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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
Blagden, Sir Charles (1748-1820) Papers relating to Charles Blagden and the Blagden family, comprising assorted letters, including letters from Louis Odier, a series of more than a ...Royal Society2009-09-28
Blagden, Sir; Charles (1748-1820) Letter from Sir Charles Blagden to Sir Joseph Banks concerning papers published needing correction, 31 August 1790. ...Royal Society2009-09-20
Boemke: mathematical dissertation A mathematical dissertation by Boemke written at Berlin, 1827. ...Royal Society2009-09-20
Book of signatures of Royal Society Presidents and Members of the Council Book containing the signatures of Presidents of the Royal Society and members of the Council, making solemn declarations to discharge their duties f...Royal Society2009-09-28
Boole, George (1815-1864)Mathematical and scientific papers of George Boole....Royal Society2003-01-24
Boon, W R and Hawes, W B Reports to the Medical Research Council by W R Boon and W B Hawes on two processes: 1. Methods of separation of blood fractions as developed at H...Royal Society2009-09-28
Bourne, Sir Alfred Gibbs (1859-1940) Papers of Alfred Gibbs Bourne including research notes, drawings and water-colour sketches of earthworms. ...Royal Society2009-09-28
Bowden; Frank Philip (1903 - 1968) Two articles by Frank Philip Bowden entitled: 'A study of the physical and chemical phenomena associated with the rubbing and with the impact of sol...Royal Society2009-09-28
Boyle, Robert (1627-1691)Letters and other Papers of the Hon Robert Boyle. The Letters cover Boyle's correspondence; in addition to the letters by scientists such as Hartlib, ...Royal Society2003-01-24
Boyle, Robert (1627-1691): Commonplace Book Commonplace Book of Theology of Robert Boyle. ...Royal Society2009-07-05

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