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Title Abstract Repository Date Added
Byrne, Patrick (1913-1980)Professional papers relating to Byrne's work as a General Practitioner, consisting of diaries and correspondence, 1947-80, material relating to his wo...Royal College of General Practitioners2003-01-23
FRY, John (1922-1994)A Professional papers relating to Fry's work as a general practitioner in Beckenham, Kent, 1948-91, where he undertook his extensive research into com...Royal College of General Practitioners2003-01-23
Hunt, John Henderson, Lord Hunt of Fawley (1905-1987)Professional papers relating to Hunt's involvement in the Royal College of General Practitioners, 1948-79, which he was fundamental in founding, inclu...Royal College of General Practitioners2003-01-23
Mackenzie, Sir James (1853-1925)Papers of Sir James Mackenzie, comprising: 1. CERTIFICATES of degrees, qualifications, society membership, 1878-1913. 2. LEGAL DOCUMENTS: deeds of pr...Royal College of General Practitioners2002-04-30
Pickles, William (1886-1969) papersCertificates; paptients lists; correspondence; photographs; medals; annotated copies of own works; epidemiological charts, research notes, manuscript...Royal College of General Practitioners2003-01-23
Pickles, William Biographical PapersMaterial reflecting the more personal aspect of Pickles' life. Includes medals, prizes and awards presented to Pickles in recognition of his work, and...Royal College of General Practitioners2009-11-09
Pickles, William Professional Papers Material reflecting Pickles' career in the medical profession. Role as General Practitioner: material relating to Pickles in his role as General Pra...Royal College of General Practitioners2008-07-23
RCGP Central Departments RecordsRecords generated by central departments of College 1951-2001 A CE A Formal Records (including Annual Reports) generated by the formal, public functio...Royal College of General Practitioners2002-03-30
RCGP English Faculties RecordsRecords generated by faculties in English regions, including correspondence with central departments. A FE A Midland Records of Midland Faculty. [Exis...Royal College of General Practitioners2002-03-25
RCGP Fellowship and Awards PapersRecords generated by committees concerned with the granting of College fellowships, awards and other honours: Minutes, papers and correspondence of Aw...Royal College of General Practitioners2002-02-21

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