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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
Waynflete Professorship of Physiology, Oxford University Three letters of application for Waynflete Professorship of Physiology, two of J N Langley and Charles Scott Sherington dated 1895; one undated fro...Royal Society2009-10-31
Westcott, John Hugh Papers of John Hugh Westcott relating to radar and adaptive control including report on CA [coastal artillery] no.1 and Mark IV radar equipment ('Ja...Royal Society2009-10-31
Whiffen, David Hardy (1922-2002) School and university notebooks of David Hardy Whiffen. ...Royal Society2009-10-31
White, Walter (1811-1893) Letters from various scientists to Walter White, Assistant Secretary of the Royal Society. With occasional material addressed to Charles Richard We...Royal Society2009-10-31
Williams, Zacharaiah ([1668]-1755) Papers relating to the proposal of Zachariah Williams for the revealing a secret of a machine invented by him, to be used at sea for making salt-wate...Royal Society2009-10-31
Wilson, Charles Thomson Rees (1869-1959)Laboratory notebooks and records of C T R Wilson....Royal Society2003-01-24
Wollaston, William Hyde (1766-1828) Diplomas and other honours given by various academies and societies to William Hyde Wollaston. ...Royal Society2009-10-31
Works on botanical classification [by Nathaniel Matthew Wolf] Works on botanical classification [by Nathaniel Matthew Wolf] in two parts comprising 1. 'Tentamen botanicae characteristicae sistens genera plantaru...Royal Society2009-10-31
Young, Thomas ( 1730 -1783): letters to Letters to Thomas Young from Messrs Arago, Biot, Bessel and Bergelius. ...Royal Society2009-10-31

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