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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
Canton, John (1718-1772) Papers of John Canton, principally comprising correspondence including 12 letters of Benjamin Franklin and letters from Joseph Priestley. ...Royal Society2009-11-09
Carrington, Richard Christopher (1826-1875) Angelander's Stars from 15 degrees to 30 degrees South, brought up by precession from 1850-1875 by Richard Christopher Carrington. ...Royal Society2009-11-09
Carrington, Richard Christopher (1826-1875): Bessel's Stars Bessel's Stars from 0 degrees to 15 degrees South, brought up by precession from 1825 to 1875 by R C Carrington. ...Royal Society2009-10-31
Certificates of Election and Candidature Certificates of Election and Candidature for the Royal Society. Early certificates are entirely manuscript, i.e. vols. 1-8 (1731-1840). Printed forms...Royal Society2009-07-05
Chillingworth, William (1602-1644): will Copy of the Will of William Chillingworth from the copy in the Perogative Court of Canterbury, 2 November 1643. Inserted at the front is a letter ...Royal Society2009-05-08
Church, Arthur Herbert (1834-1915) 'Records and recollections' by Arthur Herbert Church, published in Gloucester: John Bellows 1940. Number 4 of 40 copies with 4 photographs and obit...Royal Society2009-10-31
Classified Papers Scientific and other papers sent to the Royal Society, presented at meetings of Fellows, or commissioned by the Society. They form a complementary s...Royal Society2009-10-31
Clerk of the House of Lords A notebook of the Clerk of the House of Lords. ...Royal Society2009-10-31
Committee Minute Books Minutes of the Royal Society's Standing, Sectional, Joint, British National, ad-hoc and sub-committees. Early minute books in the series contain the...Royal Society2009-10-31
Commonplace book of medical or pharmaceutical recipes Commonplace book of medical or pharmaceutical recipes in various hands containing receipts from Boate, Hartlib and Willis. Notebook belonging to Rob...Royal Society2009-11-10

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