Club of the Royal Society, 1847-1901. ...Royal Society2009-11-09
Philosophical Transactions Receipt Book Signatures of Fellows or their agents, showing them to have received their copies of the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. ...Royal Society2009-11-09
Phipps, Constantine John (1744-1792)Copy of the Logbook kept on board the ship of the Hon. Captain Phipps, 1773. ...Royal Society2009-11-09
Piaggi, Antonio: Diaries of Vesuvius observations Daily written observations and pencil sketches of volcanic activity, kept by Father Antonio Piaggi, July 1779-August 1794, on behalf of Sir William H...Royal Society2009-11-09
Pirie, Norman Wingate (1907-1997) The collection is particularly noteworthy for its full documentation of all aspects of Pirie's research, development and promotion of leaf protein fo...Royal Society2009-10-31
Pole, William (1814-1900)Diagrams and manuscript of paper on colour blindness prepared by Sir William Pole, prepared for his paper published in 'Philosophical Transactions' in...Royal Society2009-10-31

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