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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
Boyle, Robert (1627-1691): library catalogue A catalogue of books of the library of Robert Boyle, in the hand of John Warr junior, executor of Robert Boyle and some theological notes. ...Royal Society2009-09-28
British Antarctic Expedition 1910-1913Papers, mainly accounts, concerning the British Antarctic expedition (1910-1913). ...Royal Society2009-09-28
British Empire Exhibition CommitteeLetters concerning the British Empire Exhibition Committee covering the period January to December 1925. ...Royal Society2009-09-28
Brouwer; Luitzen Egbertus Jan (1881-1966): bibliography Bibliography of the works of L E J Brouwer by Walter P Van Stight. ...Royal Society2009-09-28
Brown, George Lindor (1903-1971): biographical memoir Notes compiled by Sir William Paton and F C MacIntosh, and drafts and proofs of the biographical memoir of George Lindor Brown. ...Royal Society2009-09-28
Brown, Sir George Lindor (1903-1971)The correspondence, papers and scientific notebooks of Sir George Lindor Brown. The majority of notebooks relate to the investigations of Brown and h...Royal Society2003-01-24
Buckland, William (1784-1856)Letters addressed to William Buckland (DD, FRS, Dean of Westminster and Reader in Mineralogy and Geology in University of Oxford) and other posthumous...Royal Society2003-01-24
Bulloch's RollA biographical listing of the Fellows of the Royal Society 1663-1940 in the form of a sheaf catalogue compiled by William Bullock. Also includes other...Royal Society2009-07-05
Canton, John (1718-1772)Papers of John Canton....Royal Society2003-01-24
Canton, John (1718-1772) Notes on John Canton's pneumatical experiments, together with some rough minutes of the Canton Committee. ...Royal Society2009-12-01

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