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Collection holdings for Queen Mary, University of London (63 matches)

Title Abstract Repository Date Added
FOWLER, Rachel, Elfreda (fl 1872-1927)Papers of Rachel Fowler comprising note books on world travel and Andre Thevet (1502-1590). ...Queen Mary, University of London2018-09-18
GALBRAITH, Winifred (fl 1917-1940)File 1. Photograph of Winifred Galbraith c 1940s. Photograph of staff and students at I Fang School in China, 1927. Map of China, for the China In...Queen Mary, University of London2018-09-18
GARNETT, Richard (1835-1906) Letter to Sir Sidney Lee 17 January 1904, attributed to Richard Garnett (1835-1906). Refers to his views on Shakespeare, the plot of the Tempest, cri...Queen Mary, University of London2018-09-18
GARWOOD, Robert Francis (1914-1984)Robert Garwood papers comprising lecture notes on various topics including inorganic chemistry, for Chemistry courses taught at Queen Mary College, c ...Queen Mary, University of London2018-09-19
HARVEY, Alfred Arthur Bernard (1911-) and Joyce Elizabeth (1914-) Personal memorabilia of Alfred Arthur Bernard Harvey and Joyce Elizabeth Harvey, nee Gale, including invitations, menus and letters relating to Colle...Queen Mary, University of London2018-09-19
HAYDON, Benjamin Robert (1786-1846)Papers of Benjamin Robert Haydon, 1826-1846, comprising letters to William Newton, his landlord, 1830-1845, relating to house repairs, his debts, requ...Queen Mary, University of London2018-09-19
HELD, Wolfgang (1933-2016)Papers of writer, translator, artist and musician Wolfgang Held (1933-2016). Contains personal papers including material relating to Held’s time at...Queen Mary, University of London2020-01-08
HENNESSY, Peter John (b 1947)Papers of Peter Hennessy relating to his work as a journalist, writer and academic, c 1970-2000, including research notes on modern political history ...Queen Mary, University of London2018-09-19
HINCHLIFFE, Ian (1942-2010) Papers concerning the career of performance artist Ian Hinchliffe (1942-2010), primarily comprising of promotional material and photographs capturing...Queen Mary, University of London2020-01-08
HOLMES, Peggy (-2008)Photograph album containing photographs, and other papers and memorabilia from time at Queen Mary College, including news cuttings, programmes for eve...Queen Mary, University of London2018-09-19

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