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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
Priestley; Joseph (1733-1804) Papers of and relating to Joseph Priestley, inclusing volume of items relating to Priestley's life, three letters from Priestley, his spectacles, an...Royal Society2009-11-10
Pryce, Maurice Henry Lecorney (1913 2003) Radar Calculation by Maurice Henry Lecorney Pryce. Introduction to the calculation states 'The problem is to find the electromagnetic field due to...Royal Society2009-10-31
Referees ReportsReports on scientific papers submitted for publication to the Royal Society from 1832 to date (Peer Review). The referees were appointed to advise the...Royal Society2003-01-24
Regnault, Henri Victor (1810-1878) and Stewart, John Photographs from tours of England and France, with related photographs and sketches, 1848-1854, 1888 and 1916, largely dating from 1848-1854, made...Royal Society2009-10-31
Relazione del Fenomeno Accaduto in CalabriaRelazione del Fenomeno Accaduto in Calabria by Don Roco Bovi, who was an eyewitness. ...Royal Society2009-10-31
Reports on excavations at Kent's Cavern by William Pengelly and Edward Vivian Reports by William Pengelly and Edward Vivian produced for the Kent's Cavern Committee of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, wi...Royal Society2009-10-31
Robins, Benjamin (1707-1751)Notebooks and papers of Benjamin Robins, consisting of a miscellaneous notebook primarily on gunnery and fortification (MS 39), a commonplace book (MS...Royal Society2003-01-24
Robinson, Sir Robert (1886-1975)Robinson's volatile temperament and his impatience with administration and routine have seriously affected the survival of material. Thus little survi...Royal Society2003-03-24
Rose, Caleb Burrell (fl 1830-1890) Scrapbook of letters and other material collected by Caleb Burrell Rose including an anonymous photogenic drawing of two plants, mounted on paper w...Royal Society2009-10-31
Ross, Sir James Clark (1800-1862) Log of the Proceedings on board HMS Fury on a voyage for the discovery of the North West Passage kept by James Clark Ross, 21 Jan 1824-5 Oct 1825. ...Royal Society2009-11-09

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