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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
Southwell, Sir Robert (1635-1702) Papers collected by Sir Robert Southwell. ...Royal Society2009-11-09
Sowerby family letters Correspondence of the Sowerby family, chiefly letters to James Sowerby. Correspondents include: George Arnott Walker Arnott; Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward; ...Royal Society2013-03-22
Sowerby, James (1757-1822)Correspondence to and from James Sowerby and other family members from naturalists and collectors in Britain and abroad....Royal Society2003-01-24
Specimens of calligraphy and natural history illustrationA calligraphic sample book, presumably compiled to demonstrate the skills of the unknown artist. Containing samples of writing and drawing styles, inc...Royal Society2009-11-09
Spruce, Richard (1817-1893) Drawings from Richard Spruce's travels across Northern South America, primarily the Amazon and Orinoco river systems, throughout Brazil, Peru, Colum...Royal Society2009-11-09
Statius, Thebais 1. Statii Thebais, cum glossis interlinearibus et scholis marginalibus. folio 1, recto 2. Nota de tempore Statii folio 122 verso Incip. 'Queri...Royal Society2009-11-09
Stockler, Francisco de Borja Garcao (1759-1829) Methodo Inverso dos Limites ou Desenvoluimento geral das Funcoens algorithmicas em Series par Francisco de Borja Garcao Stockler. ...Royal Society2009-11-09
Stoney, Bindon Blood (18281909) Account book of Bindon Blood Stoney, 1860-1908. ...Royal Society2009-11-09
Studies of Soil and Litter Fauna in the British Soloman Islands Protectorate Report on studies at the Protectorate Department of Agriculture's entomological laboratory at Kukum, entitled 'Studies of Soil and Litter Fauna in t...Royal Society2009-11-09
Stukeley, William: Memoirs of Sir Isaac Newton's Life Memoirs of Sir Isaac Newton's Life by William Stukeley, 1752, bound in at the back is the following printed tract 'The life of Sir Isaac Newton with...Royal Society2009-11-09

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